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  1. [PLEASE READ] How to report issues
  2. Name Change Request Thread
  3. [Important] For PC Help / Troubleshooting etc.
  4. Steeringwheel goes crazy after race
  5. Bug report: Force feedback cause graphic lag / loss of FPS with some controllers
  6. Inputs are turn off on PC when using Steam Overlay.
  7. In car view in rain
  8. BMW 1M speedometer bug
  9. [RESOLVED] Calibrating HPP pedals
  10. frame rate loss and lag in some races on PS4 (online).
  11. Where did my heads up display go????
  12. Help:vrHive telemetry not working
  13. FFB & KERBS
  14. calibrate force feedback?
  15. No helmet cam
  16. Thrustmaster TX458 - FFB Configuration?
  17. Using Xbox one controller on PC
  18. No 60 fps despite good hardware (I hope the developers see and help me)
  19. Unhandled Exception Trapped, Unable to Play.
  20. Timed Events and Track Groove?
  21. Fanatec CSR elite pedals not recognized.
  22. [Resolved] pCARS PROFILER remote mode not working
  23. [SOLVED] Can't exit the Steam after end of the game
  24. Stuck at loading screen
  25. Triple screen configuration
  26. Setting up a gamepad
  27. [PC] Race Engineer voice disappeared
  28. Audio issue - can't hear engineer on radio
  29. SimRaceway SRW-S1 doesn't work as advertised
  30. More Audio options?
  31. G25 Settings needed
  32. Terrible framerate on AMD Crossfire setup
  33. PS4 - Unable to Assign 'X' as throttle
  34. Problems With Audio (Crackling/Popping)
  35. calibrating CSR pedals
  36. [ANSWERED] Gray Mirrors
  37. Logitech g27
  38. Remaming Pcars.exe for Pcars64.exe to run the game???
  39. Not getting Car Packs on Steam Digital Edition
  40. Spa stuttering like crazy
  41. Sync Weather not working with Quali/Practice/Warmup
  42. [help] Helmet view FOV max locked at 85. Why?
  43. [SOLVED] Can't configure ECCI 7000 wheel
  44. G27 profile not being acknowledged.
  45. [RESOLVED] Button assignments and wheel calibration gets wiped ...
  46. [Resolved] DFGT Pedals not recognized.
  47. car pack redeeming
  48. G27 Wheel Calibration issue
  49. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel Connectivity Issue
  50. [RESOLVED] Game stuck on SMS/WMD splash screen, "Unhandled Error"
  51. H shifter keeps going into neutral?
  52. CPU Overheating & Shutting Down PC
  53. Game breaking bug - wrong standings!
  54. A little help please and some problems.
  55. t300rs settings
  56. No tire or brake sound?
  57. Fanatec CSR little to no wheel resistance
  58. Struggling to get a decent frame rate.
  59. Thrustmaster t300gte issue Help!!!!!!!!!
  60. AI bug ?
  61. Sim Commander / Simvibe / Buttkicker
  62. Community events cheaters
  63. Bahrain not listed under 'nationality'
  64. Wheel Calibration for XBOX One Controller (PC)
  65. Advanced Wheel settings reset every time i open the game
  66. HUD missing
  67. [G25-G27] - Wheel Setup Guide
  68. I pre-ordered but don't have the modified car pack
  69. nvidia graphics profile settings??
  70. (SOLVED) Virtual mirror missing in cockpit view.
