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  1. FULL Laptime HUD element takes too much space
  2. Qualifying Etiquette (or lack of)
  3. [Bug] Steam Overlay Results in No Keypress Response
  4. Ford Falcon FG - ABS/TCS
  5. Bug. Invisible pit crew
  6. Bug Keep getting Ice tyres when asking for Wets
  7. Bug Changing order of menus
  8. Pit Speep Limiter
  9. Do you need to use the handbrake to be good at RallyX?
  10. Problem with Ginetta Manufacturer Event #1
  11. Is it correct to get a penalty for driving over interrupted stripes?
  12. Question regarding Assists/Auto clutch and their effect on speed.
  13. Can't stop smiling with VR Experience
  14. Pcars 2- daily workshop content dl?
  15. Difference between Pirelli tire types?
  16. Tips for Winning 24H Races Please!
  17. VR Night Racing - Dimming the HUD & Gauge Lights
  18. Outside wheels smoking out of fast corners
  19. Aston Martin Vulcan difficulty cornering?
  20. VR Helmet View - Flicker at right eye in the edge
  21. Can you change replay slide to slide time?
  22. Manual engine start?
  23. Stock T300rs pedals question.
  24. Zakspeed Ford Capri settings...
  25. Sportscar lites championships
  26. Weird pitstop problem GT3 Monza
  27. AI to control car
  28. Why can't I post a thread?
  29. AI question
  30. Wet tires much better than slicks on Porsche 935/80?
  31. On career weather and an idea for improving weather in general
  32. [Bug??] Start on pole, suddenly in 5th 45secs behind after race start
  33. You ought to be Congratulated!
  34. Is the AI affected by accelerated tyre wear?
  35. [Bug] Stuck after series trophy
  36. [KNOWN ISSUE] Why can't I pick soft tires?
  37. how do you watch an online race
  38. How to Adjust Career Race Settings?
  39. How to enable mandatory pit stops in career mode?
  40. Potential setup bug?
  41. Lotus 49 Physics - Strange or real?
  42. [TIPS] See server information before entering
  43. Online driver swaps
  44. [KNOWN ISSUE] Pitstop animation bug?
  45. Pit Strategy in real time
  46. Tires
  47. Crackling Sound
  48. MX-5 Radbul FFB issue
  49. No great fun
  50. Help with Porsche Cayman GT4
  51. Audio / sound mix is a bit weird...
  52. Traction control and the effect of water on engine revs
  53. way to change the lens (FOV) of the rear view mirrors?
  54. Multiplayer penalties
  55. A message to those working on PCARS2
  56. Arcade mode please?
  57. How do I make a pit stop?
  58. Weather effects, do they worth the effort?
  59. Mclaren 650S GT3 and Oversteer.
  60. Audi R8 LMS Right side mirror blocked
  61. [Known Issue] Super Trofeo Engine Damage Bug?
  62. Replay help.
  63. Rolling Start!
  64. How do I share setups?
  65. 2 short questions: Red (no)Bull Ring and mandatory pitstop
  66. G29 owners - please suggest ffb settings.
  67. Tire Tech
  68. For those into the vintage scene...
  69. Replicate real life races thread
  70. Crashed cars not being retired to the garage -BUG
  71. Full Damage
  72. AI drive like Grandad in the rain
  73. [BUG] TMS road course game crash pre-race
  74. Nurburgring Endurance Race
  75. Sound Request - Bonnet Cam Users
  76. xb one bugs
  77. Automatic tire choice with a rain slot gives rain tires at race start - BUG
  78. Free Practice Mode: Date resets itself to default date
  79. a very serious question regarding.... stickers
  80. Custom livery in career mode
  81. New pit bug
  82. Couple of stock car questions...
  83. After Patch 2.0 the street cones bug wasn't removed (Kart damage)
  84. Patch 2: RPM still out of sync
  85. Patch 2: Setup still not sticking
  86. Patch 2: Formula Rookie FFB/Tire pressure bug much improved - thanks!
  87. Patch 2 - Still slightly disappointed!!
  88. I just broke my wheel :'(
  89. AI lap times on Pro difficulty?
  90. T300RS autocenter
  91. Patch 2 - Multiplayer Lobby and penalty system (not related to patch)
  92. VR Shadows Too Dark
  93. Nice Touch SMS - BMW Z4 GT3
  94. What happened with the RWD P30 LMP1?
  95. Community Events - Participant Total
  96. Free Wheel and Pedals - EDIT Giveaway now complete
  97. Now I'm very angry against patch
  98. Kart career frustration
  99. Thrustmaster TX starting to feel notchy...is this a sign?
  100. AI Driver button assignment
  101. ** List Of Cars That Needs More Love From The Devs! **
  102. Is the bull statue from the red bull ring missing?
  103. Patch 1.2 notes is the most vague uninformative update I've ever seen for a game.
  104. can't change serie on career mode
  105. Should the Porsche 911 GT3 RS be moved to Road C?
  106. Ultra settings are back
  107. Video recorder and Windows 10
  108. Patch 2.0 change log. Details?
  109. Possible Tracks to Come?
  110. Gear tuning and practice session
  111. Warm up lap
  112. A cool post (lame)
  113. Aston Martin Vulcan brakes are not as loud as should be.
  114. Please let us remove the avatar in Project CARS 2
  115. Video proof, project cars is a good simulator
  116. Mr. Ian Bell was wrong for once. Yeah i said it.
  117. Aggresive ai at race start not fixed. 10th oct 2017
  118. Gaming setups
  119. AI is terrible at driving Group 5 cars
  120. You can bump start cars in PC2
  121. New Group C Tire (Patch 2.0)?
  122. Cars 'tracking' in the wet
  123. Time-Trial Ghost, some stuff missing
  124. Question about LiveTrack 3.0
  125. Closed thread, is it me or what ?
  126. New patch better image
  127. Replacement tyre temperature issue (at least with Formula A)?
  128. Can I hire a better pit crew? :D
  129. What 'actually' changed in Patch 2.0
  130. Feature Request: ICM and pit strategy
  131. Jack Spade Custom FFB Files in consoles
  132. Patch storage requirements
  133. Time Trial Class System Request...
  134. Track wetness rate related to time progression?
  135. Show your setup thread
  136. open wheel cars
  137. Unmoderated Steam forum with helpless players?
  138. v2.0.0.1 - new patch tonight?
