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  1. Your Favourite Circuit?
  2. The Helmet visor overlay in VR.
  3. FFB Bug - Knockhill Rallycross Layout
  4. Where is the great eSports experience ?
  5. Bug? Formula Rookie brakes not heating during sustained application
  6. Drifting with openwheel
  7. Look down to focus? [suggestion]
  8. Formula Rookie still unplayable
  9. Driver Ranking and Points algorithm
  10. AI - (Indy) Ovals
  11. Note to self: Never again read email messages in Career
  12. Mulsanne is impossible in the rain. It shouldn't be.
  13. DLC cars kicks other players?
  14. Audi r8 gt3 engine problems
  15. Pit stops useless...
  16. Any idea what next patch will cover?
  17. I think time trial should go by car
  18. [LuaAPI Bug Report] Manual Pitstops Don't Work for DS
  19. Laptime Widget unreadable when overcast
  20. Is the difficulty slider working? Random times
  21. Game-breaking problem at Donington Park
  22. Why No Lola-Aston Martin B09/60?
  23. How do I turn on the wipers?
  24. Suitable for newbie?
  25. Wish the Race Engineer Had a Solution for "I Just Suck"
  26. Would Seat Height Affect Center of Gravity?
  27. Endurance Racing
  28. [Bug] Career LMP1 FUBAR
  29. FOV settings
  30. Bug in Loheac map... or intentional, not sure.
  31. Ginetta jr career
  32. FFB on Braking - slip FFB effect
  33. Lightweight event in Career
  34. Vr not working very well
  35. [BUG] Gear Ratios won't reset to default value after tuning in career mode
  36. Sense of scale in VR
  37. Sense of scale in VR - Amazing!
  38. Steering assist observation
  39. Oversteer, oversteer, oversteer.
  40. Question- do brake temps affect tyre temps?
  41. hard or soft steering wheel?
  42. [THE INSIDER'S GUIDE] Weekly In-game Guide by Yorkie065
  43. Group A Career Snow at Bathurst undriveable!
  44. Please SMS could you add a paused Pit Strategy Menu
  45. Don't know where to start
  46. Aston Martin Vulcan brakes are not loud at all
  47. Why am I forced to share my setups with the entire world if I do Time Trial ?
  48. Project CARS 2 - Accolades Trailer
  49. How do I view FFB data in the HUD on Pcars2
  50. A class times
  51. Advice on audio levels
  52. Does graphical settings apply to photo mode?
  53. GT3 German Trophy Oschersleben: AI pits for no reason
  54. Online with ai ?
  55. Season Pass
  56. Not sure if this is a bug: tire pressures
  57. [INVESTIGATING] TC off, but not really off (BMW touring car)
  58. Rally Group B
  59. Ginetta Junior Career Donnington AI performance request
  60. Love PCars 2 - Great Job!
  61. Pit stop indicator
  62. Immersion breaking VR bugs
  63. With no in game option, anyone know software to run a custom championship?
  64. [Requested] How do you reset the seat position?
  65. Calculate the optimal shift points
  66. AI in Qualification, opponents awareness
  67. GTE/GT3 faster than LMP2?
  68. Group C9 Sauber has assists in real or not?
  69. How can I request a change for my username?
  70. Grid size increase?
  71. Driver height: Renault 3.5.
  72. Casual Ai aggression slider question
  73. FC AI too fast in high-speed corners/too slow in low speed corners
  74. Project Cars 2 in open world !!
  75. Graphics on Xbox one
  76. Any skillfull Youtuber ?
  77. Why IA collides me in the departures of the races
  78. Help! Ford Fusion won't steer at all
  79. The best GT3 for the Nordschleife?
  80. 2km/h too fast into pit disqualified after 26/30 laps!!!! + AI cars!
  81. History of real weather
  82. Competition problem during qualifying
  83. Cockpit Camera - Look into the Apex ?
  84. How do you download other setups from other people online?
  85. Is this considered cheating?
  86. Fall Creator Update | 20% MORE Gaming Performance
  87. Career Mode / Settings
  88. 7 lap race ends after two
  89. Tracks limits
  90. confused about the tires
  91. Very petty request but
  92. HUD Configuration not saving.
  93. Nurburgrings shumacher S's
  94. hi guys....newby here :)
  95. Hours so far?
  96. Iíve found something I donít like....the downshifts!?
  97. Replays in Director Mode (broadcasting), Question
  98. Flat Spots?
  99. Weird races and track condition in career
  100. Your top 3 Tracks in Pcars 2 and honourable mentions?
  101. AI (Swap) Driver constantly pitting
  102. Pit Stop
  103. Formula Rookie career races
  104. Fuel load issue, Cayman Career XB1
  105. PC Support page
  106. How to Save Setups in Tuning
  107. How do you listen to the sounds of pcars2 ?
  108. Since the patch the fuel man doesnít do any movement
  109. future patches
  110. PS4 sound with monitor setup
  111. Has the Ai the Same rules?
  112. Forum actions unavailable to me?
  113. Platform Time-Trial Differences?
  114. Optimum tyre temperatures
  115. GT3 Compare to rF2's new GT3's
  116. VR camera won't line up
  117. Assists on time trial
  118. csl elite ps4 brake pedal (no LC) cogging??
