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Thread: Licence problem

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    Licence problem

    So I've been racing in PC2 for a few months now and stay generally competitive. I never understood the licence system, but I did notice that I don't seem to ever improve.

    My licence though seems to be stuck - It hovers around U1450 - U1475 with minute changes up and down each race. But when going further in I notice the "% complete" bar - it occassionally moves up a bit, but then when I come back a few days later it resets back to 0%.

    I've had approximately 100 competitive races now, but still in "Unclassified". Any idea why this would happen?

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    Welcome to the forum! The letter part stands for the "Safety" ranking, while the number reflects the "Skill" level. The % shown has to do with the letter, how far you are in reaching the next one ("F" in this case), it increases when you have clean races and reduces when you have contacts with other people. It does not matter if the contacts are your fault or not, also having a low safety ranking hardly affects your ability to join races (unfortunately very few lobbies require more than U safety ranking), so I wouldn't be bothered much about it.

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