  139. Extremely annoyed voice chat is NOT in the PC version but is on console
  140. Not down shifting in certain cars?
  141. Manufacturer Drives Rewards
  142. One 'Leetle' Bug + Some Mad Props
  143. A thank you
  144. Can not assign more than one button?
  145. Private Messaging Broken?
  146. Livetrack 3.0 is still bugged
  147. Where is the Formula B Car?
  148. VR and glasses
  149. Random weather, render issue
  150. Opel Astra TCR No tire lock
  151. AI slow on corners
  152. Longer instant replays
  153. AI pace in RX and RX Lite
  154. please correct this.
  155. Type of rival
  156. Patch a good step forward
  157. Time Trial Track Difference?
  158. Porsche 936 rolls uphill at Sonoma
  159. Clio cup cars big mistake handling [No mistake handling]
  160. Who Uses Assists?
  161. BUG: Qualified on Pole, Started 10th?
  162. A couple of small things I've noticed
  163. Differentials
  164. Did SMS fully remove snow from Career or did they fix the bugs in it.
  165. Lost!
  166. AI at Bathurst
  167. Which car no matter how hard you try can you just not get a handle on?
  168. Wow mind blown
  169. BMW 320 TC Custom Race on PC
  170. Snapping loose 2.00 update
  171. Formula Rookie: lower top speed in the rain
  172. sometimes the FOV speed sensitivity works and sometimes it doesnt.
  173. Rain bug after latest patch + earlier bug still excists quali/race positon
  174. Penalties
  175. Will the TT boards be wiped??
  176. Where is BMW M3 GT2 in PC2 ?
  177. Small bars in telemetry screen?
  178. About The Lighting in the Azure Circuit(Monaco) Tunnel...
  179. Questionable decisions regarding the career mode
  180. how to fill up
  181. Warmup session gone in Pcars 2?
  182. TT Problem Daytona Speedway
  183. Video to show wheel animation problem since patch 1.2
  184. Project Cars 2 + Gamepad = Too many difficulties?
  185. LMP1 ai not using kers?
  186. AI difficulty
  187. Problem with indycar
  188. Need help with this forum
  189. Where are modern DTM cars?
  190. Use "Opponent Names" option in more creative ways.
  191. What are “comp” tyres?
  192. [RESOLVED] pit stops doing nothing
  193. Understeer 1, ovals 2
  194. BUG: Silverstone Pit Wall
  195. McLaren F1 GTR LT bugged handling?
  196. A question about throttle.
  197. Do AI cars crash out or have mechanical failures?
  198. Why karting haven't stand ?
  199. livery has decreased after updating
  200. Windshield Dirt and Tire PSI
  201. Just so SMS knows, I would be willing to take a 100gb patch to make this game perfect
  202. For Gods sake remove the Senna comments, it"s driving me insane...err?...more insane!
  203. Can we get the Ferrari dlc pack first???
  204. BAC Mono extremely difficult to drive in rain
  205. Venting About Issues
  206. H-pattern downshifting f40LM
  207. AI at COTA
  208. Tire screeching after Vintage wheels change Lotus 49
  209. Low Values of World Movement in PC2
  210. Games progression
  211. Why is Lamborghini Super Trofeo so understeery?
  212. Pit Stop - Tyre Change animations/Damage fixing/busy pits
  213. A question please (radiator)
  214. Noob FFB question; Menu Spring Strength
  215. Visual wheel rotation with controller
  216. Will we get a real HDR implementation?
  217. Photo Mode could use some improvement.
  218. Tire Wear
  219. Devcameras - I don't get it....
  220. Can you only have 1 custom livery per car?
  221. leaderboard setups
  222. Racing Director driving me insane!
  223. No R32 GTR
  224. Open cockpit VR sickness tendencies
  225. AI RS01 is very good (rain and dry)
  226. Ginetta GT5 no grip in rain at Silverstone National, set ups not saving. 10/16/17
  228. Time Trial Challenge App
  229. Set up Problem
  230. Telemetry display question
  231. Overtaking WRX AI is effortless on long straights...
  232. Is there a Thrustmaster TS-PC profile yet?
  233. Would love to have option to change assist ingame
  234. display has zoomed in, cannot see around 40% of what should be there.
  235. Game Chat
  236. Zonda Revolucion sound off?
  237. Nurburgring: Sounds while driving through "Carraciola-Carousell" and "swallow's tail"
  238. Donington Park
  239. Quick message for the Dev team et'al
  240. Onboard center (replay) cam request possible?
  241. "Reported for driving standards" - Am I missing something here?
  242. Current and next lap will be invalidated needs to be seriosuly reworked [No]
  243. Long Shot question but just maybe....
  244. Starter Formula Rookie Tyre pressure guide
  245. Career Mode: Community-based strategy guide
  246. No blue flag for AI?
  247. Cant fix AI ?
  248. AI Went Nuts
  249. Tuning tutorials?
  250. Ai failures and mistakes