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  1. Project Cars steering wheel braking bug
  2. Changing gear issue after each patch install
  3. Thrustmaster T500rs not recognized at PS4
  4. PC/Mac streaming app
  5. apps
  6. Cockpit free look while using wheel
  7. [Solved] free practice issues
  8. Can't connect to project cars server
  9. G29 after patch 6.0
  10. Game stiĺl crashing
  11. Be Very Careful With That Engine Start Button!
  12. Thrustmaster 300 trouble
  13. Now now now .... what do we have here ?
  14. Edit tuning setup does not work :/
  15. Free DLC does not show in game
  16. Profile Solo Quick Race Weekend Won't Update The Total Hours Played
  17. G29 help please
  18. Mazda mx-5 radbull steering issue
  19. Unable to view vid clips people post .
  20. T300rs wheel FFB fade issue after update to 8.00 version
  21. This game is nothing more than unplayable eye candy (set-up saving issue)
  22. Fanatec CSR Wheel stopped working
  23. PS4 Hard Drive - Upgrade to SSD worth it?
  24. DLC cars engines won't start at Mojave
  25. Unable to "Start Session" since last update?
  26. Can't remap "Reset Car" on T80.
  27. TH8A and G29
  28. Landmine ahead
  29. Random double shift and Button Pressing
  30. *HELP* Online Gameplay Impossible
  31. Pit stop
  32. Why does this game keep crashing?
  33. DLC Wont Install - Waiting to install
  34. Continuous Disconnects from MP
  35. Force Interior View - Online
  36. Patch 8.00
  37. Analog throttle control on fanatec wheel
  38. My PS4 ingame loading problems???
  39. Friend not recieveing ANY invites for race?!
  40. T300RS Broken
  41. Controller / Setup tips
  42. Bug pit stop
  43. Is this the end of Pcars on the PS4
  44. PS4 - Save game data corrupted - HELP!!!
  45. Issue with assists being enabled during MP when they shouldn't
  46. Resolved: problems installing dlc
  47. return of ffb bug (t500) ?
  48. Controller input issues after patch update
  49. Project cars autopauses with my fanatec pwts wheel
  50. [PS4] SMS investigation into connection issues
  51. Bug in Career mode - LMP3 UK
  52. Cannot save, edit or load setups
  53. [PS4] Connection Issues Discussion Thread
  54. Not getting the Zero to Hero PS4 trophy
  55. No multiplayer sessions to join since update
  56. No Default Car Setups
  57. laps not reading correctly in formula rookie
  58. Logitech G29 Issues with DLC?
  59. [ANSWERED] Unable to upshift whilst accelerating.
  60. WTF
  61. Fix it
  62. T150 disconnect mid corner [video]
  63. Force Feedback Bug
  64. Fanatec GT3 - Start of Race wheels tries to go full lock?
  65. Logitech g29 with ps4 issue
  66. Tyres not changing..
  67. Fix these bugs!! PLEASE
  68. Everything including New career is locked
  69. Issue with wheel when I turn it on.
  70. White HUD with rear-view mirror in the center
  71. Fast acceleration/Top Speed slider locked on the Porsche GT3 - is that normal?
  72. Performance issues in Cockpit View in Rain Conditions
  73. Weird bug (or something) in historic goals.
  74. Fuel estimates wildly incorrect
  75. FFB issue
  76. Weird glitch (video)
  77. Frame drops and pop in***fix this please**
  78. T300rs calibration
  79. T500 base with 599xx Evo wheel brings up menu on its own in race
  80. Online FFB
  81. Ford Fusion Stockcar issue + General Audio issue
  82. FFB Loss Between Online Races
  83. [BUG] Invisible walls/bumps
  84. [YES] Does pCars support an external keyboard?
  85. Game crashing lmp2
  86. Time progression + max opponents slows down lap times on PS4?
  87. Is this cheating?
  88. Issue with Braking Fanatec Setup
  89. Usb number pad for extra buttons
  90. 2 Dead T300's in a week or am I missing something?
  91. Save data corrupt again.
  92. Thrustmaster t150 or t300
  93. Triple screen on PS4
  94. System Crash with Indy & Laguna Seca
  95. [SOLVED} G29 shifter stops working
  96. Fanatec 911 turbo s wheel with csp v2 handbrake
  97. Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari Edition not Calibrating
  98. invisible objects on start-finish straight
  99. Multiplayer bug : car stop (invisible wall) with free refuel
  100. Unrealistic traction issue
  101. Steering Ratio not work in session...
  102. Project Cars - PS4 - Logitech G29 - Heavy and Unresponsive Steering!
  103. lost setups and no saving new setups
  104. Stuck on grass after spin-off with no gas
  105. Double downshifting
  106. Normal , bug or defect in the G29 wheel?
  107. Pit Engineer too loud in headset
  108. Thrustmaster T150 or T300?
  109. [FIXED] How to fix?
  110. Some issues I've noticed.
  111. out of control
  112. Why all these thrustmaster threads?
  113. handicap system..
  114. Lost of traction
  115. [HELP] Thrustmaster T500RS & Buttkicker Gamer 2 best settings?
  116. [ANSWERED] PS4 noob question about multiple Dualshock controllers
  117. G29 FFB problems on PS4
  118. Multiplayer AI lose timings if host leaves bug
  119. Need help , new t300 problem!
  120. Trigger problem Dualshock4
  121. [YES] Fanatec + PS4, works?
