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  1. North America PSN Question
  2. Project Cars - BRAZIL
  3. Gamestop didn't have the game today?
  4. Introductions
  5. UI does not fill the whole screen
  6. Annoyances and issues
  7. Practice Session
  8. Project CARS US PS Store...
  9. Photo Mode doubts!
  10. getting pretty bad lag in some online races
  11. thrustmaster t100 anyone??
  12. Best wheel to use
  13. Steering Wheel / Controller / Keyboard
  14. Pre order bonus cars
  15. How to pre-order the digital version from PSN?
  16. Suggestion for race engineer.
  17. Pre order cars
  18. Thrustmaster T100
  19. Career Locked? Help!!
  20. PS4 Project Cars League
  21. Controller vs steering wheel
  22. dlc issue
  23. Using a wheel with hand controls
  24. Drifting ps4 setup help and recommendation
  25. [ANSWERED] How to select livery
  26. Project Cars: A more in depth view of Career mode!!
  28. Project cars league
  29. Possible Team Member discount for console version?
  30. Deadzone wheels
  31. Racing for 3rd shifters
  32. Quick Question- Difficulty Adjustment
  33. Blue Flag on a qualifying lap?
  34. Wheel in cockpit has limited rotation i think around 240 ... How do i change this
  35. DLC for free as WMD Member?
  36. Friend time filtro on The classification
  37. Got black flag, someone was in my pit!!!!!!!
  38. 2nd screen for ps4
  39. need some help please!
  40. problem time
  41. Guide for FFB calibration
  42. Pit during Community Events
  43. Map functions to a USB or Bluetooth keyboard on PS4
  44. tyre changes and fuel
  45. control input on dualshock 4???
  46. Thrustmaster T300 Rs
  47. Speedy only mph why? ??
  48. Unplayable
  49. History is not active?
  50. Changing Tier in Career mode ?
  51. Rear sound effects dont sound right
  52. Lotus 72 is undrivable
  53. Brilliant game!
  54. Best wheel to use? Any recommendations?
  55. How do I complete Round 1 of Driver Network Championship?
  56. the Formula A cars are really hard to control.
  57. Is there a place to mention bugs or glitches in the PS4 game?
  58. Computer car tactics
  59. My sincerity words to you Developers Team
  60. Qualify session ends without letting you finish lap
  61. Create A Season Or Championship??
  62. Are you an old Forza head too?
  63. AI does not pit in career?
  64. T300 RS vs T300 GTE Wheel
  65. Community Events | How to save time
  66. Browsing FanChat using Thrustmaster T300RS
  67. Split Screen
  68. Qualification bug?
  69. Bug report list. / change suggestionAdd and explain please so the devs can use this!
  70. graphics questions.
  71. Project CARS Suspend/Resume supported?
  72. Sound Issues on PS4 ?!
  73. decent TCAM on Open Wheels cars
  74. Some questions about Project Cars
  75. can we have real weather on consoles please?
  76. some bugs but what a game for race drivers ps4
  77. Mute other gamers in online mod (PS4)
  78. Pit stragedy question
  79. Annoying bug
  80. Issues encountred on PS4
  81. how to set up the car
  82. Formla A vehicles
  83. Like driving on ice!
  84. Historic Races Mk1 Escort Flipping over at the merest touch of another car.
  85. Limited Edition Car Pack
  86. bug/glitch
  87. Great game with a a couple of issues
  88. Can I make my AI driver pit so i can regain control?
  89. [ANSWERED] Pit Crew?
  90. Thrustmaster T80
  91. Cant add playlists
  92. HUD ?
  93. Digital Edition - 5 extra cars missing [SOLVED]
  94. Pit Strategy - Fuel Refill Issue
  95. help for mounting steering wheel...
  96. Replays
  97. What is Vignette? PS4 Graphics Menu
  98. Tyre Wear / Lap Life Span
  99. Damage Inssue?
  100. Cars in groups don´t fit
  101. Any drift nuts
  102. [Unknown Atm] Japanese cars lack off
  103. Steering Wheel Force feedback settings - can WMD\Slightly Mad do this?
  104. Best PS4 Wheel
  105. limited edition dlc problems
  106. How does the controller work?
  107. handbreak is not working in many cars
  108. PS4 - Good clean racing? Expressions of interest
  109. Noob
  110. modified cars pack
  111. My concern for this game's longevity
  112. Controller set up tips and patch
  113. [Answered] Driver number?
  114. Trophy Mailbox Full
  115. Controller settings
  116. PS4 Keyboard/Controller support with wheel
  117. Flipping Cars!!
  118. Crashed onto roof and have to quit race.
  119. time trial perfect - practice different
  120. PS4 Addy Australia for online racing
  121. PS4 AI Cars Not Affected By Changing Weather Conditions
  122. Does the game have keyboard support?
  123. Project BUGS?
  124. Terrible User Interface Design
  125. [What What?] bug bug
  126. Padlocks beside items on screen
  127. Livery issues, rearview-mirror issues and others...
  128. Cracking Race Sim, and list of little bugs / annoyances
  129. T300RS Force Feedback: Forumla Rookie vs RUF RGT-8 Problem
  130. Possible online improvements?
  131. Increase vibration on T300RS
  132. Using 'my garage' how do you select a livery to be used in practice/solo/online?
  133. Anyone here got this on BOTH consoles?
  134. Playing With Controller Impossible
  135. Pitstops
  136. Unreported Bug Found
  137. Game crashing BIG PROBLEM
  138. [Yes] Brake Disc Glow?
