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Thread: Project Cars 3 This summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpcdem View Post
    Hey, thanks for the info, had no idea! Next time I visit my German-style local beer house I will look for it, they have probably 100s of different brands, so that must be included as well. And being both a computer geek and also loving the Nurburgring GP track, I assume I have an extra reason to like it
    Bit is called Bitburger because it is brewed in Bitburg, which is fairly close to the Nürburgring. So you should be lucky. I personally quite like it by the way.

    *** end of advert break ***
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    In case you´re looking for some clean and relaxed online racing, with 1+ hrs of racing time, including pit stops, fuel consumption and tyre wear, take a look at this:
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcarpenter View Post

    I assume your instructor back then wanted to see you both in that gravel trap ;-)
    That might work over a few laps but driving like that in Brands Hatch and your front left tire will be gone after lap 5.
    Yes, the instructor absolutely wanted us both to end up upside down on the exit of Paddock Hill bend, because that's a REALLY good advert for the professional instructors at the circuit

    I went round the Indy layout for 25 minutes with the instructor, doing exactly what he told me (given that I was lapping in approx. 1 minute, it shouldn't take too long to work out roughly how many laps I did). The car did exactly what it was supposed to do, lap after lap after lap. I went into the pit-lane at the end of that, had a quick debrief in the car and went straight back out again for another 30 minutes non-stop driving round the Indy layout. In total, I did about 2 hours of laps in that open pit-lane session, with the only hiccup being a total brain-fart on my part (I braked at the turn-in marker for Surtees - yeah, I didn't quite make the turn but it was still just a slow and controlled entry onto the grass). At the end of that, I let the car cool down, checked the tyre pressures were OK and that I hadn't removed all the tread (not even close) and drove home.

    I'm sure you want to believe that this isn't possible but I have no reason whatsoever to make anything up. Everything I have written about that Brands Hatch session is 100% factually correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcarpenter View Post
    Sure. On dry tarmac with a decent set of tires, even road tires, "quick" and "progressive" can be pretty quick. You should still stick to the progressive steering though. Try that moose test on ice and you'll see what I mean. And for that Mazda, switch off the driving aids and the pylons start flying around. But that's why they are built into all the newer road cars.
    Good grief man the slalom is a standard test for any car in a magazine test over here in the states. "Try that moose test on ice blah blah..." or how about an overloaded lorry. It's starting to appear you are little more than an argument searching for an argument. Troll much? I guess you might be bored.

    I did read all 19 of your previous posts. Your FFB fixes were very helpful. Here you are not, just being antagonistic.
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