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Thread: In game screen flickering

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    In game screen flickering

    As the title suggest I'm getting in game screen flickering with VR.
    The main menu show perfectly fine.
    Sometimes there is bad flicker in both lenses, sometimes one lens will only show a black screen with the start race menu while the other screen shows the car, track etc and is flickering.
    It however is random.
    One day I'm running an Evo X around the Nurburgring fine, the next day i get screen flicker.
    It can even be a difference between cars.
    Today I tried driving an Audi, a Mitsubishi, an SMS car and all flickered until I drove a Ferrari and it was perfectly fine.
    Ive also driven and Aventador fine, driven a car that has caused flicker, gone back to the Aventador and that now flickers

    Specs are
    i5 6600k
    16gb RAM
    1tb SSD

    HTC VIVE Cosmos

    I appreciate and assistance
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