  139. PS4 - Controller Setting Save Bug
  140. Hi Everyone!
  141. A day in the life trophy...
  142. Is the online region-locked?
  143. Controller Support...
  144. Mandatory Pit Stop
  145. Move racing wheel
  146. Jack Spade's FFB Tweaks
  147. When can we expect the first patch to improve...
  148. Logitech G27 + PS4 + Maxrace F1 V5 - Works
  149. Should I Be Concerned?
  150. Liveries/Paint
  151. Lap Times at end of race?
  152. Project CARS not on PSN Store
  153. How to stop revving when moving off from neutral?
  154. 12:30 AM on 5/12/15. Project cars is NOT in Playstation store.
  155. Question about buying a wheel
  156. t500RS
  157. Race Engineer PS4 Steering wheel
  158. Wheel + Keyboard/ Controller Support PS4
  159. Video of fastest laps??
  160. Get a cheap wheel circa £60 or stick with controller
  161. I so frustrated!!!! .. and I'm loving it!!
  162. STEERING WHEEL, which one should I buy ?
  163. [NEGOTIATING] Second Screen & Apps on PS4
  164. Subtitles time (spanish)
  165. Universal FFB Settings for PS4/XB1 Spreadsheet
  166. Car hitting invisible wall/obstacle
  167. [SCREENSHOTS PS4] Trackday @ Zolder
  168. Race officials
  169. mid session saves, is there hope for the future?
  170. can't make a pitstop
  171. My two penneth's worth........
  172. Leaderboards and Lobbies
  173. [DLC - 250max laps]Timed Races?
  174. Project Cars Fair Driving Community.New Facebook Group dedicated to racing+fairplay
  175. Brakes Temperature bug ?
  176. Constructive Feedback - A few issues
  177. hello netcode.
  178. Gear box problems! Clio cup
  179. Limited Edition Car Pack MIA after installed?
  180. In game voice chat quality
  181. [solved] Update Thrustmaster Firmware?
  182. Quick couple of thoughts / frustrations
  183. End of race bug
  184. [PS4] Can the US version play EU version?
  185. US PSN store version is up!!!
  186. Digital Edition Modified Car Pack
  187. Monza Forumla A online gear ration Bug
  188. pCARS overheating PS4
  189. Clear anwser on what is included in what NA product please?
  190. Forum français PlayStation
  191. Gamestop Edition in USA did not come with code for Limited Edition car pack.
  192. Gear box problems!! Clio cup.
  193. Pitstop Issue #2
  194. Anyone else getting this error on PSN (web store)?
  195. Removed from Session (PS4)
  196. Enable Motion Control?
  197. Got my Setting, How do I save it?
  198. Signing up for the driver network?
  199. T100 Wheel, strange handling problems
  200. Save replay - PS4
  201. My opinion of the game
  202. Ford GT40 Mk IV
  203. Terminator A.I.
  204. How do you set up qualifying in quick race weekend?
  205. le man 24 hrs
  206. What's your time here....
  207. Project Cars F1 League
  208. Possible Online Lobby Bug
  209. No modified car pack with digital edition?
  210. Settings - Visuals FX? anyone has descriptions of what is what?
  211. Racing wheel question
  212. Game install length?
  213. What a Blast!
  214. possible bug, AI lap times and accelerated time
  215. Various bugs at Zolder
  216. Looking for help setting up the DS4 Controller
  217. Project CARS friendlist NL
  218. Project Cars : Issues and crash
  219. Limited edition : Get the 5 extra cars with DLC
  220. Ps4 problems I've found and feedback for the Dev.
  221. 1st time wheel user...
  222. Car Failures
  223. Please add option too change lobbyname!
  224. Some Road cars physics not right
  225. [NO] 3rd party apps for PS4?
  226. Carreer Seasons ?
  227. Logitech | Driving Force GT Wheel
  228. Vignette and Global Specualr Irradiance
  229. Community event times not saving?
  230. Australian Race Crew
  231. How to not spin out
  232. a message to the makers of this game.
  233. Remote play to Playstation TV?
  234. Anybody drive the Lotus 49?
  235. Wheel users - Share your rig! and FFB Settings
  236. [ANSWERED] Windshield dirt?
  237. Spotter chatter not always on?
  238. Three wheels?!
  239. FFB question
  240. Career - car settings dissappear
  241. Assists Or No Assists
  242. Multiplayer's qualification position not the same for the race
  243. Dubai kart track slowdown
  244. could we have FULL options in practice mode down the road?
  245. Friends Leaderboards/Challenges
  246. Hurricane wheel??
  247. This game takes itself way too seriously
  248. I am forced to pit for tyres in quick race, just me not AI
  249. Shifter
  250. I want it, I don't want it....argghhh!