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    Apologies if this has been discussed before, I'm sure many times.

    I just did a test Le Mans 2 hour run (amazing, god I should have picked PC2 up a long time ago, just loved every second of it).

    Looking forward to doing a longer run.

    I set aggression to 70, I previously had it on 75, and this seemed to stop the AI getting its nose clipped trying to squeeze inside and then dropping back considerably because of it.

    But watching the replay back. I don't see much action between the AI drivers as before. And only 2 retirements over 2 hours.

    Is 70 aggressive enough over a 6 or 12 hour session to see some incidents and crashes from them?

    What do you tend to have yours set to for GT / endurance racing?

    Many thanks for any assists or moving this thread wherever it should be if not here
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    This can be deleted I found what I needed thanks

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