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Thread: Frame Stuttering - Network Issue - Please HELP!

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    Smile Frame Stuttering - Network Issue - Please HELP!

    Hi guys, hope everyone is keeping well.

    I have recently purchased a wheel for my Xbox One S so have been getting into PC2.
    However, even when I am just in a single player test session, I have noticed significant graphics stuttering / intermittent frame drops.
    After doing endless troubleshooting and checking this forum for similar issues, I have still not been able to fix the problem.

    Through process of elimination, I am almost certain that it is due to a network connectivity issue.
    I found this out by connecting my console via phone hot-spotting and the issue completely disappears.
    The problem also disappears by taking the console offline.

    So... after reading similar posts on this forum, I see a lot of recommendations regarding port forwarding and other network settings.
    Unfortunately, I have tried many suggestions and am still stuck.

    Here's my network stats/settings:

    - Wired
    - IPv4 (ISP has not yet rolled out IPv6)
    - NAT Type: Open
    - D/L: 69Mbps
    - U/L: 18Mbps
    - Ping 7ms
    - Static IP assigned to console
    - Port forwarding: TCP: 3074, UDP: 88,500,3074,3544,4500.

    I have also tried hard resetting the router and making sure no parental controls are switched on etc.
    May also be worth mentioning that issue still exists if I connect to router via Wifi - so not ethernet cable.

    I anyone has any suggestions or thinks that I may have missed something it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Do you have UDP enabled for external apps? Try disabling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asturbo View Post
    Do you have UDP enabled for external apps? Try disabling.
    Thanks for the suggestion. However, I just checked and it's turned off.

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    the only time i have had studdering or a one second freezing issues. i solved it by deleting any in game and in console saved pictures and race videos i had saved. Turned out i had a failed to save replay. I didnt even recall trying to save any race replay but i had one and it was currupted. After i deleted it, it solved the issue. The game will do some slight studdering when the AI are pitting though. Usually xbox issues like game studder is due to something in your xbox memory being currupted. Like a download or saved pic or video or something. If you think its your network then call your internet provider and see if there is something they can do by changing something in your service.

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