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  1. Project Cars - Ultimate Suggestion Thread
  2. PS4 - more adjustable for controller steering
  3. Save Game
  4. No fuss made of race winners
  5. View all lap times from a session
  6. Missing features
  7. Multiclass Car Selection?
  9. request leaderboards for each car
  10. 3D Vision
  11. Multiple Controller Profiles
  12. Overview of track before race
  13. Controller-whel seperation on leader board
  14. Couple suggestions from a more casual fan
  15. Driving Assist Tweaks and Force Feedback Options
  17. Fuel Monitor
  18. Ability To Change Handling Mode
  19. My suggestion for more competition in Time Trial Mode
  20. What do you think about two grafic innovations?
  21. better 'save setup' options
  22. Selector for easy normal profi
  23. Remove race engineer subtitles
  24. Need to know how many timdz are posted on each Time Trial board
  25. [Not missed. N/A] Tyre (Tire) wear indicator? How was this miased.?
  26. Suggested Improvements to Multiplayer
  27. Trackday/Touristenfahrt Mode (DLC?)
  28. Driver Profile
  29. Rear brake button feature request
  30. Friends filter for Time Trial Leaderboards on console
  31. possibility of benchmark tool?
  32. Friends activity
  33. Adjustment for warning text for restarting time trial
  34. Lap times after multiplayer race.
  35. German Voice Language for German Players
  36. Live spectating is missing from the race. ?
  37. Tougher penalty for cut corners
  38. Things Assetto Corsa Did Right (and that Project CARS should have too)
  39. Braking Line instead of full guiding line
  40. 3 important features
  41. adding v sync options for console players
  42. Real-Time Live Lap Time Delta HUD Element
  43. Setup Database / downloadable setups
  44. My Fun Wish list
  45. End of Session Timer
  46. Assist icons
  47. Adding Drag Racing?
  48. Calibrate Wheel & Test
  49. Logitech G19 Keyboard support would be nice.
  50. Favorite Car Options
  51. AI Mistakes
  52. Pick my own opponents
  53. option to save between sessions
  54. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Multiple Setups
  55. Car crashes!
  56. Remove Fades To Black From Replays
  57. Features for the future
  58. Does career mode need to be a bit deeper?
  59. Any chance of autopilot on/off function?
  60. Career Mode - AI driver speed
  61. Show Fastest Laps on Race Results Screen
  62. Mute als Standard all players
  63. Less conservative braking points racing line
  64. Colorblind mode
  65. Tag other users on the forums.
  66. Small, and hopefully easy to implement improvements
  67. Flags - Yellow - Blue
  68. Setting changes before driving
  69. improved DRS system
  70. Xbox 360 Controller for PC
  71. mid session saves, is there hope for the future?
  72. Tapatalk intigration.
  73. Are We Going to have weekly/monthly updates?
  74. It's hard to see what color(or livery) is on my car now.
  75. Monitor/display fastest lap times for each car & track combo in career/online mode
  76. see all previous lap times of session ?