  71. Crash at SMS/WMD screen when Razer Synapse 2.0 running.
  72. Xbox one controller, issue/bug changing direction quickly
  73. Some bugs
  74. Game does not boot
  75. Deadicated server crash
  76. Pre Order DLC Missing
  77. [Fixed] Garage bug at Zolder
  78. Project Cars won't lauch on steam
  79. Xbox One controller (PC) won't stop vibrating
  80. missing menu in options - playertailoring (pc version)
  81. [RESOLVED] -- [CRASH] Unhandled Exception, Black Screen + freezes, Audio stutter
  82. DF GT (PC)
  83. PS4 - One track, one car available. All the rest is locked?
  84. BUGS in: Oculus Rift DK2 / VR / Hope for better future
  85. Dedicated Server - HTTP API Request
  86. Issues during Racing.
  87. Editing the HUD
  88. Fanatec 911 Turbo S no Rumble/Vibration but FFB is great
  89. Modified Car Pack DLC
  90. Settings - Thrustmaster T300RS for PS4
  91. Speeding up / time warp
  92. List of Bugs and Improvements
  93. Possible bug gearbox
  94. Odd scrolling in menus
  95. Please Helped I Pre-ordered problem
  96. How change mph to km/h
  97. Frame rate issues
  98. (PC) HUD Placment in triple screen setup
  99. PhysX3 - Norton 360
  100. Screen blur ps4
  101. [ANSWERED] fuel setting and setup in Race?
  102. no dlc code when pre ordered
  104. [Gameplay], [Tracks] Car crashes with invisible walls or invisible bumps
  105. [ANSWERED] Slow-Motion when using the brake
  106. Excessive fishtailing (FFB issue?)
  107. Screen goes blank, and computer locks up, but I can still hear sounds from the game
  108. Junior build disappears now the game is out??
  109. Box around brake lights. Bug?
  110. 3D Vision support on the way?
  111. Leaderboards bug
  112. Xbox 360 wheel support
  113. Just "blue screened" while playing this
  114. Known Issues Collective Thread (PC) [Not for bug reporting!] - Updated 21/12
  115. WARNING: Backup your Profiles immediately!
  116. Help and ideas guys ? (free DLC download and motion rig issue)
  118. Downshifting issues
  119. Project CARS doesn't start up [Steam]
  120. random bugs
  121. [RESOLVED - START LOGITECH PROFILER FIRST] Game will not start.
  122. Driver Network Profile Career Statistics Help
  123. [PC] Steering wheel rotation lock gets reset when switching cars.
  124. [NO] Always-ON Internet Connection Required for PC?
  125. [RESOLVED] Project Cars removes Windows wallpaper
  126. G27 Degree of Rotation Issue: Mapping Wrong
  127. Everything is locked
  128. H-shifter setup
  129. XBOX ONE Controller Sudden turning issue (XBOX One)
  130. Mouse steering deadzone
  131. Command line for the dev mode?
  132. Technical TroubleShooting Steps - WIP - NO CHAT PLEASE
  133. FA downshifting to 1st spins you out?
  134. [PS4] Time Attack Request
  135. Able changing career Name? (Update: name have a space between First and Surname)
  136. [PC] need help with graphics setting issue
  137. Invisible mouse pointer in fullscreen mode
  138. HUD Layout Editor does not save
  139. [RESOLVED] Forum Automatic Logout
  140. Project Cars Digital Edition doesn't have the limited car pack
  141. Crash as usual
  142. What is JITTER TWEAK?
  143. can someone help me with this please?
  144. No neutral gear!!!!
  145. First Ten Minutes with this Game: 3 Bugs
  146. (help)t cam camera mod? wasd buttons are inactive?
