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  1. Thrustmaster Settings T150 RS & T300 RS (+Fanatec CSR & GT3 RS V2)
  2. Steam store: Minimum requirements - Specific versions of Windows 7???
  3. Hardware for PCars2
  4. Will Project Cars 2 support the old Xbox 360 wheel?
  5. [PC] Profile / save game file, where?
  6. Pcars 2 Dedicated Server Specs
  7. G27/G29 FFB settings template request
  8. Force feedback explained. Configuration settings for all cars and tips
  9. Nvidia drivers - PCars2 update
  10. Command Line / Launch Options
  11. [Resolved] Can't save - Failed to save data
  12. [resolved]xbox 1 controller not working
  13. [RESOLVED] T100 PC Compatibility
  14. FPS Counter for VR
  15. [RESOLVED] Cannot Calibrate Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel
  16. [Resolved] Problem with Thrustmaster + Fanatec
  17. Missing shifts PC2
  18. Game running choppy in VR even on lowest settings
  19. [Workaround] Can't configure control - 'Multiple inputs detected, no action taken'
  20. G29 Calibration
  21. [FIXED in 2.0] Driver Name Tags in multiplayer PC2 issue
  22. Multiplayer Bug Report - Real Weather issue
  23. OSW Direct Drive Wheel FFB Issue
  24. Dead Zone issues Fanatec CSR Elite
  25. Anti-aliasing mostly ineffective, other solutions?
  26. Can't get triples to line up
  27. Almost no Force Feedback with Logitech MOMO
  28. (Resolved) Errors starting it with VR (HTC Vive) video card does not support DX11
  29. Can't get simvibe to work
  30. OSW USB RIM Buttons not recognized
  31. [MUST READ] How to report a problem or ask for assistance
  32. GTX 1070 Flashing LED when loading game
  33. [RESOLVED] No sound Razer Kraken 7.1
  34. Need G920 help on PC
  35. view FFB settings on track
  36. Slow shifts??
  37. [FIXED] Ubuntu Dedicated Server not Installing correctly
  38. Performance degredation over time.
  39. HDR on PC
  40. [resolved]Cant get VR as an option i PC2
  41. [RESOLVED] Steering input weird for LMP3 car?
  42. How do I disable Mouse locked to HMD center(VR)
  43. VR options - does super sampling work?
  44. Logitech G920 issues
  45. PC2 Not Recognizing HE Pro Pedals
  46. Exterior sound on bonnet cam
  47. [resolved] in car view keeps moving
  48. [Solved] No joy for FANATEC CSS SHIFTER USB users?
  49. Exterior Cam - FOV zoom reversed ?
  50. Supersampling black screen with Triple Screen enabled
  51. [SOLVED] G27 not following in game settings
  52. Penalty when a car in front leaves the lobby
  53. Screen Flashing
  54. [ Resolved ] Logitech DFGT wheel and G25 pedals not working
  55. How do I view inner/centre/ outer tire temps?
  56. Mouse cursor disappearing in game on menus in VR
  57. Circuit tracks not finished
  58. Can't downloaded dedicated server with Anonymous steam account
  59. [Solved] G25 not being detected yet works in other racing games...
  60. VR HUD setting
  61. [Typo] Audi R8 GT3 Engine
  62. Multiple Inputs Were Assigned
  63. Setup for Fanatec CSW ProjectCars 2
  64. How to set supersampling?
  65. PS4 Dual Shock controller being ghosted by Project Cars 2
  66. [RESOLVED] Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter doesn't work (PC)
  67. [Resolved] Virtual reality disabled?
  68. Game Crash Report (PC) Fuji / Snow / Heavy Snow / BMW Series 1 coupe StanceWorks
  69. VR- driving in space
  70. The computer blocks after 4 minutes of play
  71. Force feedback not working right for Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel
  72. no mirror-screen with vr
  73. V8SC - Wrong tuning options
  74. [DedicatedServer] Failed to start server - GLIBCXX_3.4.15 & GLIBC_2.14
  75. [RESOLVED] Accuforce not detected
  76. No FFB on kerbs or car to car contact?
  77. No helmet visible for some cars in VR
  78. Long Beach track broken
  80. Audio stuttering
  81. Syncing in game wheel to my wbeel
  82. in replay mode trackside not work in vr
  83. [Resolved] No Headtracking
  84. Electronics & Tuning Options Incorrect
  85. [PC Crash / Freeze] NVidea GeForce GTX770 Crashes every time &/or reboots pc
  86. The game stops after a few minutes
  87. launch parameter for oculus?