  119. Laferarri steering wheel
  120. Ginetta GT5 career - Race3
  121. Snetterton AI pace, Clio Trophy
  122. GoPro camera replays (see image): more realism to the replays.
  123. Steering Wheel input does not match the in-game steering wheel in some cars. (G29)
  124. Project Cars 2 T300 Wheel settings for all GT3 cars
  125. FFB Question: Tone "Help Text" is confusing
  126. AI going to pit in 1st lap
  127. dlc content for project cars 2
  128. Faulty pit action
  129. Finished 4 hour Career Race at Fuji. Tried to view Replay and Race Reset (Video)
  130. List your top 3 fun cars that you keep going back to
  131. BUG: Retiring - insufficient progress
  132. Project Cars 2 bug list
  133. Can't complete Ford event #3
  134. BUG: Online Browser (Race Status)
  135. more car packs?
  136. Hidden replay, car used and tune on Xbox One
  137. What Does "Kart Driver" Mean?
  138. Balancing LMP1/2/3 with other categories
  139. Go back in Time
  140. Formula Rookie - New player Advise - I have no idea what I'm doing wrong
  141. The TC Masters Euro championship cannot be won
  142. Oculus Rift & PSVR comparison.
  143. We need more (and better) stats in this game
  144. [KNOWN] AI running out of fuel in qualifying
  145. Looking to get a racing wheel but concerned about on center ocilations
  146. Is there something wrong with the time trials?
  147. Noob Question (Endurance GT car versions)
  148. *slideslideslide* (Tires)
  149. Tire wear issues... maybe? (Daytona, GTE)
  150. Career Race Results Bug - Podium PopUp
  151. Project Cars 3 recover the cars that were in the 1
  152. [NOT MISSING] Missing Sliptream in Pcars2
  153. Adding friends in PC2
  154. Kerb Behaviour
  155. Loading & saving setups in timetrial/multiplayer?
  156. FORMULA A and others ars : is AI affected by damages ? it's not
  157. Absolutely Love PCars 2
  158. No GT1 in Career mode @#$%$#@?
  159. [RESOLVED] A bone to pick with SMS
  160. Removing pit lane entry and cooldown lap notifications?
  161. Used to think my g29 was a waste.. (pcars2 might be dangerous, to my wallet)
  162. Chat Box - HUD issues
  163. Wheel/Pedals
  164. No more buying new games for me
  165. Xbox One X or a Wheel?
  166. Per car timetrial leaderboards?
  167. Default Setup Bug/Exploit
  168. Bug : Game stuck when loading a track
  169. Patch
  170. Setting World Record Times
  171. AI behavior: penalties
  172. Project Cars 2 sales - 74% First Month
  173. Difficulties all over the place .
  174. [Question] How to make a metallic paint (Custom liveries)
  175. Patent Discussion
  176. Some Questions
  177. Dirt Ovals
  178. Qualifying 1st then but seemingly still not First
  179. How do I win the Mercedes Proving Grounds?
  180. Damage repair
  181. sound in pcars2
  182. Pop ups
  183. Steamed again - PC crash and steam wont start in offline mode
  184. Ferrari 330 P4 - Physics
  185. Acura NSX vs other GT cars
  186. [ANSWERED] Bug reporting
  187. Driveability of Group A cars
  188. Complain about people who complain
  189. Alternatives to make custom Championships
  190. Why we love SIMs
  191. Fictional cars and livery removal?
  192. Is the AI beatable on Sakitto?
  193. Another skip to end bug ?
  194. Audio request to pit
  195. controller settings?
  196. Starting AI **cked
  197. Belated thanks..
  198. Why the Time-Trial Nanny start?!?
  199. Nvidia VR Sli support ?
  200. race director warning for driving standards
  201. VR: Out of body... I mean car experience.
  202. Shifting problem
  203. Question about rain mid race / pit tire change
  204. Rain puddles a bit off?
  205. Lap time displayed incorrectly
  206. MP Event lobby - favourites and presets inside lobby, not only when setting up.
  207. Fanatec CSR wheel led panel don't turning off when i exit the game.
  208. Impact of wing dropout is too small
  209. Track editor
  210. GT3 lobbies are filled with 488's
  211. I can't downshift without braking - Ginetta Juniors
  212. Any way to edit/delete the "Default" pit strategy?
  213. AI Aggression
  214. I have a bit of a gripe.
  215. Which track is most demanding for graphics?
  216. I find I'm a lot slower in PC2 than in PC1
  217. Authentic Assists
  218. Project CARS 2 on the Gadget show
  219. Is there a way to delete a "favorite" race setting profile for multiplayer/quickrace?
  220. time trials records not saving
  221. Overall audio in project cars 2 vs pcars 1
  222. Can we expect a AI update soon ?
  223. Dedicated to SMS - Please create own Forums for Dedicated Server and Bug Reports
  224. Nissan 300ZX IMSA vs LM
  225. AI Query
  226. Tachometer Error
  227. Max FOV
  228. Can you access all the cars and tracks ?
  229. nVidia SMP
  230. No Manual Pit Control or Damage in Online Practice? HUH??
  232. AI below pit limiter speed in pits
  233. Solution for repeated, repeated, repeated Bug Reporting!
  234. Career qualifying
  235. Water on windscreen not effecting vision enough
  236. TV display - UHD setting to off I get better graphics for game
  237. First DLC soon?
  238. AI - Force tyre change (and fueling) during mandatory pitstop
  239. Ferrari 288 Club tires ?
  240. a noob's question about racelogic display
  241. Livery restriction in career
  242. How do you feel about getting sucked in to your pit box?
  243. Online on Console
  244. Select specific cars for race
  245. Question about DLC and Multiplayer
  246. Historic Daytona Beach Road Course
  247. SMS make a great Game (SIM)
  248. The driver of the Jaguar E-Type Group 44 seems a bit out of place
  249. Medium Tires (?)
  250. Who else leaves a multiplayer race after practice by instict to hit continue?