  77. Edit HUD when in the pits
  78. Hill climb, pikes peak. And a few rally stages?
  79. Invalid Lap Time
  80. In game tuning files
  81. AI reacting to Blue Flags
  82. Race Number and Helmet Selection
  83. Dirt build up on visor?
  84. Just a few things to think about.
  85. Clock (HUD)
  86. drift mode
  87. Access to critical data: track temperature, elevation, atmospheric pressure, wind..?
  88. Repair Windscreen and Headlights in Pitstop
  89. Suggested Improvement to the Forum.
  90. Headlight "Flash" for future update?
  91. Separate leaderboards for custom & locked setups for Time Trial...
  92. Helm Cam like shift 2
  93. Ingame options
  94. Headlight Colours for different classes in Endurance Racing.
  95. Online Championships
  96. Leaderboard more detailed?
  97. Braking Markers for La Sarthe
  98. Career Mode Suggestions
  99. Fastest Lap show with the end of race results.
  100. DualShock4 motion sensor
  101. Unlimited Practice setting for private lobbies
  102. [FUTURE PATCH] Switching off auto pit
  103. there needs to be a iOS/Android/WP companion app for Project cars
  104. Cross platform support?
  105. Online player liveries
  106. My future patch wish list, SMS please read it!
  107. multiple car setup saves and return to garage in any session
  108. Add custom/locked car setup filters to leaderboards...
  109. Separate Leaderboards for Assist v. No Assist
  110. The UI suggestion thread
  111. Invalid Lap Time & Next Lap Invalidated Toggle Option
  112. Race by Time, not Laps.
  113. Need advices about downshifting using sequential gearbox
  114. Let Us Import Car Setups From Time Trial Leaderboard
  115. Filter cars by Class, not just Manufacturer
  116. Additional funcion for Helmet Cam
  117. More failures
  118. Head tracking
  119. Real assists - display active
  120. F1 and WRC
  121. (PS4) Seat settings does not save
  122. Custom seasons project cars
  123. Pit stops
  124. Something to do while waiting for race finish.
  125. Stop host changing car class immediately before multiplayer races
  126. Setups improve
  127. 24 hour Nürburgring track
  128. Endurance race suggestion
  129. Livery Selection Stays When Car Changes In Garage.
  130. Tuning/Pit Strategy Suggestion
  131. Rapid Flash Light
  132. Replay more options
  133. Suggestions and/or questions
  134. Race Clubs / Crews
  135. Option for online to disable tuned cars and no collision
  136. Suggestions
  137. Online Lobby - Possibility To Sit Out Races
  138. Fixed Default or Limited Setup Option
  139. Weather Percentage Options
  140. Qualification ending
  141. Bunch of suggestions for Multiplayer Improvement
  142. Unofficial begging for replay Telemetry Thread
  143. Custom tracks / layouts.
  144. Music volume should affect ALL music
  145. Photo Mode improvements
  146. Suggestions for Console Versions
  147. Le Mans Track ! old layout without barriers
  148. [NOT POSSIBLE] Reverse tracks.
  149. Full rev counter dial?......
  150. [LOUDER] please improve the sound of tires.
  151. custom(and also removable) number plate.
  152. Fourm and Game Suggestions
  153. Option to lock the frame rate to 30 FPS?
  154. Track Maps
  155. Driver Network stats for online performance split into Pricate/ Public not combined
  156. Share tune setups between players ingame?
  157. Edit setups in Time Trial and Time Attack
  158. [PS4] Vita Second screen
  159. Realistic live timing screens showing purple and green sectors etc.
  160. Realistic TV style monitor feed
  161. Track generator
  162. Slick tyres
  163. Feature Request: move subtitles from bottom to the middle of the screen
  164. Flat-spotting tires
  165. A wish list ... Of sorts
  166. Custom Career Mode
  167. [NO REWIND] Flashback?
  168. Compound colors in Formula series
  169. Not able to do a real burnout!
  170. Fully customisable Imperial and Metric units of measurement
  171. intelligent marbles!
  172. Multiracial & female driver avatar
  173. Steering lock relative to physics for gamepads
  174. See all the times, lap times, intermediate times, top times, times and more times
  175. Make the Career a bit better... ideas
  176. Steering Angle
  177. Red Flag?
  178. Photo Mode Requests
  179. Talking about necessary fixes and realism(PS4)
  180. Full replays in Time Trial and Free Practice please....
  181. DLCs need trophies!
  182. HUD Too Small
  183. Course layout on quick menu
  184. 'Coming soon' my garage
  185. [Consoles] More groups / filtering on Leaderboards
  186. Green Line
  187. Would you be so kind as to further refine the laser beams [please]
  188. Please delete wrong forum sorry
  189. Running fast & NOT crashing
  190. Project cars - better than you think
  191. pCars Replay System Suggestions.
  192. Safety Cars?
  193. Ingame Leaderboards
  194. Raise / Lower external camera views
  195. Mandatory pit stops
  196. Wtcc and some other cars
  197. Small issues with 'Today's Events' layout & prompts
  198. Better replay function and fuel per lap
  199. Suggestion for developers: solving the lack of buttons
  200. Reworked graphical interface for settings
  201. In menu news ticker request.
  202. Create your own tournament!
  203. Online Ideas
  204. Post your car and track wishlists!
  205. Customise single player championships?
  206. Real automatic transmission?
  207. ps4 app?
  208. Ps4 dedicated servers
  209. Time Trial Records for different open wheel formulas
  210. Small tournament in online
  211. Online kick ban and other suggestions
  212. Feature - Pit Boards
  213. External Sounds in Interior View
  214. To the Design Team
  215. Enhanced Lobby List Design - What Do You Think?
  216. Patch Release notes post
  217. More HUD elements
  218. Increase look left/right speed
  219. PS4 - Time Trial Leaderboards per car instead of per class.
  220. [PS4] AI strength adjustments in smaller steps than 10%
  221. Restructure the Forum based on Game type PC, Xbox etc.
  222. Release from pitlane in same gear as pit limiter
  223. On screen notification of roll bar and brake bias adjustment.
  224. Any Plans to Convert Suspension Tuning to Imperial?
  225. Few suggestions
  226. HUD Improvements?
  227. [feature request] user placable markers
  228. Filter multiplayer races by 'all assists off'
  229. In-game Blog?
  230. Blocking Rules
  231. Damage settings - ALL cars, player only, AI only
  232. Some suggestions
  233. Phone app for the forum
  234. Dash Cam or additional camera adjustments.
  235. 31 things that I'd like to think that need to be fixed/improved
  236. Additional gamepad controller settings
  237. Cat N' Mouse (Online Gamemode)
  238. Leader boards ( A question for the Devs )
  239. Changing Sounds
  241. Level Playing Field
  242. Career mode for older cars
  243. AI adjustment between sessions
  244. AI Lights
  245. A few minor requests
  246. telemetry view
  247. What about a Donation system?!
  248. Awesome Game SMS - Our Wish List
  249. Timing suggestions
  250. Career mode (redo option)