  88. Jack Spade Custom FFB Files
  89. New AMD VEGA drivers for Pcars with Crossfire support
  90. Thrustmaster 458 Italia issues
  91. FFB problem with Fanatec v2.5 Please help!
  92. No Sound And Crashing After Race
  93. [ANSWERED] How do I remove driver arms?
  94. Does it support Hyperthreading?
  95. replay screen freezes
  96. Set monitor output ingame
  97. Some cars dont have the wheel centered on the Screen
  98. Howto disable wheelbutton use in menu navigation?
  99. Triple screen
  100. c63 amg feels broken
  101. Port Forwarding
  102. Possible to map a function to two different keys?
  103. RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition doesnt work
  104. [RESOLVED] Problem with Fanatec clubsport V3 Pedals
  105. AI cars crash into wall after finishing race
  106. Help customize the steering wheel Logitech Force Ex
  107. Thrustmaster T150
  108. Forcing same class or identical car on multiplayer
  109. [RESOLVED] DFGT ratio not 1 to 1
  110. game wont start after i shut it down
  111. FIX for Vive Users Choppy VR
  112. Damage bug with Karts
  113. Peculiar Blipping Sound When TCS Activates
  114. Unable to fully turn off HUD
  115. Triple monitor issues
  116. Freezing with an AMD card
  117. logitech G27 acceleration issue
  118. Force start game in Oculus VR mode/Steam?
  119. Logitech DriveFX Racing Wheel (turning) not working during the Race
  120. [RESOLVED] Failed to start game (app already running)
  121. game wont save progress
  122. Choppy/Low FPS no matter the settings?
  123. VR: Head stuck to shoulders - Environment moves while my head moves
  124. [solved] Gamepad on PC: setting steering dead zone to 0 but it's still there
  125. Thrustmaster 458 italia Problem PC
  126. T300RS wheel settings for drifting
  127. Change screen?
  128. [RESOLVED] Logitech G920 no steering PCARS 2
  129. Logitech G920 accelerator pedal now not working
  130. Does Project Cars 2 work with head tracking via opentrack ?
  131. Flags of the countries
  132. [SOLVED] Game not detecting Logitech G27/G25
  133. ...
  134. Pit stops
  135. Ford GT rear spoiler
  136. FFB Menu spring isn't working
  137. Project Cars 2 Oculus Rift Feels Blurry
  138. Problem Configuring TH8A shifter
  139. Pedals not being detected - SimCraft Tilton PRO 3
  140. [RESOLVED] PC2 does not recognize T300 wheel
  141. VR Gaze Causing Game Crashes
  142. Thrustmaster TX 458 X Button Mapping
  143. [Known and investigating] Japenese Car Pack not showing
  144. Online licencing system not matching up
  145. Logitech G920 Shaking horribly!
  146. [RESOLVED] G25/G27 Problem Dead zone.
  147. Pcars 2 looks worse in VR than Pcars 1
  148. [RESOLVED] Button boxes don't work?!
