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Thread: AI backmarkers

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    AI backmarkers

    I know this is EOL so I don't expect a fix. The game is in any case best SIM out there IMO. So the backmarker... in my experiecne they put up as muchof a fight as a guy defending a legitimate position. It's like blue flags don't exist. Choice is wait for an opportunity (which can take a lap or more) or take an unnecessary risk overtaking quickly. Anyone else with same experience?

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    It probably depends on AI settings. I mostly race online, but sometimes people do throw in AI in those races too. Often these are very slow and not aggressive AIs, which leads to those weird races when you basically slalom between them. I like to take those occasionally, it teaches fast thinking in finding alternative racing lines.

    Here is an example:

    As you can see, they do not really put up a fight, they are rather oblivious.

    On the other hand, I was once in an SRS PC2 race, and when there were few human racers SRS filled up the filed with really good and aggressive AI. So not only all humans qualified toward the end (the other guys were in last positions, I just a few positions up), but AI drivers were far too aggressive. After start I began moving up the field as AI are not that great in dense traffic, but by T9/10 (in COTA) I was hit hard by an AI car, got damage requiring a pit visit, and that was the end of me being competitive.

    So if you have a problem with AI backmarkers' too aggressive defense, you can always switch to all-human online races. Here you will encounter frustrated backmarkers who not only defend as if they were in P1, but will crash you just for fun .

    By the way, I find Assetto Corsa AI a bit more responsive to my car's presence, even when fighting for position, not when they are backmarkers, see for example 0:20 or 1:04 or 2:41 or 7:57 - 8:27 here:

    Or here, especially 0:41

    But they can be d*cks too ;-) :

    Frenzy Conducive "Benzine Wagons" Being "Tuned-Up" By Mechanicians

    A few simracing videos

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