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Thread: Time Trial Tyres

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    Time Trial Tyres

    I realised that I might be falling into the newbie trap of trying to get a PB on the first lap of the time trial but saw that my tyres pressure goes up as my tyres get heat in. Plus I'm thinking that the ghosts that you can race against didn't necessarily set that fastest lap on Lap 1 or 2 or 3 for that matter.

    So my question is should I be more patient and wait for the tyres to find there true BAR after a few laps of taking it steady and then trying to blast in a PB?

    Thanks All

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    Tyres in time trial start around ideal temp and pressure and usually depart from ideal as the laps go up.

    I find I nearly always set my best times on my first few laps. You can also accrue damage, favouring early laps.
    Pcars locks tyre wear and fixes livetrack temps and rubbering in to even things out somewhat.
    I think some other Sims also lock tyres for TT so you don't have to restart for fresh tyres.
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    Unless the TT starting point doesn't allow for a good run on the start/finish line, I normally don't gain an advantage by taking multiple laps.
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