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  1. Graphical problems - Xbox Ome
  2. Sound drop on console
  3. HUD has gone missing
  4. Gamma (contrast) and other bugs/issues
  5. Thrustmaster tx
  6. TH8A Shift Issues
  7. TX Wheel config
  8. Sound drop when i break
  9. Audio Issues Xbox One
  10. Issues I'm having with the game.
  11. TX Wheel Calibration/DOR
  12. Xbox one Controller Setting
  13. Game quits to Xbox Dashboard
  14. How to scroll fake twitter feed with TX Wheel?
  15. BMW Z4 Soundbug and Clutch / Handbrake Button
  16. Camera Controls with steering wheel.
  17. Problems with the game
  18. Slow frame rate
  19. Keyboard support
  20. Menu slowness
  21. Button Mapping Bug
  22. Issues with Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel
  23. [KNOWN ISSUE] Massive oversight on steering.
  24. Losing FFB
  25. Career Mode locked
  26. Online Question
  27. Title Updater
  28. [KNOWN ISSUE] Frame Rate dropping a lot on XB1
  29. No Throttle on Azure Coast and Calfonia Hiway.
  30. Oculus rift DK 2
  31. Controller steering
  32. HUD/Assigning issues. XB1.
  33. custom championship?
  34. No neutral with TH8A
  35. [ANSWER POST 9] - Dropping to 1st from high gears?
  36. Achievements not unlocking?
  37. Multiplayer Issue
  38. No Braking, gras or other sounds with XB1 wireless headset adapter
  39. [ANSWERED] Change speed from mp/h to km/h
  40. Xbox one Freezes
  41. Ai not pitting.
  42. [ANSWERED] Double shifting down/up problem with g-27
  43. Race Bug: Started 6th, finished 3rd, but won(?!)
  44. Bug on Glencairn East Track
  45. Multiplayer: Private Lobbies + Search
  46. Suggestion for controller-steering
  47. Best Lap Time Save?
  48. Xbox shut down launch race
  49. problems with sensitivity on steering wheel
  50. Tx Racing Wheel Controls Config...
  51. Turtle beach xbox one sound issue
  52. Known Issues Collective Thread (XB1) [Not for bug reporting!] - Updated 21/12
  53. Circuit bug: Zolder
  54. sheering issues
  55. gearbox problem
  56. How to download the day one patch?
  57. Menu selection on different modes.
  58. TX wheel config saving issue
  59. HUD config save issue
  60. Xbox One Controller Vibration
  61. changing and saving gear shift buttons on xbox controller??
  62. Micro-adjust sliders in tuning and settings
  63. Didn't get a 25 digit code for Modified Car Pack
  64. Replays causing crash to dashboard
  65. Input Mode and other settings
  66. Missing audio with headset
  67. Xbox one controllers
  68. MS Wireless Speed Wheel and CronusMax
  69. Manual shift problem
  70. XBOX ONE & MAD CATZ Pro Racing Wheel
  71. The final straw its getting traded
  72. Please Help: game boots up but won't progress past start screen Xbox One
  73. Thrustmaster TX button assignment
  74. Xbox controller manual with clutch
  75. fps drop at specific points on certain tracks
  76. Game keeps crashing
  77. fps drop at specific points on certain tracks
  78. Headset Audio Issue
  79. Almost unplayable on xbox one
  80. [Yes] So any official word from SMS/WMD yet?
  81. ranking per car per plot
  82. Dark in-car views?
  83. serious online issues- really destroys multiplayer
  84. Right turn issue
  85. Clipping Audio and General Audio Anomalies
  86. Project CARS: My Issues
  87. controller assignment
  88. Hypersensitive steering fixed
  89. options & help menu issues
  90. Private Lobby: Grid Order
  91. Console versions control problem
  92. Various Issues
  93. Slow Motion Issue and Smudging of Scenary
  94. Changing to wet tyres in Race Bug // Karting Career Bug
  95. Ok, Just brought this game and I thought i was going mad.
  96. X1 game keeps crashing. - disc version
  97. Issue with tuning options
  98. My Garage
  99. When does the patch come out?
  100. XB1 - Online Issues
  101. Growing list of issues ...
  102. Good temp Lock to Lock FIX, sound bug FIX
  103. Game size 18.5? not mine?
  104. turning pivot
  105. Development team / Steering / 90% / happy bunny = reason.
  106. My Best Controller setting - MUST TRY
  107. Frame rate error plus white bar flickering
  108. Full install
  109. No laptimes recording in free pactice or ghosts in time trials.
  110. Flying Cars Problem
  112. Pit Engineer not not speaking any more
  113. AI cars and hot laps
  114. App keeps closing back to home. (otherwise love it)
  115. Studdering in Project Cars @XBoxOne
  116. Sakitto, 20 cars, 00:00, thunderstom... technical problems.
  117. saving controller settings
  118. A list of patch notes?
  119. Xbox Sound Issues
  120. Issues I've noticed........
  121. TX Wheel / Comparing XB1 to PC problems
  122. Xbox One - 1080p or not?
  123. Redeeming DLC Code
  124. Voice chat cuts out
  125. Setup reset on "Return to Pits"
  126. Replay bugs
  127. Qualifying bug - with pic
  128. Bug report
  129. All these bugs. What do we get in return ?
  130. Instant On Resume Game Crashes / Loses Progress
  131. TX Wheel Settings I've had some Joy with
  132. Wrong Winner
  133. picture freezes.
