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  1. PCARS SharedMemory API - Documentation/Reference?
  2. pCARS Profiler (Telemetry & Analysis) [PC ONLY] [v1.6]
  3. Telemetry Logging and Analysis Application
  4. SimRacing Dashboard - version 1.30 (new)
  5. CREST - a.k.a. Cars REST API
  6. WPF C# API Demo App - Source Included
  7. [HowTo] Shared Memory (API) App
  8. VDash (A307 S101) (Android second-screen app)
  9. About the .dat files in the /records directory
  10. pCars Dash - Second screen telemetry app
  11. Windows Phone - Dash App?
  12. [PC/XB1/PS4] vrHive - Dashes/Telemetry/Live Data/Arduino/Client-Server/+more
  13. [DOWNLOAD] Time Trial / Leaderboards Tracking Tool
  14. Machine Dojo Modding Team - Projects Discussion
  15. SIN:SPEED APP Ios IPhone
  16. Congatulations on telementry program
  17. Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (Free) - Just Released
  18. Strategy pit wall app HELP required
  19. What's the Plan?
  20. POCK Race Trainer for pCARS (PC, PS4, XBOX1)
  21. Z1 Dashboard
  22. Z1 Analyzer
  23. Android app HUD Dash
  24. Most important feature missing in current Apps
  25. BMW e36 dashboard with project cars data
  26. Crew Chief - an alternative race engineer for console & PC
  27. Determine real world (GPS) location from API World Space
  28. Provide GPS coordinates of all track reference points + GPS calculation in javascript
  29. [HowTo] Companion App - UDP Streaming
  30. Yellow Flags
  31. Sticky CrewChief??
  32. Shared Data returns wrong Data
  33. Use an iPad as a button box?
  34. Xbox Companion App?
  35. C editor and compiler, what do you use?
  36. ChromaDash - A Project CARS dashboard app for Razer Chroma keyboards
  37. UDP Broadcasting into complete LAN? Are you shure to want this?
  38. UDP Compatible Apps - List Yours Now!
  39. Button box app for iPad for PS4
  40. [Windows Universal / Android (available now)] vHUD for Project Cars
  41. Unofficial UDP Streaming C/C++ Development Kit (Windows/Linux)
  42. Custom tracks - will they come ?
  43. DashmeterPro - remaining session time?
  44. Help with new apps (Xbox One User)
  45. [UDP] Replay Enhancer 0.6/0.2: Better than ever!
  46. Protocol enhancement request
  47. An idea for app developers
  48. Custom Grid Tool - Custom Grids for Solo Quick Race
  49. MOD/APP for forced default (except fuel and tires)
  50. Standings Shuffle After Finish
  51. AI Lighting Mod
  52. [MOD] Better AI sounds
  53. [iOS app]Race Dash for pCARS
  54. Getting crew chief to work with consoles
  55. To the mods here
  56. [RADBUL Released] Rokusa Handling Mod - Discussion Thread
  57. Proracing Customizable Web Dash for PC, Table and Mobile
  58. rcc - real cockpit connector
  59. crew chef v3 sound zip file download link please
  60. pCars Application for Android
  61. HUD Dash Xbox One help
  62. Crowdsource more "tweets" and News varations for Career Mode?
  63. Moderator Request
  64. Cheap tablets/smartphones for use with companion apps
  65. [Question] Xbox One Timing and Scoring
  66. [NO] Regarding MOTEC i2 and pCARS talking to each other. Is it possible?
