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  1. PS4 - WTF is wrong with the steering
  2. Pre-order Link on PSN Store??
  3. [ANSWERED] Ghosting Issue
  4. Dualshock 4 Controller: Settings, Problems & Solutions
  5. [POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS INSIDE] Everything locked???
  6. Time Trials issue
  7. Thrustmaster T300 FFB setrings request
  8. No Modified Car Pack Code
  9. [PS4] Fanatec hardware discussion thread
  10. Suggestion for a Fantastic FFB improvement
  11. T500RS going nuts after the races.
  12. Ps4 - lots of issues to report...
  13. No in race music??? PS4
  14. thrustmaster t100 anyone??
  15. Message for devs - Key binds
  16. Nationality
  17. How to unlock cars
  18. Game appears to have forgotten pole?
  19. Limited edition car pack
  20. Setting Manual transmission on PS4 game pad does not work
  21. Mandatory keys on controllers
  22. Game settings change by themselves on menu
  23. Thrustmaster T100 not recognised
  24. Issues, problems, dislikes, improvements etc etc
  25. Kart number (bug?)
  26. DS4 pit announcements -> PS4 Standard Audio Channel
  27. AI pitstop "cheat"
  28. save profiles for different controller?
  29. ps4 problem with HUD
  30. DS4 working in the menu's Plz
  31. Multi-player Replay focus on different cars
  32. Increse Quality of Ingame-Chat
  33. HUD Reset
  34. Project cars on PS4 with T80 wheel issue.
  35. Screen blurr
  36. Thrustmaster T300RS PS4
  37. Button assignments with Thrustmaster T300
  38. [DELIVERED 1.4] motion control on DS4?
  39. Missing DLC
  40. Anisotropic Filtering in replays
  41. How to reset the driver network profile on PS4?
  42. CSR with Project Cars in PS4
  43. Visual Settings
  44. Game locked
  45. How can i get the free car ?
  46. Game locked
  47. multiplay on Pc
  48. Redeemed Limited edition code, but no Limited edition cars in garage
  49. PS4 Frame rate and input lag
  50. HUD changes won't save.
  51. T500 FFB HELP!!!
  52. Thrustmaster TH8A shifter issue.
  53. Thrustmaster T300 RS - PS4 - Any good setup ?
  54. Disc version - Help!!
  55. Fanatec 911 Turbo S Wheel Issues Thread
  56. In race options?
  57. ps4 compact wheel?
  58. Steering Wheel for wheelchair user?
  59. Thrustmaster F430 Force Feedback
  60. BUG - Wrong grid position
  61. Pit Engineer Sound through Pad
  62. [CAREER LOCKED] Only can play weekend race PS4
  63. Known Issues Collective Thread (PS4) [Not for bug reporting!] - Updated 21/12
  64. Can't edit tuning setup?
  65. Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals - Throttle & Clutch swapped?! (and some other questions)
  66. Cant join Online Lobby Games
  67. UI Issues
  68. GLITCH - Opponent cars driving right through me
  69. seat adjustment?
  70. Limited Edition content available for multiplayer or career only?
  71. Pit Lane - odd collision at garage exit, car aerodynamics affected
  72. wheel ffb setting prob . need help
  73. Traction Control and ABS OFF
  74. Pit Crew talks through PS4 controller
  75. Thrustmaster t300rs
  76. steering wheel
  77. (bug) Renault UK Clio Cup, Snetterton, Impossible to qualify first
  78. DLC Codes not working.{ps4}
  79. PS4 Thrustmaster T300RS trouble
  80. Bug reports from myself + random issues
  81. Deadzone?
  82. unable to play anything but solo
  84. No preorder bonus code?
  86. Ai all going slow!
  87. UI Glitch
  88. Replay Issues
  89. Button Mapping Issue Ps4 controller
  90. Crash / Freeze on PS4
  91. Vibrating Controller
  92. T300RS PS4 - Problem when starting a Kart Race every time
  93. ATTENTION DEVS: PS4 rebooting!
  94. Higher Speed for Look Left/Right
  95. race weekends
  96. T300 RS no clutch
  97. bug on grid
  98. I found a way to fix the ghosting issue
  99. Voice chat through amp?
  100. Bags with CSR Fanatec wheel + pedal CSR elite
  101. No Pre-Order Content Included.
  102. a serious fix and request for developing team
  103. logitech g27 wheel support
  104. Control issues
  105. [Known Issue]PS4 Community Events lap times not publishing to leaderboards.
  106. Pitstops / Tyre Changing
  107. T500 related? Game crashed [Error CE-34878-0]
  108. Le Mans- Blue lights
  109. The car behaves like a Star Wars Tie fighther
  110. Game Crashes : PS4
  111. can't connect multiplayer
  112. Serious problems with the steering on PS4 ...
  113. Serious problems with the steering on PS4 ...
  114. No sound
  115. Online lobby filling grid with AI (computer controlled) cars
  116. Thrustmaster T500RS+TM28 Addon not working
  117. [Known Issue] Times not counted!!!!
