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  1. No sale on the Season Pass?
  2. Better sound design?
  3. Does SMS even have a QA team?
  4. Pit strategy tire pressure bug - possible reproduction!?
  5. Overview fast lap times outside game?
  6. Project CARS 2 Demo on all platforms
  7. 150 issues
  8. List of current issues?
  9. SMS, what's that with the driver seat position?
  10. Vintage Formula Championship?
  11. Rally X
  12. Sound Settings for better handling
  13. Is the AI too fast at Algarve?
  14. Porsche 991 GT3 R vs 24h
  15. Where to Begin with Sim Racing?
  16. Why not have an open Beta build on steam?
  17. Holy s.... THE DEMO IS AMAZING!!!
  18. New demo use X enhancements?
  19. Feature request. Pre-race menu wheel assignments.
  20. Project cars shading quality < Project cars 1?
  21. Nomination for a Steam Award
  22. Pro/X owners - enhanced resolution, enhanced visuals or enhanced frame rate?
  23. Fanatec inverted v3 pedals
  24. Can You Beat The Pro?
  25. As of today I have uninstalled PC2
  26. Adaptive AI Difficulty
  27. Should Assists be forced off in timetrial
  28. Pcars 2 demo xbox graphics question
  29. I want to buy PC2 ...but.
  30. Time Trial class sorting
  31. What's the longest race you have done?
  32. cockpitcam not centered
  33. Question about Tuning Setups
  34. Red Bull Ring Issues In The Wet
  35. Last lap nerves
  36. Realism settings
  37. How to deal with AI too eager to pit?
  38. Does anyone think the game is grey.....
  39. Thanks PC2 DEV TEAM.
  40. Bug: Brake lights of Ginetta GT4 and Ford Mustang GT4
  41. Indoor car sounds
  42. Bugs
  43. [KNOWN] Racing line doesn't work online
  44. Looking for RWB Drivers
  45. "Thanks, but I got this."
  46. Brakes lock up ?
  47. Cant advance in GT career
  48. Has anyone seen this Eurogamer report on PC2?
  49. Barcelona Pit Lane Exit AI Ignores You
  50. I can get my hands on a (cheap) second hand Oculus, please convince me its worth it.
  51. [PC] PC2 + Xbox One Impulse Triggers
  52. Silly question but bear with me...
  53. Custom race setup problem
  54. PATCH!!!!!!
  55. Happy Patch Day
  56. How to reset most settings to default for patch?
  57. Post Patch AI - No overtaking, just cruzing along?
  58. Missing tracks in private testing mode
  59. BUG - Autopilot goes on when requesting pitstop
  60. [answered]whats with the update(21.8mb)?.
