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Thread: I NEED HELP! dedicated server setup

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    I NEED HELP! dedicated server setup

    Hello. I have rented a private server to host project cars 2 server for a small group I am with. I have little experience setting up through server.config files and would like someone to provide a better explanation of how to set up the server. Currently the server is running but it is stuck hosting one map. I need help understanding how to allow access to players inside the server or access to modifying the race and practice laps.

    If you can join me on discord that would be appreciated. thank you

    yes i have seen the guides to setup a dedicated server yet i need a better technical understanding on some things.

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    You have in my signature some examples of Dedicated Server config files.

    You can read in this thread too:!-2-25-18

    If you want that the host could change the track to whatever, you have to set this values:

    controlGameSetup : false

    "ServerControlsTrack" : 0,
    "ServerControlsVehicleClass" : 0,
    "ServerControlsVehicle" : 0,

    Other parameters needs using the FLAGS value, that can be calculated using the spreadsheet in my signature.

    If you need rotations, you have to enable LUA.
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