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  1. Porsche Proving Grounds bug
  2. Ian Bell? (Race driver testimonials)
  3. BUG: AI random fuel?
  4. Online Championships and missing features
  5. BMW 320 turbo
  6. 65" close-up screen FOV settings?
  7. Headlight issue
  8. Formula X
  9. Can you transfer your account between platforms?
  10. Wet tire properties?
  11. In need of help with very strange bug
  12. Steering Rotation
  13. Driving Home for Christmas
  14. GT3/GTE cold tire pressure
  15. is there any project cars 2 templates
  16. Time Trial Leaderboards
  17. Project Cars 2 GT3 Balance Testing Part 1 (Patch 3.0) on PS4
  18. Please every gamepad user go to 180 degree gamepad thread and give input for DEVS
  19. The sound of things kicked up by the car ahead hitting your car disappeared. [Nope]
  20. Please fix AI and single player load fuel in race
  21. Event bug: Indianopolis oval
  22. Project cars 2 ..... so many progress since 1 ..... A must have !!!
  23. Very minor bug
  24. Game crashes when exiting a game mode
  25. Taking the plunge
  26. The Formula Renault is glorious
  27. Dont let multiplayer scare you North America
  28. Next Patch
  29. sound tweaking more curb sound, less road noise
  30. Some help please, dedicated server
  31. no available diff settings V8SC
  32. Race director unfair penalties (accidents overtaking)
  33. [REPORTED] Wierd Issue racing online
  34. Ian, sit-rep on API & DS etc? Please :(
  35. Project Cars 2 tested by Jan Seyffarth on the Nordschleife
  36. Chat box in VR
  37. Restricted Events
  38. Slow starting (off grid) AI cars?
  39. Tire wear vs grip loss
  40. AI faster on long straights
  41. Please please please SMS Disable the wheel rotation input, in the menus?
  42. A question about the Nissan r89c.
  43. Turn 1 accidents solutions
  44. Are you REALLY a Car Nut?
  45. Xbox One Time Trial NO driving aids?
  46. Lotus 98T 6 speed not 5
  47. Race Calendar - Similar to SRS but for consoles...
  48. USB Hub Recommendation for Wheel, Pedals, Shifter...
  49. Better pedals or VR?
  50. Gearing is too long on most race cars.
  51. In PC2 how do change tire wear?
  52. A pro driver compares simracing with real life driving.
  53. Track Times Across Formats
  54. Will there be a netcode update?
  55. Drifting Races
  56. FOV On Vive Cockpit Cam?
  57. Rocketbunny gt4 overheats brakes on default
  58. Pit stop hell, help!
  59. Missing Pit-Crew after Update
  60. tune up not saving
  61. [reported] MP: stuck on profile page
  62. Motorhead's opinion on Project cars 2
  63. Pcars 2 save replays
  64. Kart tracks
  65. Wonder about closing thread
  66. 3.1 Setup compatibiliy with upcoming patches
  67. Engine Rev vibrations in wheel?
  68. Quick chat messages
  69. Will we ever get Nordschleife Touristenfahrten?
  70. Any word on DLC timeframe
  71. Why is there water in my dry to dry weather transition ?
  72. Oil on road, engine blow ups, possible?
  73. Looking to ditch my PS4 for PC
  74. couple of quickies
  75. AI driver takeover
  76. Where are racetrack kart ?????
  77. Rallycross and the AI
  78. On screen display help
  79. [RESOLVED] weird handling
  80. Throttle issue after last patch
  81. Yellow Flag
  82. [RECAP]: 24Hrs of Le Mans in 24 Hrs
  83. Multi-class sugestion
  84. ABS and TC Settings on the fly (Real World Numbers)
  85. Difference Between Private Test and Practice
  86. Data Usage Per Hour
  87. So did Jan change his mind?
  88. PS4 to PC - Build advice
  89. SMS, you should change that please !
  90. Splitting tracks in groups
  91. mmm have the season pass , wheres this dlc ?
  92. Aggression adjustment
  93. I want this game to be good....
  94. PHYSICS - How realistic are they?
  95. Will the FXXK come soon or do we have to wait a year?
  96. Request: New Compact Lap Timing HUD Widget Option
  97. Is it just me (Renault Touring Car)?
  98. Why cant we abandon/quit a career series?
  99. Project CARS 2 - Fun Pack Trailer
  100. Auto start engine.. .
  101. [Resolved] Fun Pack DLC on Steam
  102. [KNOWN ISSUE] No Rain in replay?
  103. Maybe we need to learn how to drive
  104. Sometimes this game is just awsome
  105. Wheel calibration
  106. Could someone explain the message part in the edit hud page?
  107. Track temperature and choosing a hard or soft tire compound
  108. Switched from XB1 to PC....OMG different game!!!
  109. The Time Trial Problem
  110. (pc) has the game been patched ?