  61. New behavior of traction control toggle
  62. PC With multiple users - advice wanted.
  63. Actual Timing Data To Aid Realism Tuning
  64. How do I make my name appear correctly in-game?
  65. I'm charmed by the new patch 1.3.0
  66. Massive patch on tyre compound?
  67. BMW 2002 Street Tire Question
  68. Time trial Leader board should be reset by Performance balancing.(v1.3.0.0)
  69. Traction Control after update
  70. Night lighting can look really rough. Possibility to tweak values in patch?
  71. What A Patch
  72. Online Championship - iRacing style
  73. What did they do to the Toyota LMP1 car?!?!?!
  74. What's your favourite worst car?
  75. Career Bugs
  76. Patch 4 requests
  77. Penalty Report?
  78. Tire warmers
  79. My custom livey gone i replay after update. Whats going on??
  80. Tyre wear after update 1.3
  81. Is there a witch-hunt for Projects Cars 2?...SMS are wizards anyway!
  82. Project CARS 2 - Photo Mode Showcase
  83. Multiplayer weather sync issues
  84. Question about new patch.
  85. FFB Presets loading previous settings
  86. [RESOLVED] Wrong tyres fitted when pitting
  87. Is there a way to move the ICM?
  88. Wow the AI have improved so much in the wet (Patch V3)
  89. New bugs after patch 3.0: Race date reset to default/PB carried over to next track
  90. Post Patch - AI Still pitting before it rains
  91. Where are we supposed to join the track at Texas oval?
  92. PC: Can't alt-tab in/out of the game anymore...
  93. Fun Pack DLC
  94. Feature wish list about spectator / director mode
  95. Recording with Shadow play
  96. Tyre warmers
  97. Virtual Reality PS4
  98. League Livery
  99. Lap Times
  100. I love TV camera's view at Azure Circuit !
  101. Online rallycross needs qualifying and practice.
  102. Remove point loss when disconnected, please.
  103. PATCH PS4
  104. Licence system, Multiplayer and loosing points.
  105. Please add GT1 to career
  106. Race Line Penalties / Track Limit
  107. Controller Profiles
  108. Bug with adding fuel when editing a strategy
  109. No balance in AI (after latest patch)
  110. Mandatory Default Setups Issue: Different fuel loads in race start
  111. Does patch 3.0 have full steering animation for gamepads?
  112. Bugs still here after patch 3.0
  113. One request. Only one
  114. Pj 1 basics
  115. I am currently mesmerized by tiny details.
  116. What's your go-to AI aggression %?
  117. AI GT1 Don't like Monza
  118. Too much waiting screens prior to race
  119. Thank you SMS for no loot boxes
  120. Suggestion to improve the penalty system
  121. Chassing a gost
  122. Having a blast
  123. The Story of Project Cars
  124. There is a very big problem in the physics with aspirated gt cars
  125. Possible to set qualifying and practice settings(time and laps) for career mode?
  126. Ford GT Has the Wrong HP
  127. KERS broken on LMP1
  128. Drag strip?
  129. Rating, how many points won or loose for what?
  130. Real weather
  131. What is your best FOV settings?
  132. Am I the only one to come back to PC1 from PC2?
  133. Its difficult not to be cynical about this.
  134. Kart tracks in online? Why missing?
  135. No real clutch-function in H-pattern cars
  136. starting grid countdown sound
  137. drive through penalty and lap times
  138. Some questions for SMS
  139. Tyre smoke bug after pach 1.3
  140. Stephen Baysted - how did you record engine sounds?
  141. Logitech G29 Buttons Setup Suggestions
  142. Why is the Porsche 911 GT1's sound still bugged?
  143. Better force-feedback/ How I believe we can make the game better.
  144. Joystick pc/ps4 bug 50% L-thumb 100% R-thumb
  145. Excellent job on patch
  146. Just had one of the best races I've ever had in my life!
  147. Post Patch - Indy Cars, AI, Daytona weirdness
  149. [BUG?] Steering not linear in gt86 RB with sensitivity set to 50%
  150. We need a banning system!
  151. 720s vs 520s tyre squeal
  152. car not using all it's horsepower
  153. Realistic force feedback settings? Suggestions, ideas (force feedback)
  154. Force AI lights on ?
  155. No more hud in VR
  156. LiveTrack 3.0 is a Real Blast!
  157. Give back position penalty should be gone
  158. Audi R18 E-tron sound
  160. Tire Compound Issues post patch 3
  161. Night racing is fantastic but car lights are a big fun killer
  162. Fuel Consumption and AI in championships
  163. Maybe update the steam forums hey?
  164. Oval texas: Concern when the IA enters the pits
  165. Will there be more DLC once the Season pass finishes??
  166. Misty morning
  167. Mclaren gt3
  168. SMS - Use your bragging rights!
  169. BUG - Le Mans 24hr - AI & Co-driver run out of fuel!
  170. [ANSWERED] Out a week looking for patch notes for 1.3
  171. projectcarssetups.eu Sequel?
  172. More realistic SOUND DESIGN/How I think we can IMPROVE THE SOUND DESIGN in PC2!
  173. Brake Pressure
  174. Headphones
  175. Create our own decoration
  176. Clio Cup AI pace, pit stops and wet tyre performance, and other less impressive issue
  177. THANK YOU DEVS...
  178. Stephen Baysted Project Cars 2 Soundtrack
  179. Competitive racing license decline
  180. Weather forecast in career mode
  181. Unable to see a circuit covered in snow?!
  182. Team SMS-R Challenge at Long Beach
  183. Daytona oval : Concern when the IA enters the pits
  184. Authentic assists
  185. Thrustmaster T300 RS - ideas to make clicky paddles quieter?
  186. Career?
  187. T300 Alcantera Button Mapping
  188. Daytona Road Course - GTE/GT3 as fast as LMP2 cars
  189. i love rallycross
  190. [ANSWERED] Why isn't there a flashback option like F1 2017?
  191. Default setups
  192. Who can use the season pass?
  193. Share your best car/track/weather racing combinations vs AI or MP
  194. Is there a setup guide or a setup site for Project Cars 2?
  195. Next Patch
  196. Simply WOW !!
  197. What we don't realise in the game
  198. I can't wait for the next gen VR headsets and graphic cards
  199. Relative Hud not working as expected. Bug?
  200. help with standing starts
  201. Positively thrilled and excited for what's to come
  202. Car skin in race is un-selectable in livery section
  203. Is the demo on the same specs as the game.
  204. Car stalls when spinning
  205. Optimal shift point
  206. New/Old Bugs after Patch 3.0
  207. PC2 gets 2nd spot in Red Bull's Racing Game of the Year poll
  208. [Bug]Can not list proper setup data in Online Championship.
  209. Gt4 intercontinental championship Nurburgring sprint
  210. [answered]Patch 3.01
  211. what can we do about the jittery shadows in the trees?
  212. Is it possible to change the engine-soundfile in PC2? Some cars needs an update :D
  213. Racecar windshields don't shatter.
  214. To say I am pissed off with PC2 is an understatment...(Rant about rain/need help)
  215. Bug at Results Screen
  216. Jan Seyfferth Game vs. Reality
  217. What's your favorite night time circuit and night time car interior?
  218. Races easier than qualifying
  219. Bug with pitstop repairs
  220. Tire pressure different scale setup menu vs pitstop menu?
  221. Problems with pedal realizim not working like a real car.
  222. Why is Indy Car still broken ??
  223. SLI support in VR
  224. So I just bought Project Cars 2 (Xbox) today and...
  225. So I Uninstalled Pcars Today...
  226. Project CARS 2 Editions?
  227. "Do you really want to leave session?" Yes/No
  228. AI disqualified ?
  229. Force feed back gear changer, does anyone make one?
  230. [RESOLVED] Can only race against 5 cars
  231. Career Indycar Selection Issue?
  232. Adac 24 hour races
  233. I won a race BUT!!
  234. 'Automatic Camera Levelling Routine' (ACLR)
  235. Warning Noob questions/problems
  236. Showroom photo mode?
  237. Behaviour in rain / on puddles (AI/Human)
  238. Thrustmaster support and returns experience?
  239. I want to use online championships but...
  240. Pit radio after the race finish
  241. Bug(s): Times for the wrong classes showing in Time Trials
  242. brake tapping during race
  243. Why AI random fuel in pratice, qualifyng and in race?
  244. Tyres completely trash after 2 laps???
  245. Please vote for Project Cars 2 for best music score
  246. Community Events
  247. Online Endurance race
  248. Same everything but slower ... help me!
  249. 80% difficulty
  250. why is it always raining ?