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  1. Flags
  3. Main Menu super slow and laggy.
  4. On my wishlist, a super normal ordinary car...
  5. Downloading other setups
  6. Where have the sheep gone?!!!!!
  7. Reset to default of cam-, ffb-settings, mirrors
  8. Post here if you got the Ultra Edition
  9. Some [bugs] and [features] encountered during the first hours of play
  11. Missing info in TT sessions. Please change sms
  12. Bugs i have found in 2hours
  13. Setups - can we share here?
  14. HUD editor issue
  15. Muting players online.
  16. Online issues (crashing game, qualifying kick outs, lobby numbers).
  17. Vr and HUD
  18. Nationality
  19. HUD Delta - Best lap, not previous
  20. Crazy force feedback and car handling in quick race gt3 class
  21. Steering wheel position off in some cars.
  22. Damage setting has no effect
  23. [Reported] Sanoma Pits
  24. Thank you!
  25. Race Logic
  26. Sharing photos on consoles?
  27. Own section for VR in forum?
  28. Snap oversteer
  29. My career... gone...
  30. Suggestion - Sharpening filter for us VR users
  31. 100 steps of ABS & TC
  32. Different HUD layouts for P, Q, R?
  33. Reverse track
  34. Different car classes same speed
  35. [Small Bug] Audi R8 LMS GT3 listed as V6 engine instead of V10
  36. Recommended car and track combos for good AI races.
  37. [We know] No Pit at Nordschleife
  38. [KNOWN] GT3 ice cold (Studded tires)
  39. Mojave test track bowl and skid pan gone?
  40. Brake Sensitivity
  41. A few setup questions
  42. position counter on cockpit 99/99
  43. Sense of speed/distance in VR is wrong on Oculus Rift
  44. [KNOWN ISSUE] Intro trailer washed out
  45. Stable or loose (for consoles)
  46. Chance for HDR at PC in the future?
  47. Where are saved car configurations stored on the PC?
  48. AI Cars Chosen By Game for Quick Race?
  49. Spotter text
  50. AI is not affected by weather conditions
  51. [KNOWN ISSUE] Visual damage after restart session
  52. What’s wrong with my multiplayer ?
  53. Formula Rookie Broken?
  54. For Ian Bell!
  55. No passenger camera angle like in PC2 ?
  56. Race details
  57. Ginetta GT5 acceleration issue
  58. Performance. How is this even possible?
  59. Is there a way to sort Time Trial results by track AND class?
  60. setups not saving properly
  61. Changing final drive ratio in Jag E type punctures the front tyres
  62. What place do you need in the first championship in order to progress to the next?
  63. When will we have the same quality than in photo mode?
  64. setup saving for changes "on the fly"? why?
  65. Nissan R32 holy s**t
  66. tracking time delete california highway Audi S1?
  67. VAC for Peer to Peer Please?
  68. Reporting Bugs
  69. Corner problems
  70. Please stop with the dry sunny GT3 races at Monza and SPA
  71. PIT STOP glitching
  72. Suggestion - Race Laps/Time info in-game Menu
  73. [Review] There still have some areas of improvements.
  74. Can't set the fuel load in private testing mode
  75. Difficulty: Career vs Quick Race
  76. Ai way to fast!
  77. Car Selection
  78. Can't remove all car classes from the multi class selection to allow all car classes
  79. Stuttering and glitching and still crazy Knockhill
  80. Race Info from practice
  81. Ginetta tire temps
  82. PSA - saving setups
  83. Real Weather Setting Works! Thank you SMS
  84. Visual settings for a 1070 in VR
  85. This Doesn't Seem Right (soft vs hard tires) [It is right]
  86. [Not a Bug] ICM traction control bug
  87. [Time Trial] How can I compare my lap times over time?
  88. Favorite GT3 car?
  89. 570S the 4 cylinder with straight cut gears
  90. How much faster are you with VR - How much faster are you with a wheel ??
  91. Computer Specs (Help)
  92. Please display information between qualifying and race in multiplayer
  93. Steam profile
  94. Suggestion: Competitive Guidance
  95. Favorite Cars and Tracks thread
  96. LMP1 Tuning Help
  97. Where is my ghost?
  98. Multiplayer Filter Improvement Suggestions
  99. VR headset
  100. Lap comparison display
  101. Qualifying length
  102. What tracks are laser/drone scaned?
  103. Formation Lap for standing starts
  104. This Forum Security
  105. VR and forced keyboard input, a suggestion...
  106. how do car setup backups work?
  107. [BUG] Penalties not being taken account of
  108. Windscreen, Tyre Smoke and Kart BUGS
  109. [Suggestion] Replay Overlay
  110. Tracks without PIT
  111. Why can Console Players already buy the Japanese car pack seperately but PC ppl can't
  112. Replay Mode
  113. Driver Swap
  114. Pcars 2 Graphics on 1080p 60hz television.
  115. AI Fast out of the box
  117. Fastest lap - yellow Flag .. no FFB on curbsl and out of track
  118. Any chance of Bannochbrare reverse being a possibility?
  119. pit lane speed penalty?
  120. Snow in summer?
  121. Are ginetta Jr's hard AF this year?
  122. [BUG] Online Race Bathurst, invisible wall at the finish line
  123. Muting during game play
  124. manuel pit entrys and exits
  125. „Assists off“ working as intended?
