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Thread: Rejoin an endurance race we were disconnected from ?

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    Question Rejoin an endurance race we were disconnected from ?


    With some friends we were thinking about doing the 24 hours of le mans in July.
    After some research, we think that Pcars 2 is the best platform to do so. Easier to handle for beginners than other sim, and the content is far better for multiclass racing.

    But we still have a problem, in case of a disconnection from one of the team, is it possible to rejoin the game, so they will not lose what they had done and no one will have to restart the race ?

    We were thinking about doing a dedicated server in lan, can we mod the serveur has the game will have this feature ?

    PS : we will race with AI car to have a full grid.

    Thanks !

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    Not possible as far as I know.
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    The best approach would be to do it in free practice, and just count your laps, but that would mean AI wouldn't be racing you.

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    As even real drivers are limited to four hour stints, probably the best solution would be to break it up into those?

    You might also have those in the room stop if anyone disconnects, note lap#, then restart the race when you rejoin and just pretend it’s a yellow flag start (which often happens) and each keep track of what lap they are on.

    But it’s going to be unstewardable, you’re going to need an honest field!

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