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  1. A quick note about tires, FFB and "feels"...
  2. setup problem
  3. [ANSWERED] Why can't I save more than one car to my garage?
  4. A good base car setup and car force feedback settings?
  5. Formula A - solution to spinning out of slow corners
  6. Gearboxes and other Stuff
  7. Bug with assists or am I missing something?
  8. Hardest Track I've come across so far:
  9. Go kart set ups?
  10. force feedback settings ps4.
  11. Tire Temps
  12. Engineer
  13. Project Cars Tuning Guide : 3f and case studies now live!
  14. quick pov change ingame
  15. fomula A tuning set ups
  16. Problems with Clio racing
  17. setup gearing clio
  18. Camber and tyre pressure vs. tyre temperatures telemetry
  19. [SEARCH] Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 on Spa
  20. Ford Escort Mk1RS1600
  21. Multiple Active Pit Strategies
  22. BMW Z4 GT3 / Atlanta / Donington
  23. Setups, naming, location etc
  24. BMW Series 1 M
  25. Pitstop strategy tyre pressure
  26. Formula A - Tire temperature
  27. clio cup overheating and cold tyres help plies
  28. NVI0U5 Last Tunes suits Xbone, PC, PS4, wheel & controller.
  29. Audi R8 V10 plus - feels like driving on snow
  30. Tuning Question
  31. G27 steering radius
  32. Car setup guides.
  33. Formula gulf....can I adjust the downforce?
  34. Nürburgring GP , GT3 Setup,
  35. Always on Stability/Traction control?
  36. Renault Clio nervous
  37. A Question on Grip
  38. McLaren MP4-12C GT3 - Heavy Bags of Understeer
  39. 250-CC Go Kart Setup
  40. Caterham SP 300 R using PASS / KERS
  41. Drift setup and tuning?
  42. Bottoming out
  43. Steering Assistance, Clio Cup
  44. Clio cup set ups?
  45. Fast pit stops?
  46. Understanding tire pressure setup
  47. BMW Z4 GT3 - Nordschleife - tires cool down
  48. How do I create a Location Group?
  49. Unable to do Community Events on XB1
  50. GT3 RUF SETUP. or GT3 All classes.
  51. Ruf RGT-8 GT3 - setup for better behaviour over bumps - Eau Rouge
  52. Aston Martin Vantage GT4
  53. Formula A @ Monza - Share your car setup :)
  54. RWD P30 LMP1 tunes
  55. SLS AMG GT3 base setup?
  56. Sharing of tunes with friends on PC
  57. Car Setup Time Trial
  58. How to make setup changes on PS4
  59. Has Anyone Made a Good GT3 or LMP1 Tune?
  60. steering trouble
  61. Car Setups?
  62. Anybody drive the Lotus 49 ?
  63. helpless w/ L49
  64. [Search] RUF CTR3 setup
  65. BMW M3 GT SETUP?
  66. Telemetry in Replay?
  67. Bump-Stop Tuning?
  68. I cannot change the set up on any cars
  69. Damping velocity, ride height
  70. Force Feedback Setup instructions here
  71. Looking for a good BMW Z4 GT3 generic setup
  72. Gear Ratio control?
  73. Traction Control.
  74. How to counter car spinning in slow turns, e.g. Radical SR8-RX
  75. Right front tire stays around 80c
  76. PitStop strategy: How to cycle between profiles ?
  77. Tyre pressure and temperature ralationship.
  78. [Xbox One] Any controller specific tunes and controller setup guides available?
  79. Control Configuration Information
  80. Formula A spinning out under hard braking slow corner entry
  81. Telemetry HUD questions
  82. Focus RS handling/tuning
  83. Saving Car Setuups?
  84. Where can I find setups?
  85. FFB settings.
  86. Please post your car tuning setups for us newbies here.
  87. Virgin Driver
  88. Changing car setup for online races
  89. Telemetry white FFB line
  90. Question about tire degradation.
  91. Audi R18 Setup
  92. Practice Select the tyre compound
  93. Locked out of changing Final ratio on RUF
  94. Caterham Classic
  95. Setup advice
  96. Easy Differential Tuning (reduce spinouts)
  97. Browns setup shop
  98. A wheel tune for the Clio at Donnington and some thoughts on the car
  99. Brakes locking
  100. Insufficient damping
  101. [Search] McLaren MP4 12C GT3 Nordschleife Setup
  102. 250cc superkarts setup
  103. Why are all car setups in metric?
  104. clio at snetterton...set up
  105. Exit Oversteer Question
  106. BMW Z4 - Monza GP - Slipping
  107. RWD car trouble
  108. Notes on Car Tuning Setup Videos (transcribed) Here
  109. BMW 320 Turbo GR5 front tyres
  110. Car Setup Tuning Tips for Beginners
  111. Upload your file with steering settings for easy drifting and good grip on wet.
  112. Drift Tutorial & Setup in Project CARS
  113. Traction Control Slip - how exactly does it work for historic cars?
  114. Anti roll bars and brake balance
  115. braking
  116. FFB Question (Xbox One)
  117. Brake temperature and cooling questions, need answers from veterans.
  118. Mclaren 12C GT3 tune ??
  119. looking for a BMW Pro Car set up??
  120. BAC Mono
  121. Telemetry information
  122. Bottoming out
  123. [TUNE REQUEST] Formula Rookie - Catalunya
  124. Tuning Chart
  125. Lotus 72D Cosworth Formule 1 Racing Car
  126. Can anyone get the Lykan Hypersport to drive properly?
  127. GT3 Class - Car Rankings?
  128. tuning setup offline vs online
  129. Unable to change certain settings on some cars
  130. Blank XLS Sheet for Setup
  131. Radical SR3 Setups
  132. Bathurst GT3
  133. No way to adjust torque split or anything for AWD cars? Final drive adjustments, etc
  134. BHP @ RPM
  135. [UNDER 100c] Ideal oil and water temperatures?
