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Thread: Game hang post race, freezes PC

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    Game hang post race, freezes PC

    Hello Folks,

    I'm having a recurring issue - which alwyas happens when I complete a race or other on track activity and end the race. The game hangs on the post screen - the screen between the 'pit screen' and the game GUI - with the progress circle unmoving.

    The only way to get out of this is to CTRL - ALT - DEL and 'Sign Out' of my PC. Otherwise the PC is unusable.

    I've tried the following (in order tried) with no success, other than to end up with no sound in game in additon to my freeze problem.

    1. Move installation folder from HDD (D) to SSD (F).
    2. Reinstall Windows 10 (C).
    3. Verify install of game files on SSD (F)
    4. Uninstall game, remove all game files and profile files under 'My Documents'. Cleaned registry files.
    5. Reinstalled game to SSD (F) from Steam.
    6. Verified game files.
    7. Registered with this forum and posted this post!

    System Specs:

    8700k i7
    x2 1080TI in SLI with Nvidia Bridge
    32GB RAM 2666Mhz
    1TB NVME SSD (C) - 2TB HDD 7200 (D) -2TB SATA SSD (F)
    AE-7 Creative Blaster with Optical Out to Razer Nommo Pro

    Software running:

    Razer Synapse
    MSI Afterburner
    Riva Server
    ThrottleStop (CPU clocked to 5.0 GHZ)
    Sound Blaster Command
    Wallpaper Engine (stopped during gameplay)
    Windows Defender AV

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    For what I see you've done all of the recomended procedures.

    Only an idea, I've seen you have SLI. Did you tried with only one card?

    Don't know how ThrottleStop works, but the engine is very sensible to overcloking and many people reported issues in PCARS2 when enabling it.

    The most strange thing is that ever happens at same point, and SLI or oveclocking issues should cause random malfunctions.
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    I will try with just one card instead of SLI.

    I've disabled overclocking and uninstalled ThrottleStop - no improvement.

    I did see a post, which points out sound issues when multiple drives are used for installation. Following installation on one single drive, no improvement.

    I wonder why the sound device in game for me is greyed out as 'N/A'.


    I changed the sound output on the Sound Blaster AE7 card from Dolby Stereo to Normal, using the Command software.

    Game sound back, and no more game hang on race exit!
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    Hello Folks,

    Creative have opened a bug enquiry into this issue - they have asked if I can find out how the audio is encoded in Project Cars 2.

    Does anyone know this?

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    should't LogiTech be able to directly contact SMS, instead of forcing a customer to ask in a public forum?
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