  67. Custom Liveries Tool - Livery Manager and Livery Package Export
  68. 2015 Audi R8 LMS (MDMT MOD) - Release Thread
  69. App with live Trackmap ??
  70. Streamer's Help: Standings & Relative & Inputs Overlay v0.1.4
  71. Finish Order Changes Between Race and Standings Screen
  72. Cut Track Detection
  73. customizing crewchef app by changing the properties
  74. PS4 UDP to Arduino - bytes and Ints working, Floats NOT... Please help..
  75. Effects-Mod by maxx2504 (v1.08)
  76. Free apps?
  77. Whats algorithm calculate difference between cars?
  78. A honest thank you to all the app designers
  79. Is it possible?
  80. Can you track exact placement on track of other cars?
  81. Time multiplier and in-game clock time
  82. Saving Final Race Results
  83. Dear respected developers and mod teams
  84. scoring tower le mans
  85. Is possible add more cars on track?
  86. [UDP] PCarsTT - Live timing Android app
  87. Skins SIMDASH
  88. Custom Career Tool - Custom Career Championships
  89. Dedicated Server race config app or site
  90. Porsche 911R 2016 by JDougNY and GvsE [car mod]
  91. [HowTo] Register Vehicle Mods
  92. Creating my own dashboard app
  93. [Web] SimRacingManager
  94. Getting Shared Memory Data mCarFlags
  95. Porsche 991GT3RS 2016 by JDougNY and GvsE [car mod]
  96. Setup data extractor
  97. VR lap tracker
  98. Race Overlay (for console streamers)
  99. SLIMax beta on PS4 - does it work on XB1 ?
  100. vrHive problem
  101. Project Cars Apps not working?
  102. [ANSWERED] Is it possible to start pCars Session/Server through an API?
  103. [ANSWERED] from pCARS website, but not working - http://www.vdash.pro
  104. DashPi - Dashboard App
  105. The app page is actually a total mess, please fix ! :)
  106. Reading pcars dash telemtry
  107. Start session automatically
  108. Working Cars Mods 2k16 - Is this even aloved to use without to take any risk ?
  109. How to launch pCARS VR using SimCommander4
  110. app or add on for race situation
  111. Car Mods legit to add or PITA and Buggy?
  112. Speed up AI
  113. any app makers planning to make thier app usable in f1 2016? UDP is now supported
  114. ABOUT UDP DATA questions (Beginner English)
  115. mLocalAcceleration
  116. Anyone using a button box from Ignition Controls?
  117. Logykal Motion software: Lince v2. Request pCars Beta-testers
  118. Control helmet camera app using C# - Help
  119. G-Force Lcd screen
  120. [Arduino] Home Racing Cockpit HELP!
  121. Gamedash does not work : session state "INVALID" only in races (=savegame related?)
  122. UDP Streaming data analysis
  123. Preparation of SIMDASH skins sharing site
  124. VR Camera Orientation
  125. Full F1 2016 Grid Mod
  126. [SOLVED] OpenGL Overlays for PCARS in windowed mode working - SM no ABS ST TC?
  127. [SOLVED] sharedmemory no ABS SC TC, plz update the SM-API and/or sharedmemory.h
  128. dash meter pro udp problem
  129. openGL overlays for pCars in windowed mode for PC
  130. Dash Maker - Second Screen Telemetry App
  131. Z1 Dashboard - No timings, diff and #laps?
  132. SIM Dashboard - Highly customizable Companion App for Android (supports PC/PS4/XBOX)
  133. Custom Track / Track Editing
  134. xbox one udp problem
  135. 4sim Racing 2nd Screen [new beta update 2017.02.14]
  136. Universal Dashboard
  137. vdash pro server HELP!!!!
  138. Question For Developers
  139. G27 Virtual Buttons
  140. Vehicle Data
  141. Car setup assistance?
  142. PCARS Data API (PCARS2 Suggestion and Possible PCARS1 Project)
  143. Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 (April 2017)
  144. Porche Spyder 918
  145. Tire mod help
  146. Only certain mods working with steam version project cars! Please help!!!
  147. Project Cars 2 API information
  148. Personal offline leaderboards via UDP, is it technically possible? (PCARS2)
  149. [PC] SimHub - Build your own dash : Arduino, LCD, Nextion, Tachometer...you choose !
  150. Android Crew Chief update - free version now works for all tracks and cars
  151. Steering, throttle and brake-input API
  152. SRD-9C Series 2 Dashboard
  153. SRD-R3 Dashboard
  154. Little help in finding an App
  155. Mod to disable rendering to one eye in VR?
  156. Pitch, roll, yaw, surge, sway, heave acceleration and traction loss from UDP stream?
  157. RIGDash - Companion Dashboard
  159. State of UDP Support on Consoles
  160. Change rim models possible?
  161. HELP needed - pCARS2 not writing data to UDP port
  162. Z1 Designer
  163. LocalVelocity -- what is it relative to?