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Thread: PS4 PRO THRUSTMASTER T300 RS gaming chair etc.

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    PS4 PRO THRUSTMASTER T300 RS gaming chair etc.

    Hi there. I just bought Thrustmaster T300 RS for my PS4 PRO. It was on offer with gaming chair called X Rocker XR racing gaming chair.
    So, im reaaaly new to the racing games and even more to steering wheels etc. Im quite enjoying just steering wheel but... Being honest this racing chair is rubbish. Im quite tall (193cm) and heavy(102kg) and after week of using it i can sąy that the straps do not hold my weight and they just gone. Also that thing where you should screw your steering wheel to is wobbly and shaky.
    So my question is what would be the better choice to order? I mean i payed for this cr4p 130 and im not happy with it. It seems like it was made for kids to be honest. Im looking for something waaaay better quality, something i can seat on without any worries that it will break in any minute. I assume it will have to be racing chair plus racing stand/frame bought seperately?
    PS it will have to fit my thrustmaster T300 RS.
    I do apologize for my English as im not an native speaker.
    Thanks in advance for your replies
    Kind regards

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    What's your budget? Also it's relatively dead in here these days so if you don't get any answers head over to GT Planet:
    PS4 Pro - T300 Alcantara - T3PA - TH8A - Wheel Stand Pro

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    This link will open your eyes to some of the options from a wheel stand to full rig. Another one goes down the rabbit hole, will he ever be the same?

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    I have same wheel and recommend a play seat challenge seat

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    Isn't the Challenge seat a real small and lightweight "seat"? Looks more like a campingseat then a gamingseat, to me..

    Especially when you're a bit more person, i wouldn't recommend the Playseat challenge. How about DIY? Find yourself a carseat and build your own, to your own standards!

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    I use a Playseat Challenge. Very happy with it, especially with how easy it is to move around and fold up out the way. Not all of us have man-caves so we can leave a heavy rig permanently set up!

    It's also supremely comfortable, conforming to your body well with support just where you need it (and adjustable lumbar strap). To be honest, I can drive longer in the Playseat than I can in my own car! I've done 12 hour+ marathons in the Playseat, I'm aching in the car after 6 hours!

    I'm about 190lbs (85kg) so a bit lighter than the OP, but I'm not having any issues with the Playseat. The X Rocker seems a bit different in pictures, perhaps it's a knock-off not built as well as the Challenge?

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