  111. This is not complaining, this is censorship at its best.
  112. Private Testing
  113. Missed opportunities...
  114. Decorations
  115. Telemetry question
  116. Laguna Seca PCARS2 compared with Assetto Corsa
  117. Suggestions to SMS for the Group B Rally Cars
  118. Question to people here with real racing experience
  119. Pit stop engine restart.
  120. Holiday Ice Driving Bash - Community Time Trial - Glitch/Error report
  121. The List
  122. Azure Circuit at rain
  123. Idea: let users make/improve AI for every car/track combination
  124. Dirt Pickup on tires
  125. R35 GTR
  126. Display number of pitstops HUD
  127. Turbo boost / pressure to bindable keys?
  128. Honest opinions about playing this game with a controller
  129. Which tracks should I learn first?
  130. Rolling start @ Brno
  131. Career mode car behaviour in corners
  132. Saving in between sessions.
  133. It's 2017 and you can't do better than a 2 min. replay?
  134. Out of fuel warning
  135. Timeline
  136. Resetting car on track
  137. 333 SP engine sound issue
  138. Turn off unrealistic data
  139. Is this a bug? Japanese car trophy
  140. Tips to drive the rallyx cars without VR?
  141. Predictive lap timing
  142. Newbie question about Telemetry
  143. How much tinkering with set up needed?
  144. Passenger camera angle from Project Cars 1
  145. Timetrial - not possible to beat older times?
  146. Visible dirt, marbles and tyre wear
  147. Irritating spin behaviour in gravel
  148. Overtakes of the week
  149. Random Failures - A Better Way
  150. Sound...
  151. LMP1 AI too fast?
  152. Diff Settings Makes the Street C7 Corvette Z06 unrealistic.
  153. AI Driver swap - OMG - where did they learn to drive?
  154. Question about real weather feature
  155. Question about tires pressure
  156. Clutch bite point
  157. Merry Xmas to all at SMS
  158. Superlights career
  159. AI slow Silverstone Stowe
  160. Weird smoke or spray from tires on replay
  161. Push-To-Pass shouldn't be enabled for Indycars for Oval-Racing?
  162. Ruf CTR yellowbird
  163. No real weather on the Xbox x...why?
  164. Question about ffb on the x
  165. Optimizing My Stints
  166. Photo filter paint schemes.
  167. Question about livetrack with snow weather
  168. Saving Free Practice Times?
  169. Pit Bug (not a game breaker though ;-)
  170. I wonder how far away are we from crowd sims in our racing games
  171. Porsche 911 GT3 R accurate sound?
  172. Objects in the mirror are MUCH CLOSER than they appear!
  173. Patch 4 resume
  174. Good Approach for newbs (preparing for online racing)
  175. Private practice - Track already rubbered?
  176. [SUGGESTION TO DEVELOPERS] Sharable setups
  177. How to stop seat position resetting?
  178. Forced setup sharing. Is it ethical?
  179. Drag Racing
  180. New penalty system is TERRIBLE
  181. Why exclude access to community events with online ratings?
  182. Crew Chief insanity
  183. Any way to reverse a button in game?
  184. Trackside Camera Depth Blurring...
  185. Thinking of buying VR set up to try...whats best for racing and flight sims?
  186. Fanatec CSL Elite LC brake pedal deadzone issue/question.
  187. Advice on Dirtfish?
  188. Lotus Type 98T: A.I has No Top-End Power!
  189. First experience with the vintage F1 class (VR)
  190. Times in Leaderboard?
  191. will these Graphical issues be looked into for future patches?
  192. Project Cars 2 career mode categories
  193. [resolved]Fun Pack DLC issue
  194. Lobby system improvements?
  195. Thrustmaster tmx help...
  196. Change request on weather system when you use random slots
  197. Playseat & Simetik K2 measurments
  198. Formula C Still Broken?
  199. Marbles missing on some tracks?
  200. Camera effects while racing?
  201. [reported]Possibility to turn down Chat volume from Lobbies?
  202. Notification when changing settings in car without huds..
  203. Show off your License
  204. Project Cars 2 Beginner
  205. [QUIZ] What kind of weather missing aside from winter/hailstorm stuff.
  206. Formula Renault Pro
  207. Getting the brakes right
  208. Lotus 98t KERS?
  209. Snow season without snow
  210. Stupid Slow Down Penalty
  211. v8SC and Dunlop tyres question
  212. endurance championship car numbers
  213. Logitech G29 and G920 deals UK 149
  214. Turn one online monza no penalty
  215. Does a Unified leaderboard exist?
  216. Apologies
  217. Please make the Stability control a global setting
  218. Im done (deinstall the game)
  219. Cannot refuel
  220. Respect for this part of pCars2
  221. Here's a PSD file that might be useful for G29 (and 920) users.
  222. Steering not working!!! Grrr
  223. Tach mismatch in the '66 RTR Mustang?
  224. Activate the speed limiter manually
  225. Car descriptions / history
  226. Just switched to PC from PS4.
  227. something's up with the AI damage system
  228. Open wheel DLC
  229. More reverb on track possible?
  230. Pit strategy
  231. Penalty system.
  232. Project Cars 2 driving problem
  233. Dedicated servers for console.
  234. Happy New Year
  235. Keyboard shortcuts PCars2?
  236. New driver what is the best way to improve your rating to find better online races ?
  237. which version of PC2 will have all updates?
  238. involuntary changing tunes during online play
  239. What I am doing wrong other than going to slow.
  240. Audi R8 GT3 Dead Zone
  241. Locked in pits
  242. Formula A engine noise?
  243. Thank you sms for this awesome game
  244. Watch out, Cheaters!
  245. Project CARS 2 won Mack's racing game of the year (Worth A Buy channel)
  246. About progress in Career
  247. Which car/track combo for best FFB test?
  248. First online race- Formula Rookie Knockhill. Wow :)
  249. Best fov calculator
  250. What liveries do you want to see in-game?