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  1. Xbox One Controller: Settings, Problems & Solutions
  2. Waiting
  3. Apps for XB1
  4. Which wheel set up would you buy??
  5. XB1 Online
  6. KERS Use on LMP1
  7. Settings for TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition
  8. Pro Handling
  9. PCARS development on xbox
  10. Not impressed at all !
  11. am I missing something how can you change class online lobby
  12. Changing direction with controller! Something totally wrong!
  13. XBOX ONE Gamertag List
  14. Off to a great start....
  15. Graphics settings
  17. Liveries and free car
  18. Spectator Mode?!?
  19. No Italian cars
  20. Custom liveries
  21. where do I find information on the SMS-R events
  22. Initial thoughts
  23. Ultra sensitive streering woes.
  24. Thrustmaster TX on X1 - duplicate buttons
  25. Xbox one Steering wheel options
  26. How do we use KERS and DRS?
  27. Alternate whining threat!! Amazin game!! :)
  28. Tuning Setups
  29. Issue with AI on Azure Circuit
  30. Looking for some respectful players / Online Sessions
  31. Subforums?
  32. [KNOWN BUG] Lost wheels, made pit stop, went out ...
  33. Australian British Racing.
  34. Do I have to go to Gamestop?
  35. Suggestions and Improvements Thread - What would you like to see implemented/changed?
  36. Hardly any FFB with Thrustmaster TX ? - Read This !
  37. Lots of bugs.....but chill winston.
  38. Project Cars: A more in depth view of Career mode!!
  39. Xbox One - Online Lobby
  40. Xbox One issues
  41. Xbox One Controller Vibration
  42. Looking for Racing Teams/Hotlapping Teams/FreeAgents
  43. One day after the installation carlist disappeared
  44. Do you restart races?
  45. Cheapest Supported Wheel
  46. Head phone sound issues
  47. buying a wheel with FFB
  48. Project CARS is AMAZING with TX wheel! (pictures of my setup)
  49. Multiplayer 'Clubs' - Is this something that is planned?
  50. "Force feedback" on LT and RT?
  51. Time Trial. Classes and Leaderboards
  52. Le Mans
  53. CQR Club XB1 pad settings linky
  54. First Impressions
  55. LE cars
  56. Project Shatter your hopes....
  57. Online lobby with karts bug i think...
  58. Driving in the rain, YOUR tips!
  59. question - how do you get a refund from Microsoft
  60. Small Issues
  61. Positives & Negative feedback for online play
  62. be warned
  63. Great Expectation Ruined....
  64. [Please read] Xbox One Issues - Patch 1.4 out
  65. Xbox one controller
  66. chase cam height adjustment?
  67. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 setup help
  68. Helmet cam
  69. Kudos to Ian Bell
  70. it's frustrating for sure....but I have faith
  71. Steering assist bug?
  72. Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Calibration Settings
  73. Mark 1 Escort gearing glitch
  74. A suggestion for the team...
  75. Real Steering bug workaround!
  76. unplayable xb1 pad
  77. [Not Available] Nurburgring 24hr & GP track?
  78. thustmaster tx racers'
  79. Xb1 pit crew?
  80. Initial thoughts, the good the bad and the ugly
  81. Suggestion for better utilization of Impulse Triggers on XB1
  82. How was this ever released?
  83. Game bugs
  84. WMD you ought to be ashamed of yourselves
  85. Date of update?
  86. fed up with all the negative comments
  87. Steering assist help please
  89. Remember this is a sim!
  90. Workaround for Fps drop!
  91. Night and day change
  92. [Answered] wheres my photos?
  93. Xbox One Controller Configuration Guide
  94. Duplicated threads
  95. Do tires make a difference
  96. Few Questions
  97. lap time records
  98. The inherent problem with the Games Industry
  99. [No] Less tracks on the Xbox ??
  100. Something positive
  101. Steering wheel advice
  102. Cannot get limited edition codes to work
  103. Track Grip
  104. Game freeze!
  105. Steering almost there but still not right
  106. Update
  107. Please help - TX & Pro T3PA
  108. Qualifying
  109. Online racing... Is there anybody out there?
  110. What is the best Steering Wheel for Xbox One ?
  111. Career progression - Contract offers
  112. To Ian Bell, ELMO and any other developers who have been updating the forums....
  113. Tire/fuel setting
  114. Having a blast at my local track - Oulton Park
  115. Request: Wheel + Controller (or keyboard) active in-game all together at once!
  116. Career progression question
  117. [Workaround] Incredible game guys, But just a small issue when using DVR
  118. Brake Bias - Adjust on the fly
  119. Liveries - Am I the only one who really doesn't care about them ?
  120. Donington park qualification
  121. project cars directx12?
  122. Thanks WMD
  123. AI Query
  124. How to view friends times on the leaderboards?
  125. Going to be going good
  126. Thrustmaster 458 Italia Spider for Xbox One Resources
  127. Preferred Realism in Driver Network Profile
  128. Weather info for sessions
  129. The makings of a brilliant racing game
  130. honest opinion, graphics compared to forza 5? details please..
