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Thread: Why is Project cars 2 considered bad/inferior?

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    Maybe it's a nostalgia thing. I've been racing PC2 for a long time and all this time have been hoping for / looking forwatd to PC3. I thought, yea one day well have the 3. Since the dream is now over I'm sticking to PC2. Take ACC for example. It's superb and most will probably agree better than PC2. I really like it and play in more that than PC2 but there's a soft spot for PC2. It's like eating a medium rare rump. It's great but you can't hellp going back to a toast with Marmite now and then.
    Recently I've started playing COD modern warfare with my son. It's really good. But we still play COD WW2 from time to time. It's not better but we'd miss it.

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    I really don't know if it good or bad compared to other games/sims. All I know is I am 62 years old an O love this game. We had absolutely nothing liek this when I was growing up, hell we had three channels on the TV which was black and white and no remote. So yes this game is awesome to me. I am not a big game guy, my son bought me an XBox for Christmas as an early retirement present. I have played a few other racing games like Horizon 3 and NASCAR Heat 3. Heat three was more realistic and then I discovered only a few months ago Project Cars 2, wow!! I mean really WOW!!. I love it I will play it until the day I die which will be a lot sooner than most of you. Have fun enjoy, it may or may not be perfect but enjoy it and enjoy life.
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