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Thread: should I give pCARS1 career mode another shot?

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    should I give pCARS1 career mode another shot?

    So.... obviously, I'm not gonna get the career mode in pCARS3 I want. But I do still want to play a career mode that I think pCARS1 wanted to be, but fell somewhat short of. pCARS2... simplified the pCARS1 career mode idea so that it didn't feel like I was engaged in something worth doing.

    But I keep going back to the idea of what pCARS1 tried to do. What turned me off of pCARS1 career mode, was that starting in GT4, I chose the mustang, I chose a respectable difficulty rate, and outdrove the car and put it at the end of the championship in p5 - waaaay above what the other mustangs did, so I figured, hey, I did well, the game should recognize I did well, it should rewards me with a nice contract in a better GT4 car or a slow-ish GT3 car.

    But no it did nothing. To move up I had to turn down the difficulty, get in the top 3 (i think that's what it was), and then you get to go to GT3. So that was a turn off, and gave up the career mode.

    But I'm wondering, is there more to the career mode than I experienced - something that would make it worth going back to? pCARS2 career mode was, as I mentioned, even more simple and superficial - but I'm wondering if in pCARS1 there was a more inter-connectedness feeling between the different championships where, even if not perfect, it would make it worth it to try again?

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    Progression in Project CARS 1 career mode was top 3 to go from 'Part A' (ie National) to 'Part B' (ie World) and top 1 to go from tier to tier.

    It wasn't perfect, and progression probavly needed some work, but it's more than enjoyable when it works.

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