  122. Steering going out bug (Controller user)
  123. [RESOLVED] t300rs pedal calibration
  124. gt3 career bug
  125. Back to karts after LMP1
  126. DLC not showing up in career mode.
  127. [RESOLVED] Button mapping issue with 599XX add on to T500 RS base
  128. Project CARS GOTY Edition Discussion
  129. Spa LMP1 landmine
  130. how to use steering wheel and ds4 controller together
  131. Ps4 help please
  132. Crazy Wheel trying to auto steer after spin - Help Please
  133. Getting more FFB loading errors since 10.0
  134. Edit Tuning Setup Doesn't Save ( PS4 Project Cars )
  135. Getting short fueled by AI
  136. [PS4] Button Box
  137. G29 Not Connecting to PS4
  138. corupted data?
  139. Glitch?
  140. Temperamental accelerator pedal
  141. Plasma TV Panasonic incorrect image PS4
  142. Save game doesn't work with goty
  143. [ANSWERED] Ps4 pcars support
  144. T150 Forcefeedback - initial FBB too strong? Terminology?
  145. T150 Non-FFB Settings Help
  146. T150/T300 Bushings Brake Mod possible?
  147. DLC - Pagani Nürburgring Combined Track Expansion not available after download
  149. [RESOLVED] Throttle/Brake calibration
  150. T300RS - Sudden Loss of All Bump/Curb/Crash Feel
  151. Steering Ratio doing nothing for controller users?
  152. Help with VRHive and PS4 wired connection
  153. server problem
  154. Stuck in pits during Multiplayer.
  155. Car Selection Screen Issue.
  156. All Menus Locked
  157. DLC events x calendar
  158. missing Aston Martin DBR1
  159. USB Keypad Hard-Mapping Arrow/Number Keys to Look Function?
  160. driver network profile dont count online races
  161. Game Modes Not Loading! HELP
  162. Driver profile
  163. What does Save Tuning Setup, Location Group(s), Circuits do?
  164. Same driver, same settings, same car. 2 PS4´s and very different timing/behavior
  165. PS4 - Can't disable flags and penalties
  166. Community Ambassador Trophy - PS4
  167. REPLAY PROBLEMS - can we fix this?
  168. project cars sur pc
  169. Porblem: Logitech G27 with Cross Hair
  170. Fanatec Universal Hub xbox one problem
  171. my dlc doesnt work
  172. Fanatec CSR Elite pedals with Thrustmaster T150
  173. Driver network profile
  174. Fanatec CSW V3 brake pedal calibration [PS4]?
  175. Which wheel should i get
  176. Owned P cars since pre order and all DLC - Swapped to ps4. SMS Staff please read.
  177. car setup impossible to backup
  178. Car performance bugs
  179. Setup Screen Problem (Can't Scroll Down)
  180. Invitational Race in Kart
  181. Motion sensor menu issue.
  182. Land mine glitch possibly at oschersleben gp
  183. I can't even play online...
  184. G29 paddle shift doesn't work
  185. PS4 can't compete in community events or time trials - disconnect from PSN?
  186. Need help with wheel.
  187. [fixed]Game crashes
  188. RWD P30 LMP1 Auto KERS Not Working.
  189. PS4 Turns off on lap 13/15
  190. Connecting PS4 to Buttkicker Gamer 2 (Please Help)
  191. Can Only Play Weekend Race (PS4) Tried everything
  192. Why no G29 Settings Sticky
  193. Gt wheel stand
  194. Strong FBB in neutral position
  195. Can I "lock" my T150 to 900deg?
  196. Headphones on PS4 with Thrustmaster 80
  197. G29 Wheel
  198. Profanity filter at its best...
  199. Logitech G29 Force feedback
  200. [RESOLVED] Fanatec CSR & CSR-E wheel support
  201. Wrong tyres after pitstop
  202. Refill fuel problem
  203. Career mode - Formula rookie - donington bug
  204. [RESOLVED] carsetup won't save
  205. Trouble clutch pedal f430
  206. New T300 GTE Normal Behavior?
  207. Invisible wall again (4 times in 4 league race)
  208. Tyre temps in HUD still wrong after over a year.
  209. Force Default Setups
  210. Online crashing my system
  211. Logitech G29 Force feedback not working
  212. Fuel bug.
  213. PSN Messing with Pcars? Impossible to play online
  214. G29 PS4 everything works but the brake pedal
  215. Change Control Settings For PS4
  216. Trophäe nicht erhalten
  217. [PS4] Don't receive the trophy
  218. Automatic up/downshifting in manual mode?
  219. Car suttently act different on Spa only
  220. vrHive on the PS4 Problems?
  221. question about PS plus use
  222. Ps4 Project Cars Goty Edition offline lan possible?
  223. i need help fast please (dualshock configuration)
  224. ps4 fail game data download?
  225. Photo bug? - PS4
  226. T500 Gas Pedal Problem
  227. My last name is censored
  228. Community Ambassador not unlocking, not even with the "roundabout fix"
  229. can't get T300 RS T300RS / TH8 RS TH8RS combination working
  230. how to record a (long) race
  231. T3PA pedal reset in between qualifying / warm up and race
  232. Mandatory Pit
  233. Save issues
  234. Logitech T300 + Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals; will it work?
  235. Something seems to have happened to the steering and force feedback on the PS4
  236. Bloody Padlocks
  237. Thrustmaster T500rs is not working on PS4
  238. venom pace wheel
  240. G29 Paddles not working
  241. G29 setup
  242. How heavy is steering in a real race car: realistic FFB strength?
  243. Thinking of getting my first wheel for PS4
  244. T300RS controller disconnected ( project cars)
  245. Thustmaster T300 Alcantara + TH8 Certain Uses Bring Up All Weird Menus/Options
  246. Pit stop bug on Formula B career mode
  247. [Resolved]Tier 8 (Carts) driver profile corruption
  248. T300 GTE
  249. Remove assignments from controller settings
  250. unplayable through endless bugs ...help