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Thread: Now where talking! 3080 @$699

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    The additional RAM models have been known about for a while, since Gigabyte accidentally shown upcoming models. Trouble is, it's already impossible to get an AIB card at Nvidia's £649 price point, so I don't doubt the 20GB 3080 cards are going to be in the £1000 region and that's back into "nope, no way" territory again. In all honesty, I'm banking on the 10GB being enough to last me until a newer generation of cards comes along that it makes sense to jump to at a later date.
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    I for one prefer to wait for either the 3080 20 GB version or maybe an AMD 16 GB gpu (most likely not a 3090 but not sure yet), to be on the safe side for the upcoming years. Luckily there are no more new sims on the horizon for a while, but you never know. It may also depend on the surcharge for the extra RAM.
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