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Thread: Another AI driver problem!

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    Another AI driver problem!


    Could really use some help i'm massively baffled. I will try to explain in detail so please bare with me. I want to recreate the Le Mans 24hr. (Hey feel like might as well do something productive whilst in Lockdown....ahem). I am a casual gamer so will have to do it on a PS4 controller (Playstation thumb hurty here I come). I intend to do it with 2016 LMP1, LMP2, GTE and GT4 cars running with me in the later class (I am a Gentleman driver after all). I'll be driving the Porsche Caymen GT4 car. I also have real life commitments so want to run it in a similar way to the real thing, shared between 3 drivers. Me and the AI. Now I know before anyone shouts that the AI is slow and troublesome, but its the only way for me to be able to do it (I have no friends and it will end in divorce if I attempt 24 hours myself).

    I have bee running private testing in the car at Le Mans and wanted to check/test the AI driver stints. Checking to bring the tire wear and fuel loads into sync with each other. Fuel tank should last for 14 laps and the tires look like they will last this distance on hard tires. The AI driver though pits after only 5 laps. I know this has been an issue and others have asked for help from it in the past. I have trawled those replies and have spent 7 hours at the time of writing altering settings (Pit stop strategy, initial setup and adjusting strategy whilst on track) to no avail. Initially I thought it could be due to the rear brakes running hot and the AI driver thinking they were broken and pitting in to have them fixed but them cooling when he does. But I have altered brake ducts to 100% front and rear to check this and he still pits. He pits with hard tires only 1/4 to a 1/3 worn and with around 60L of fuel still in.

    I am aware that having pit strategy tires set to `Recommended` can cause problems and I have tested this both set at recommended and with being told to change all to hard tires...same result.

    The weather on testing is set to medium cloud to give a general baseline, ambient temp around 80F to 90F with a track temp around 100F.

    I have played around with adjusting the strategy whilst o the track too. switching between telling them what tires to put on or `automatic by the weather`. Again it seems to make no difference.

    I really would like some help from someone better acquainted with the game and this problem than me. I'd be very grateful, and if nothing else maybe a definitive answer here may help others in the future (I'm sure I cant be the only one!)

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    in my experience the AI driver cant be used in races.

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