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Thread: Project Cars 3 : buy or no buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaskarspants View Post
    I don't think a borrowed car will be useless as the races are matched by performance index, pir, so whatever you race you will be matched with similar cars, with drivers of similar ability and etiquette and crucially for stability, good pings. I believe you can also set the pir range in a race and can also set so only one type of car can be used. That is what I have gleaned so far from videos and discord sessions.

    It isn't what we are familiar with but grinding won't be needed and the composition of most races will again be something new.

    You will need to collect xp to buy a car if you do wish to tune and pretty it up but all game modes will produce xp.

    Fair comment, will take a wait and see approach. More or less comparing it to known quantities at this point like the FM series, where a rental with similar PI will die a gruesome death against a properly built and tuned car.

    I do like what the sounds of multiplayer matchmaking, I really, really do. Especially the pings, I can almost handle griefers more than trying to race someone lag bumping all over the place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaskarspants View Post
    Get your barge pole sheathed then as it is very unlikely here will be a demo. Msoft accreditation has ground to a halt due to covid so SMS couldn't arrange anything in a useful timeframe, so I hear.
    Iím not sure how I feel about this lol.

    Good shout though 😀
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