  149. Stutter Fix
  150. Patch - Multiplayer fix- Killed G29 Wheel and Pedal response in game
  151. Fanatec CSR Randomly Disconnecting
  152. Frame pacing?
  153. [Solved] Problem with oculus cv1
  154. [Solved] Pimax 4k donít work
  155. [RESOLVED] Game doesn't detect Logitech Rumble Pad
  156. [Solved] Oculus rift cv1 crash
  157. Bug: Toyota GT-86 digital speedometer does not work
  158. [SOLVED] Can't save profile / progress
  159. Dual monitor
  160. What is camera near clip plane in the VR Settings
  161. Game won't launch.....
  162. Crash to desktop
  163. Low FPS after Replay
  164. Triple Screen issue with not native resolution
  165. [PC] Playing with PS4 Controller but Thrust / Brakes only recognize 100%
  166. Online games with friends and weather settings
  167. Default settings Camera movement
  168. [**Pre Patch 2.0**] Recommended settings for Rift at 90fps? i5 4690K + 1080ti
  169. Server browser work only once
  171. Recommended settings for Fanatec CSL wheel base (for kids & adults)?
  172. Graphics settings won't change
  173. Object pop in. Cam we increase the draw distance ?
  174. Handbreak is broken? (PC)
  175. HMD Rift Setup
  176. Oculus Rift CV1 + 980ti Settings
  177. Tyre ( Tire ) Temperature Inconsistency
  178. Purchasing PC2 ??
  179. Game does not start
  180. Logitech G920 problem, it's slow
  181. Is this game more demanding or is it just me ?
  182. Chronic crashing to desktop
  183. Project cars 2 dropped frame/stuttering/freezing gameplay issue
  184. FFB settings for Fanatec Wheels
  185. Logitech g29 pedals not working right.
  186. Low GPU Activity??
  187. Cannot setup my Wheel/ pedals?
  188. Logitech T100 wheel not supported on PS4?
  189. Race reset does not always reset FFB / car damage
  190. In car management confirm button
  191. [REPORTED] Career issue Long Beach - open wheeler - last position after racestart
  192. Loosing focus using triple screen with fourth display
  193. Triple screens - settings not saved
  194. [GPU DEAD] Asus 580 GTX DirectuCUII completly DEAD
  195. Strange graphical issues in VR
  196. Graphics Settings for VR
  197. Vehicle Window Painting?
  198. Pcars2 Screen Freezes after 5-9 min of play time
  199. Sound problem
  200. Cannot get TH8a set up with T300
  201. Enable Virtual Mirror by default
  202. T500 RS setting
  203. Thrustmaster 458 wheel deadzone problem
  204. G27 - Massive FFB change between sessions
  205. Save problems
  206. Logitech G25 -- Something weird with steereng lock
  207. [KNOWN] Triple Screens - Multiplayer Name identifiers.
  208. Dampening not working
  209. [Bug?] Random flickering during Race
  210. g27 peddle issue yet again
  211. Allow us to disable Ambient Occlusion? Please? (video example in reply)
  212. How to always launch the game in Oculus mode?
  213. (Bug) Hud Not Appearing
  214. Crossfire not working.
  215. [Answered] Weather
  216. Project Cars 2 Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition dont works with PC
  217. [RESOLVED] Project Cars 2 - Failed To Save (Possible workaround for others)
  218. [REPORTED] Randomly fell a lap down in career race.
  219. [Answered] VR - Assignable Headset reset?
  220. fanaleds not working on pc 2?
  221. Project Cars 2 + Rift keep crashing
  222. Potential Fix for Logitech G920 Steering Wobble
  223. Steering Wheel controls bug
  224. [Bug]Sampala Ice Track is missing in Practice mode
  225. Potential Fix For Seperate Pedals
  226. Next Level Racing V3 Platform not working with Project Cars 2
  227. Clutch acting like a button?
  228. [RESOLVED] Fanatec CSW v.2.5 deadzone
  229. Fanatec CSP V3 Brake/Throttle Rumble
  230. weird issue: arm/hand animations reset while driving
  231. Specpotating
  232. BMW E21 race car
  233. Facing The Back A** of Car ?
  234. BUG Water puddles disappearing and then re-appearing
  235. Game doesn't run
  236. Different Controller Profiles Setup
  237. Cursor not showing on PC
  238. [REPORTED] Disqualified AI Sonoma National
  239. Replay to short!
  240. [SOLVED] Game applying brake even though brake pedal not depressed [SOLVED]
  241. standard view?
  242. VR Object Pop Outs On The Edges of My FOV
  243. Oculus no in game sound
  244. Weak FFB (Thrustmaster TX)
  245. Bugs i found so far
  246. Can't sort online games list by ping time after changing sort order
  247. [Known] Temperature of oil in engine dosent decrease
  248. [SOLVED] How do you make a shortcut to launch PCars2 in Oculus Rift?
  249. Display Issue - Wet/Damp Track Appears Different Live vs In Replay
  250. Porsche Cayman GT4 Engine/Exhaust Sound Incorrect