  126. Proximity marker should be on be default
  127. Community Event Ghosts Missing
  128. Is it just me...???
  129. Why no random or current time of day?
  130. Cars performance stats VS actual in-game cars performance
  131. While in-race Strategy sub-menu= change tyres only?
  132. Unbalanced classes
  133. Car Information
  134. saving the hud .... problem solved on ps4
  135. Ai too slow on the start
  136. why anyone not make liveries of original car??
  137. Modern cars with "Electric" handbrake that doesn't work when moving....
  138. [Known Issue] Just had a bugged Livetrack 3.0 race
  139. Varying top speeds
  140. Youtube Monetization
  141. [KNOWN] Online Race Real Weather Issue
  142. Manual racing start broken
  143. Online Race Racing Line
  144. AI too slow on certain tracks
  145. So what do all the 'old lags' from day one PC1 think of Pc2.
  146. Endurance Cars
  147. Workshop updates?
  148. Tips, Tricks or game settings you were unfamiliar with
  149. Suggestion: Livery Sharing
  150. nissan skyline sms-r career where?
  151. Tracks not getting wet
  152. Time Trial Leaderboards
  153. Road Cones
  154. TC3 gone? No Mercedes Benz AMC C-Class DTM from PC1
  155. Problems with race director deleting times
  156. AI in practice
  157. Is mph AND metric posibble?
  158. Headlights should be brighter
  159. Winter Soldier achievement issue - PC
  160. Leaderboard
  161. No way to advance time in a session...
  162. Sequential Shifting
  163. PCars 2 tyre temperatures
  164. Porsche 911 GT4 car undriveable?!
  165. Azure Circuit grip issue...
  166. Disable Pitlane Message
  167. Snow in Daytona
  168. Amazing game! Car sounds and refinement
  169. what exactly does auto tune do with informative and immersive ffb flavours?
  170. Cannot beat the AI. Can you?
  172. Struggling to find online races I can actually race
  173. Flag system
  174. Exiting pit lane Daytona oval track
  175. 180 degree gamepad steering
  176. [KNOWN ISSUE] Formula C FUBAR?
  177. Anyone Figure out a good set up for Spa in the TS040?
  178. Missing Thread "The Garage - Car Setup Talk"
  179. Skipping To The End Of The Session - Possible Workaround
  180. Setup section question for moderators
  181. Different wheel settings per car?
  182. Live track 3.0 - Wet to dry
  183. For next patch..
  184. Career GT3 German Trophy PLEASE HELP
  185. [RESOLVED] Won race, was given last place?!
  186. Absolutely love PC2, but hate it at the same time
  187. RPM Behavior
  188. Where do you tune?
  189. disappearing parts in Monitor View
  190. I have some questions
  191. [NO] Car light broken?
  192. Formula Rookie Broken Snow?
  193. Game is good, but...
  194. Where do I see lap times?
  195. Custom Vehicle race by car not class .
  196. Tyre squeal
  197. Bathurst Forrest's Elbow
  198. What tyres for wet race ??
  199. AI Agression and AI Strength Settings
  200. Car Setups Guide
  201. Setup for Formula A or Formula Renault please?
  203. leader board on minamal in hud broken ps4
  204. Formula C is a real pain in the
  205. Is there a topic for custom liveries yet?
  206. How to contact the one responsible for creating threads?
  207. Helmet camera in VR not showing helmet
  208. [Bug] HUD disappearing or not showing at all
  209. This menu really needs to be streamlined for ease of use
  210. Beta me up?
  211. Helmet/camera leaning Rift?
  212. Quality of Life Changes
  213. Timetrial + live track 3.0
  214. Ultra shadows @ 4k ?
  215. Ingame Profil Picture
  216. Stability Control and Traction Control?
  217. Porsche GTE
  218. Best in session ghost car not available.
  219. Down force changes tire pressure
  220. Steering
  221. [Known] Toyota 86 overheating too fast
  222. Multiplayer problem at the start of the race
  223. one to one steering ratio
  224. Missing Japanese pack
  225. Time Trial Leaderboard
  226. [MAYBE] PC1 vs PC2 Physics Will PC1 setups work?
  227. Pcars2: Sim or Simcade?
  228. setup screen, why can i not simply apply a change? why do i have to save everytime?
  229. Custom Liveries
  230. Community Event Leader Board
  231. Want to hear a joke?
  232. Ability to make the Stable setup my default?
  233. could someone tell me what time setting is dark at spa?
  234. Porsche 911 GT1 Sound bug
  235. Formula Rookie - Dry Tyres
  236. The best tire pressures
  237. Possible Replay Bug?
  238. Anybody else want Ghost feature for custom sessions?? Please add!!
  239. Upset Scotsman Here
  240. Simulate Session Button?
  241. replay length
  242. Tyre temperature on wet and IA don't ha e acquaplaning??!!
  243. Having just fun
  244. Anyone playing pcars2 on a Radeon VEGA 64?
  245. PCars2 looks awful [It doesn't]
  246. Optimum Tyre-Pressures & Optimal Tyre-Temperarures
  247. SMS, you should be proud!
  248. How set FFB different per car
  249. Career passed series locked?
  250. What is it that i need to alter when on telemetry travel flashes red?