Hey everybody!

Its that time of the summer when I build my yearly Weekday get away championship. Im looking for drivers interested in joining. This is the 1st year I'm doing this on the PC version so I'm lacking drivers to invite! I have attached the race round schedule so please take a look. Its basically races every other weekday at 2100 for about 3 weeks or 11 rounds. Full damage, Rolling starts, and 12 laps per track with an hour of qually prior. If you are interested in joining regardless of the current round reply or DM and I will get you an invite. Class is mixed GT3 / GTE. Teams welcome!

It goes without being said but racing etiquette applies here so keep it clean and bring the car home drivers!


Mods feel free to move this post if there is a specific online championship section I missed!

Round1: Brands Hatch 6/3 Round6: Daytona Road 6/15 Round11: Dubai 6/26
Round2: Hockenhiem 6/5 Round7: COTA 6/17
Round3: Watkins Glen 6/8 Round8: Silverstone 6/19
Round4: Road America 6/10 Round9: Willow Springs 6/22
Round5: Laguna Seca 6/12 Round10: Sonoma 6/24