  134. Lost profile data
  135. Party Chat Cutting Out
  136. Game chat bug!!
  137. Carreer Mode Session Issue
  138. Online XB1 - Game locking up
  139. stuck on start screen will not boot
  140. TX wheel only calibrating to 96
  141. Controller error Project Cars Xbox One
  142. Minor issue - Ghost Car appearing in replays on time attack.
  143. [Bug] Qualifying - Doesn't Finish Lap
  144. Steering Glitch
  145. Turning off vibrations on controllers
  147. Some Questions
  148. Congratulations to SMS & WMD but I have problems
  149. Fueling
  150. Mad Catz Steering Wheel pedal problems
  151. Weather Progression.
  152. Chase camera bug
  153. [No] Pit Stops in Community Events?
  154. Mercedes E190 DTM BUG
  155. Career - endless first lap
  156. Laps not getting counted?
  157. California dreaming - Audi RS8 BUG!
  158. No FFB in Invitational
  159. a few problems we are experianceing
  160. racing line braking points.
  161. Multiplayer Freeze
  162. hears one for you tech heads....... installing the game...
  163. im still stuck at the start screen i have the digital edition
  164. Thrustmaster TX with Ferrari F1 rim
  165. [BUG] Loss of FFB After Pit Strategy
  166. No imperial units in tuning? why not?
  167. Xbox One USB keyboard support for control options
  168. Tous les bugs sur X-1
  169. Stranded on track
  170. I am a liddle bit pissed
  171. Vehicle Selection Bugged/Names not appearng
  172. Le Mans - Blue Flags in Porsche Curves
  173. Thrustmaster Wheel
  174. Mad catz wheel not showing ?????
  175. [DLC] Pit crews not showing up when changing tires (may not be a bug)
  176. No time progress in single player races
  177. Is tyre wear multiplier working correctly?
  178. AI Pitting on last lap
  179. AI not needing wets
  180. Thrustmaster TX - Default FFB is Non-Existent Compared to PC/PS4. (Check Post #1)
  181. Issue's discovered with my initial attempts
  182. AI not holding their lines on straights
  183. Multiplayer in Race every time disconnections
  184. No sound while braking
  185. mad catz pro racing wheel users
  186. Didn't get the Modified Car Pack with Digital Edition!! (Maybe..)
  187. Automatic Gears in Multiplayer are manual
  188. Reflections Issue
  189. Fixed Issues for Patch. ?
  190. Formula Gulf 1000.
  191. First chance to make a good impression GONE!
  192. Help?
  193. install keeps restarting itself.
  194. Car wont shift into first
  195. Online Lobby Menu Issue
  196. Where to get your 25 digit code!
  197. Stuttering/frame rate possible cause
  198. braking issues
  199. Refund
  201. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Button Configuration Question
  202. BMW Gears issue
  203. Thrustmaster 458 spider wheel, pedals/steering not working Xbox one
  204. Free livery question?
  205. Private Lobbies aren't Private
  206. Steering locking trying to counter and sound stuff
  207. Screen freezing online
  208. Tuning options missing on some xb1 versions but not others
  209. Problem starting PCars on XBone
  210. Host Settings in MP not necessarily in Multiplayer?
  211. Freeze on Dashboard
  212. Can't create a private session?
  213. Personal Best missing?
  214. Field of View: Speed sensivity settings.
  215. Games Freezes when trying to exit Community Events!!!
  216. Bug Report: Echoing Audio and a 6th-to-1st shift
  217. XBONE Party Chat Audio Breaks up While Braking
  218. Free practice can't make pit stop
  219. [RESOLVED] Game still 18,1 GB instead of 18,5 GB
  220. [KNOWN] Imaginary tyre
  221. Changing Name in Career Mode?
  222. Game file size
  223. Feature Request: Unit Conversion in tuning setup
  224. HUD disappears for no reason
  225. XB1 Sound loss issue
  226. Forza 5ish Controls for the Contoller
  227. Extremely Slow When Backing Out of Options Pages
  228. Lap Invalidated for Exceeding Track Limits Haven't Left the Track
  229. Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter is Very Flawed
  230. [INVESTIGATING] Xbox online multiplayer servers down?
  231. Game won't start from start screen
  232. Game is frozen at "My Garage"
  233. Total Loss of FFB and Control Mid Race
  234. Issues After a Week.
  235. X1-Thrustmaster TX- Wheel Sensitivity issues.
  236. Sound crackle issue
  237. Skill level change
  238. how to get graphics to fit my tv?
  239. Missing portions of replay
  240. Force Feedback Setup for Xbox One Racing Wheels
  241. Please read - Stuttering/stall on XB1
  242. Online lobby with karts bug i think...
  243. Can anyone confirm or add to these?
  244. Driver Network locks on occassion
  245. USB Keyboard for Xbox One compatibility?
  246. Steering problem...
  247. In-game Sliders Very Limited. No Fine Tuning.
  248. [BUG REPORT] No fun with the Game, steering Bug 2-4 times per lap in all Cars
  249. In-Game Audio Chat not working
  250. Start up issues with Xbox and and Thrustmaster wheel