  147. [ANSWERED] problem mecanicien pit stop
  148. SweetFX
  149. Loss of wheel & keyboard control after leaving pitbox
  150. Logitech DFGT Wheel on PC Degree Loss 270 to 900 in Karts
  151. Foreign price adjustments?
  152. Career Mode - McLaren F1 Tires Stay Cold No Matter What!?
  153. [ANSWERED] what its shared memory
  154. CSW v2 setup needed please
  155. pCars Profiler
  156. DFGT Settings FFB Menu and Garage
  157. No me salen los coches modificados ni el gratis [PS4]
  158. Modified Car Pack missing
  159. ps4 assistance needed
  160. Unhandled exception when launching the game, cant play
  161. Tire Temps BMW Z4 GT3
  162. Replays minor issue that needs a fix
  163. [GAME STABILITY] Game freezing whole the computer BSOD
  164. Wheel set up - Microsoft Sidewiner force feedback
  165. But when setting controller configuration
  166. PC - No tyre sounds
  167. Thrustmaster F458 wheel deadzone
  168. Limited Edition DLC code not working
  169. GPU Usage only 71% CPU 65% approx FPS 29fps
  170. Can hadly hear own engine, only opponents roaring engines.
  171. unhanded exception trapped - crash to desktop
  172. Unable to play on PS4 Thrustmaster T80
  173. Controller settings saving not working
  174. [RESOLVED]HUD Issue
  175. Game constantly goes in slowmotion and then fastforwards.
  176. Penalty after a Pitstop
  177. My Spec's
  178. [Fixed] Online - Practice/Qualifying switch to Race "UNHANDLED EXCEPTION"
  179. Issue with TrackIr Pro4
  180. Adjusting the AI?
  181. Fanatec GT3RS v2 and CSR Elite pedals
  182. Triples
  183. Problem With Penalties Setting (Xbox One)
  184. Can't display guiding line...
  185. GT3RS V2 FFB problems
  186. can't feel tire lock up spinning in wheel (tx 458)
  187. Dualshock 4 speaker w/ USB headset
  188. race engineer?
  189. Atten DEVS: Have found a bug
  190. Oculus + fps drop + latest update
  191. How to check FPS
  192. Apps for console version
  193. Question
  194. In-Game Avatar
  195. Terribly sorry
  196. Engine audio dropouts between gear shifts...
  197. PC: Fanatec Clubsport Clutch calibration issue (starts in the middle)
  198. GTX970 and 32" (1920 x 1080): Best settings?
  199. [PC] Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Issues
  200. Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Settings (fixed)
  201. No Steam Overlay when using Bandicam
  202. Pit auto drive
  203. Renault Clio
  204. Mph/Kmh
  205. T500 / T500rs and FFB
  206. Poor Performance
  207. Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel Support?
  208. Should i buy this game with only a keyboard?
  209. pCars turns off after career race
  210. Gearbox Bug?
  211. Black Screen: monitor refresh rate is setting incorrectly
  212. Stuck in Windowed Mode
  213. How to show frame rate and clipping
  214. project cars sound is not that great way.
  215. project cars sound is not that great why.
  216. Workaround for Freetrack support (temp fix)
  217. Helmet View
  218. Camera
  219. [Resolved] (Small Screen) Pantalla pequeña
  220. Silverstone GP - My Technical report
  221. [bug]Games hangs and freezes
  222. T500RS not recognized (as of today)?
  223. Penalties Won't Go Away!!
  224. Need Help - No wheel shown
  225. AI Problem BUG
  226. option to have the controller settings from the Shift series as a preset?
  227. Game not launching on Steam
  228. Small screen
  229. Hello there,I need help with changing the game's difficulty.
  230. Where are the in game photos saved on my PC?
  231. Many "unhandled exception" errors - HELP
  232. Game become choppy when going in reverse
  233. Engine blown problem in kart racing
  234. Azure circuit LMP1 Ai bug
  235. Can't see my last name ingame
  236. Force Feedback Settings - Steering Settings, explanations, descriptions and how-to's?
  237. Project Cars PC Installation Guide
  238. Removing window borders in "windowed" mode?
  239. Community Event - not uploading time
  240. PC Unhandled Exception after online qualifying session
  241. [IT'S WORKING] Tire Wear Not Working ??
  242. Lack of Force Feedback
  243. [Resolved] G27 Pedals not working
  244. pc stuttering issues
  245. [KNOWN ISSUE] Basic question - problem saving setups
  246. How to change the steering wheel degrees of rotation?
  247. Diff & Gear ratio settings?
  248. SLI discussion thread
  249. In-game steering wheel?
  250. McLarenP1 possible bug???