  118. FOV settings please
  119. Very bad console port.
  120. Project cars black border in menu bug on PS4
  121. Imperial/metric setting
  122. Limited Edition Upgrade Pack
  123. Glencairn East
  124. Thrustmaster T300RS settings to feel the bumps \curbs
  125. Engine keeps blowing up (Automatic Gearing)
  126. Rain and AI
  127. Support for Wheel and Controller at the same time please.
  128. Cant join multiplayer?
  129. Some Bugs and suggestions
  130. Leaderboard Issues
  131. How the H... do I connect the Fanatec 911 Turbo S wheel to the ps4?
  132. HUD ?
  133. Car is destroyed leaving the pits
  134. Thx impressions an feedback or wishes
  135. Deadzone - PS4 ONLY FANATEC GT3/2 - not, repeat NOT PC. issues
  136. A car drove through mine on the track after I had a failed pit attempt...
  137. Game crashes & freezes, Fanatec wheel loses connection
  138. HUD problem
  139. T300RS wheel shaking, unable to steer
  140. quit from last place. but win the race
  141. Trustmaster T80
  142. career m1 event at zolder - road rage?
  143. [SOLVED] Pitstop problem/bug?
  144. Very agressive AI
  145. Missing Nationalities
  146. handbreak on x-button does not work
  147. BUG: Timetrial and Driver Network locked when returning from suspend mode
  148. Force feedback settings for ps4
  149. community events not saving
  150. [Know Issue] First gear selected not neutral on grid
  151. Random weather does not work
  152. How to tell how many Laps an event has?
  153. Wrong gear selected after leaving pit.
  154. Issue: Wont join multiplayer session or wont let me out of the garage
  155. Multiplayer Lobby UI - Change location request while in settings screen problem
  156. Multiplayer - Sync to Race option does not exist
  157. Multiplayer - "Real Time" time progression
  158. Missing DLC from game
  159. PS4 AI Cars Much Quicker In Race Than Qualifying
  160. No way to load a setup, bug or by design?
  161. Multiplayer feature (PSN Friends)
  162. DS4 speaker when connected with optical output headset
  163. Online Reputation
  165. Please let us deactivate centering spring on ffb wheel
  166. Engine blow up due to instant multiple downshift
  167. Any Ports other than PS4 default ones?
  168. Very weak sound from tires (while drifting and braking)
  169. [Not Possible] PS4 & Steam Account play together?
  170. why wont my times save on community events
  171. Deadzone problem with Fanatec wheel
  172. Thrustmaster T100
  173. Bugs found so far
  174. Wet weather during race
  176. Car packs missing so invitational events no longer showing
  177. Some weirdly specific issues
  178. default fov settings !
  179. Rolling starts
  180. 24 Hours LeMans Pit Stop Bug
  181. Livery issues, rearview-mirror issues and others...
  182. FFB Steering explaination file here.
  183. BUG: Editing HUD won't save
  184. A rather strange glitch?
  185. community events lap time
  186. Digital + Modified Pack?
  187. quick random
  188. Abrupt left steering
  189. Problems playing digital edition
  190. The clutch on Fanatec sets..
  191. Using both wheel and gamecontroller simultanously on PS4 (menu settings etc)
  192. menu bug and restart session
  193. Logitech support for PS4
  194. Time trial ghosts not appearing
  195. Where is my PSN code for limited contents?
  196. Problem with T300RS
  197. Community events help
  198. Reflections Issue
  199. FFB settings saved in garage different when in a event
  200. Screen Freeze
  201. Problem with Thrustmaster T100
  202. lots of bugs in replays
  203. Viewing photos taken.
  204. anyone else have this problem
  205. PS4 - Problems using Thrustmaster T100 FFB
  206. Strange random handling? Random input to steering?
  207. Much Needed Multiplayer Changes
  208. Game Manual? (or general faq regarding game operation?)
  209. bug with changing camera view
  210. T300 issues after heavy contact
  211. Game Crashing
  212. Proper Car Setup not loading in Race
  213. t300rs going crazy HELP PLEASE HELP
  214. Stuttering, short freezes during gameplay,
  215. Time Trial Needs a Fix!
  216. Can't reset my car back on track
  217. UI disappeared.
  218. Thrustmaster T100 issue?
  219. PS4 Online Session Time Not Saving
  220. Ps4 really bad frame rate or ghosting ?
  221. Confirming Project Cars support for Wheel
  222. T300RS + CS Shifter SQ combo on PS4???
  223. The Blurred Effect
  224. Limited Edition DLC codes still not working AUSTRALIA
  225. Force feedback with PS4 and T300RS...
  226. Problem accessing gameplay on PS4
  227. Video upload
  228. Realistic photo filter
  229. Bug's list
  230. Wierd locked out sort of problem
  231. Ability to send game invite once lobby starts
  232. Fuel load (bug)
  233. Helmet/cockpit cam - sit lower in cockpit for lower viewpoint
  234. community event times
  235. Photos not saving
  236. American measurements?
  237. T300RS issue (Force feedback dies)
  238. How to join a friends online private lobby
  240. Laps don't count
  241. Joke of a Game so Far!!!! Contemplating putting it in the bin!!!
  242. snap oversteer to aggressive project cars
  243. Real assists
  244. fanatec forza csr not recognizing
  245. where to find control settings explanation. ps4
  246. After race, won't return to menu
  247. Project Cars is Multilanguage ??
  248. T80 wheel disconnecting
  249. Gear ratio caterham seven classic issue!
  250. No audio when starting new race or restarting?