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Thread: Lets talk about setups...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hkraft300 View Post
    My apologies, I read your previous post all wrong.
    For consistent laps I tend to avoid some kerbs. They rotate the car more than I can handle. In saying that, especially with tight diffs (spool or low ramp+high clutch) they noticeably improve turn in, given that you can hit the kerb at the right angle with the right amount of steering +throttle, anticipate the rotation and apply the correct steering (check out v8supercar footage at adelaide or gold Coast for the technique).

    This brings us back to the setup aspect: diff tuning. Greater ramps ( >60) seem to make kerb rotation easier for me to deal with.
    As I am still learning tracks, learning to drive and and exploring the cars, I drive with the default Loose setup. I just finished the Sportscar Light career in the Radical and to me this car feels like it 'floats' through the corners at maximum pace. This means I have to do my utmost best to keep the car on the 'line'. It drifts away from the ideal line. Now the next career event is the Group C cars. I did a test run in almost all of them and they keep on track much better, meaning they can be driven much tighter through the corners. What surprised me was that most cars could be driven at 50 or 60% FFB volume. Whereas with the Porsche I had to tone down the volume to 30. You can really tell the difference in character.

    My plan is to use the first career to get to know tracks and cars. Like I said before: I do not want to copy setups. I want to make my own. I do understand the effects of ducts and radiator openings. Steeringratio and fuel load. But not the other things. Not yet ;-)

    BTW the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Edition is on the way ;-)
    PS4 - Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 with PS4 rim | Formula Black and Porsche rims | Clubsport V3 pedals | SQ shifter. FFB: RAW 100-50-50-20
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