  136. Ford Mustang 302R1
  137. [ANSWERED] Multiple car setups
  138. Setup changes during a race
  139. aston martin vantage gt3 tune
  140. open wheelers ( ford) cooking my tyre's
  141. BAR vs PSI
  142. 2013 Mercedes DTM
  143. Renault Clio Tune
  144. [NO] Is there a copilot app or similar for this game?
  145. BMW Z4 GT3 Laguna advice
  146. Making Up for BMW M3 GT Lack of Downforce
  147. Grind for money Same as Grind for tuning.
  148. LMP 2 @ Nürburgring GP
  149. Tyre temperature problem at Hockenheim
  150. Preparing for next Community event-Silverstone-SLS GT3
  151. Mclaren F1 in Career - Restrictor plate set, why?
  152. Need help with tuning BMW Z4
  153. Tune for Lotus 98T renault?
  154. LMP3 Semi pro class! Car set up??
  155. Audi R8 LMS
  156. Mclaren GT3 @ Donington Park - Need Help
  157. Mercedes SLS GT3, on SilverstoneTrack
  158. Mercedes SLS GT3, on Silverstone track
  159. Setup BMW M3 GT3 or Audi R8 GT3
  160. Noob question concerning tires and pressure
  161. BMW1 pro car tune
  162. has any one got a stable Monaco car setup formula A
  163. where can I get in and adjust caster &camber
  164. Better organization of tune setups
  165. GT3 RUF Setup
  166. Ginetta G55 GT3 Tame the beast
  167. Open wheel Tyre
  168. Question about saving tunes XBONE?
  169. Formula A Azure Circuit setup question
  170. Optimal Tyre Temps, Keeping them cool & Option to change units
  171. Audi R8 LMS Ultra
  172. Urgent SETUP for BMW M3, GT5 Championship!
  173. Need some help with Telemetry
  174. Let's talk about Limited Slip Differential a bit....
  175. Let's talk about Bump Stops (and telemetry) a bit...
  176. Help with optimal tyre temps for formula rookie please.
  177. Tyre blankets....
  178. Lap Time Size
  179. RTFM, but where is the digital manual?
  180. Caterham classic : oversteer under braking
  181. I need detail info on ffb:
  182. Time to remove the training wheels - brake adjustments
  183. Ruf CTR3 SMS-R tune
  184. Has anyone got a good set up for the Evo?
  185. App to help with Car Setups
  186. traction control slip locked in car set up
  187. Mclaren 12c gt3 bottoming out at spa
  188. No matter what I do, the 1M drives like absolute ass until warm, drives well warm
  189. Le Mans tire temperatures
  190. Can't change "Final Drive" settings - SMS-R Silverstone GP SLS AMG and others can!?
  191. Saving car setups
  192. Caterham Classic Tune
  193. Gas Question
  194. GT3 Wet Setups?
  195. wheel air pressure
  196. 250cc Superkart
  197. community help with stock setups
  198. car setup forum
  199. formula a : car spins when i go on trottle
  200. [BMW Z4 GT3]
  201. Air and engine temp
  202. Help/info needed on strategy and tuning
  203. What is YOUR tuning workflow?
  204. Low speed corners
  205. [Audi R8 LMS Ultra]
  206. Telemetry varying between "Free Practice" & "Time Trial"?
  207. OEM Setups - Jussi?
  208. Formula B Setups - Spa/Silverstone
  209. Running on rails then loose for no reason?
  210. Formula Gulf Base Setup
  211. Save different setups, buttomming out and tyre locks
  212. Setups for the Formula A. Must have setups!
  213. GT3 thunderstorm tire setup
  214. Which Track do you test on?
  215. Audi R18 active leveling front??
  216. Turning x Online
  217. Tuning for first timers my basic guide
  218. Ginetta GT3 @Monza
  219. Audi R8 GT3 (Oschersleben GP)
  220. Optimal Temperatures [GT3]
  221. Telemetry bugged?
  222. [BR] Webrasil Set Ups !
  223. Brake Temp questions - Front vs Rear
  224. How to control oversteer with controler ???
  225. [18 JUNE DLC!!] when lamborghini will add in game
  226. MULTIVITZ - Tuning Thread
  227. holy!! pls tame that classic ford taunus!!
  228. Panhard Bar
  229. LMP1 at Le Mans (24 hours real time)
  230. Ginnetta setup
  231. Mclaren 12C GT3
  232. Ford Focus RS Base Tune DualShock 4
  233. Snap Oversteer
  234. Cold tyres when leaving the pits...
  235. How do i know its a good time to go into the pits
  236. Ford GT40 MKIV @ Sonoma
  237. Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 on Brands Hatch GP
  238. set up for hockenheim national community event? ps4.
  239. Anyone created a spreadsheet for Project Cars for a basic tune?
  240. SETUP TO BMW M3 GT3
  241. R18 TDI and Circuit De La Sarthe Help!
  242. advice for manual gears
  243. merc 300 sel racing setup please not drift
  244. Aston Martin GT3 Spa Setup
  245. Asymmetrical vs Symmetrical: Pros & Cons?
  246. Formula B @ Hockenheim GP
  247. Ride Height - Nordschleife
  248. Oil And Water Temperature Question
  249. How do I make minor adjustments in tuning?
  250. r18 rear breaks away