Hi Colleagues Racers.
I play PC2 on PS4 for more or less half year using WiFi connection without problems. Since last Wednesday 03.25 this is mission impossible.
I can play only early mornings. I see lobbies, players, can refresh info, but after try to connect i get disconnected with different
messages (ex. lobby is no more available or PSN disconnected) and back to main window.

1. PS4 is connected with LAN cable to router. Testing connection download 95-99MB/s, Upload ~35MB/s. I think it's more than enough.
Result is same with PS4 test in console or in a lot pages in PS Web browser. Network speed is same in day time when i can't connect,
and in mornings when i have no problems with connecting.

2. a. Latency tested on PS4 browser 12-50ms.
b. dslreports website, ping test evening and morning time goes with result A+ 41-44ms.

3. Yesterday tried change DNS from default to so i at least can sometimes connect but most times in 1-2mins im out.
With tests go good, but i see no online lobbies.

4. I live in germany but i'm not german so tried to do port forward. My router is FritzBox7560. What i found with all manuals of my router there was called "Port Freigabe". There is option in router to allow for PS4 automatically open ports needed for him called UPnP. When i'm online i se 9305, 9308 and more.

5. When i do port freigabe manualy I see that those ports are linked to some external IP and showed green in router settings. If they are really forwarded i have no idea how to test.

6. I also tried Call of duty WWII online - OK.
I tried GT Sport which i don't like very much but it also works - OK.

Only one game i can't play is Project Cars 2. And i played it half year online without any configuration in my network. This drives me crazy... :/