  131. Ability To Add Keyboard
  132. Setting Tire Wear / Fuel Consumption / Weather in Career
  133. What do you think about the rain frequency in CP?
  134. are post launch graphical tweaks possible ala driveclub?
  135. i found a glitch
  136. [Two] number of open road tracks?
  137. [Yes] automatic transmission optional on every car?
  138. A patch is on the way.........4-7% performance increase
  139. Worst Release Ever!
  140. AI Mechanical Failures?
  141. Giocatori Italiani
  142. time trial on Sonoma raceway /250cc superkart impossible?
  143. Pictures
  144. Impossible to see the cars beside you!
  145. Quick learning
  146. Twin-Race Weekends in Online?
  147. Mandatory pitstop for online and time based races
  148. Championship Progression
  149. No Lobby for Xbox One Why ??
  150. Why Fanatec CSR on PS4 and not on XB1?
  151. Sticking with the game!
  152. Why no in-car rear view?
  153. Congratulations
  154. My Project Cars experience/feedback. unhappy customer.
  155. Do retailers offer refunds on games?
  156. Feature sugestion
  157. Audio Bug: Engine Noise Echo
  158. Anyone here got this on BOTH consoles?
  159. Some suggestions for the game
  160. Shiny Marbles (was Broken glass!)
  161. Xbox One liveries missing?
  162. Engineer Help?
  163. driver network locked and leaderboard
  164. [12:01 EST]When can I play (pre-ordered and pre-downloaded)?
  165. Thought I'd give the game a second (or third) chance...
  166. AI Difficulty level ?
  167. Entering specific events
  168. Show us your set up!
  169. Damage
  170. Can't access career mode?
  171. Thrustmaster tx
  172. team changes
  173. Some in game options still locked
  174. [Soved - 12.01am] Release time - EST
  175. Stupid question of the year
  176. 25 minutes to go!
  177. Madcatz Pro Wheel setup
  178. Mapping TX GTE Wheel Controls
  179. no sound or chat while braking in headset
  180. Will the apps come available for use with Xbox One?
  181. Controller button assignment please help
  182. Not logging in (game) UK
  183. I admit " I was wrong"
  184. Is this the game YOU have been waiting to come along and why?
  185. [Not Possible] Formation lap
  186. Jekyll & Hyde?
  187. Crude workaround for sensitive steering
  188. BMW M1 Active Aero ;)
  189. TX Wheel. Comparing PCars to Forza
  190. 4-One Gaming first impressions: Project CARS
  191. No Limited-Edition-Upgrade in EU Store - why ?
  192. I downloaded the game but it doesn't appear to have the patch.
  193. Whats up with the handbrake?!
  195. Game wont load....stuck on loggin in...
  196. Very Weird Start (Video)
  197. Difficulty
  198. saving hub settings
  199. How Do I Apply Liveries to My Cars?
  200. Race Engineer, the positive and the negative.
  201. Controller Vibration
  202. Missing tuning option for some but not other xbox users
  203. change controller button assignments
  204. Unbelievable.....read this.
  205. Can't Pull Away @ Race Start or After Spinning
  206. iv found another glitch(online)
  207. Heavier steering?
  208. My Impressions/Mini-Review (Xbox One)
  209. Question about optimization on Xbox One
  210. Controller jacked and why can't I access driver network?
  211. I can't believe this game.
  212. More Fun round Oulton Park
  213. endurance save feature
  214. No vibration when car is in slip
  215. Best Controller Settings Until patch comes out!
  216. Imperial units in car tuning?
  217. Description of video and controller settings?
  218. Graphics are WOW!!!
  219. Audio cuts out with headset??
  220. Access free livery pack??
  221. AI, Cold Tires, & Weather
  222. Controls WAY to slippery! Any patch incoming?
  223. This game has so much potential!
  224. Impulse Triggers
  225. Pentapodia achievement not unlocking
  226. Can someone clarify the Menu Structure? Thanks!
  227. Cars Crashing at End of Race
  229. [KNOWN ISSUE] Escorts physics
  230. Sound Issue's.
  231. Steering Setup (CONTROLLER)
  232. LMP2 24 hours of le mans
  233. How to move files.
  234. MP Issues
  235. A List of Issues I've come across
  236. A different steering issue... Slow speed steering [Controller]
  237. Pagani Club Day Monza
  238. I belong to the 5 % achievement Bug
  239. Paint schemes
  240. Thrustmaster TX settings help each
  241. Help with controller set up please
  242. PLEASE HELP!!
  243. If I was patching the controls in project cars.....give your ideas..
  244. Xbox Excellence In Racing League coming soon!
  245. Universal FFB Settings for XB1/PS4 Spreadsheet
  246. TX Wheel - Degrees of Rotation - Problem
  247. auto engine start issue
  248. FFB Breaking THX Wheel
  249. online clubs
  250. Why so much fuel?