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Thread: The "constructive discussion/criticism only" thread

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    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but ever since I suffered a knee injury I really can't use my wheel anymore. I've since used the PS4 controller for other racing games. I just wanted to say I'm thrilled the PS4 controller works so well in this version of Project CARS. I thought my days of playing this series were over.
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    All is very good on PC, for me, but :
    - the Trees textures (and many other objects) are awfull, worst than Pcars 2 about poping, it's poping everywhere, everytime, maybe it needs jsut the AMS2 trees which never pop.
    - Many textures flicker (and some are exactly the same in Project cars 2).
    - No race with timing, it's a basic must have feature.
    - The AI is very good but not enough hard, it misses 3 more level after Legendary cause for me legendary is only 80/100 and in Pcars 2 I used 120...
    - No wipers speed selection.
    - No seat position setting in Cockpit, and we can't remove the brake/throttle zoom effect.
    - No more Free cam with control + K, so we can't custom the chase cam for our own preference (edit : it works)
    - The sound in not balanced, we don't hear enough the engine, and too much the tire squeal or FX.
    - The impact/crash with "Red" + noise is way to remove it
    - No throttle vibration with gamepad.
    - No random weather.
    - No leaderbord times.

    It's very good but it misses lots of features, this game is strange, cause it has very good moments and fun, the gamepad implement is very good, but it needs many many more things to be finished. It deserves a "not recommended" review which I will change only if all or most of the list I have made is updated.
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