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  1. PSVR support
  2. Will my Fanatec CSR work on PS4 with PCars 2?
  3. PC2 on PS4 Pro
  4. PS4 Project Cars 2 questions
  5. PS4 Beta Testing?
  6. Any idea when the pre-order will be up on the PS Store?
  7. Project Cars 2 - Supported Wheels (PS4) (Especially Question on T500rs)
  8. Playstation Store Release Date
  9. PS4 ds4 motion
  10. Any word on Photo Mode for PS4 ?
  11. PC2 - PS4 PRO READY
  12. Project Cars 2 PS4 AI
  13. Project Cars 2 "PS4" Collector's edition order
  14. PS4 Pro enhancements
  15. PSN Rollcall
  16. PS4 Ultra Edition UK
  17. TH8A Compatibility [Yes]
  18. When will the Digital Pre-Order download be available?
  19. Crew Chief
  20. Button assignments and in game contrast!
  21. Question about the handling
  22. PlayStation Store VR problem and crap G29 feedback
  23. Time Trial ghosts - Best in Session
  24. SMS - What happend with the insane sound quality from PC1?
  25. The Best Controller Settings
  26. T300rs doesn't work
  27. Help - struggling with FFB on G29
  28. Assign pause button.
  29. Top mirror always on option
  30. First couple of hours play - thoughts
  31. Thrustmaster t500 ferrari doesn't work pcars2
  32. some issues with PC2
  33. External Apps and UDP
  34. Calibrating Screen
  35. T300RS connected to USB hub is not recognized by Project Cars 2
  36. [Known] Volume sound way to low
  37. Good all round controller settings for dual shock 4
  38. Pit crew missing sometimes
  39. bugs after 4h of career play
  40. Win a race bug in short season
  41. Extreme lag on PS4 Pro
  42. (PS4) bug reporting thread
  43. Easiest car and track?
  44. T500rs PS4 way too sensitive
  45. Tires not heating up?
  46. PS4 : UDP and buttonbox / keyboard
  47. Preorder on Amazon had to be cancelled
  48. ps4 problems/bugs
  49. Share Play question
  50. Pit stops? My car won't pit (PS4)
  51. Clutch/FFB Issues (TH-8A) Thrustmaster T-150 PS4
  52. Cars were undrivable. [Solved]
  53. I grew up listening to Senna...
  54. Helmut view: Helmet not visible & other view issues
  55. Can't hear the Race-Engineer/Spotter when using Headphones
  56. Patch available?
  57. Its a blinder
  58. Is it normal for my Thrustmaster T150 to show up as a T500rs?
  59. Ps4 bug reporting Thread
  60. Optimal configuration, FFB settings for Thrustmaster T150
  61. Fanatec csw v2 with drivehub faulty recognition
  62. T300 Project Cars 2 setting... what we gonna do?
  63. [ANSWERED] PC2 won`t recognise my T100FF Wheel PS4
  64. A DSQ awarded to my online profile because I was owner of a lobby
  65. A bug list and some suggestions / feedback (PS4 PRO)
  66. The bugs are worse then PC1.. PS4 with dualshock.
  67. Deja Vu
  68. Graphics - jaggies
  69. [ANSWERED] My Button Box is inactive on pCARS 2
  70. [Known & Investigating] Please improve graphics and edge smoothing...
  71. Winter driving is horrible, please fix it.
  72. Knockhill weather??
  73. Broken/Unplayable on PS4pro
  74. T300RS setup
  75. Career mode bug
  76. Amount of multiplayer lobby's
  77. Formula Rookie Career Mode Glitch
  78. One step forward, too steps back
  79. T300 RS Wheel Owners Post You Settings Here!
  80. A Couple of Minor Bugs
  81. Damage to cars offline
  82. Formula c gets locked agajn
  83. Going into reverse unresponsive
  84. Bug: Menu Spring Strength setting
  85. Competitive Racing License is a joke
  86. Race Director Bug
  87. Feels better, looks worse.
  88. Few bugs, issue's and suggestions
  89. Bug: Tire not shown after replacing missing one at pit stop
  90. Odd graphics sometimes
  91. Game doesn't apply correct Date in Online-Mode
  92. Driver profiles of PSN friends
  93. Tyre-Chances doesn't work in Online Mode
  94. Issue with Tyre-Temperatures in Online Mode @ Nürbrugring Sprint with Mitsubishi
  95. Clearing Button Assignment
  96. Any good DS4 settings?
  97. When will we get the same Game-Version as the PC-Guys?
  98. HUD issues
  99. HUD changes but saving
  100. No possibility to invite people during an ongoing online-session
  101. You can't see duration of the upcoming race and the weather conditions in online mode
  102. Lydden Hill Rallycross graphics glitch
  103. This is to help you guys with your T300 setup + feedback
  104. [Explaned] what's up with the ranking system?
  105. HDR Display
  106. 36 hours later...
  107. [answered]Just a McLaren and Long Beach??
  108. No enhancement, no downsampling for 1080p screen users on PS4 Pro
  109. What's your favourite multi-class set up?
  110. Hilfe bei der Ideallinie
  111. AI is not set right
  112. CLUTCH
  113. Is it too difficult to add a DEFAULT settings to reset everything???????????
  114. Multiplayer issues (playing in New Zealand)
  115. Couple more bugs
  116. HUD
  117. Qualifying vs race timings
  118. Moving map transparency to transparent
  119. Replay LOD Drop / Occluder issues thread.
  120. Force Feedback disabled
  121. AI really slow in wet!!
  122. Please optimize for original PS4: overexposure, bad AI, bugs, flickering, pop ups
  123. What setting for g29
  124. Fast Forward of qualifications?
  125. PS4 Pro screenshot capture
  126. Recommended settings for fanatec csl elite ps4 PLEASE...
  127. Engineer through controller only?
  128. Any tips for a nookie?
  129. PS4 Bugs
  130. Tthe AI cars steering with no effort.
  131. Formula c spinning off throttle
  132. Long loading times on ps4 pro
  133. Can anyone actually drive the Clio cup car??
  134. Qualify 1st starts Last ?
  135. Menu and sub menu lag? [Workaround posted]
  136. Sensitivity/Dead Zone Settings for Regular Old PS4 Controller?
  137. Racing wheel
  138. My PS4 controller settings
  139. Mute all please... with a wheel muting is impossible as well
  140. List of 'dislikes', dare you call them bugs.
  141. No speed perception
  142. Is USB keyboard compatibility a planned feature?
  143. Online kart
  144. Cold tyres in open wheel formula rookie
  145. Gamespeed changes at certain tracks - For Example at Sugo (see Video)
  146. Using TH8A as a handbrake
  147. Season pass bonus cars
  148. Need help with PS4 controller settings
  149. FFB issues with Ford Fusion Stock Car - new to wheels
  150. Sampala ice track
  151. A Solution for overly sensitive DS4 controls?
  152. British classic invitational, flooded track.
  153. Fanatec CSLE PS4 support for F1 RIm
  154. Fanatec CSW PS4
  155. PS4 VS PC version
  156. Private lobby on Sugo isn't private.
  157. Assigning buttons on G920 wheel
  158. ABS
  159. Delete
  160. You Have Been Removed From The Session
  161. [Not Supported] NO T100 for Project Cars2!?!?!?!?
  162. 60fps Replays on PS4 Pro
  163. Something is up with tire selection and grip level
  164. HUD Layout settings not saving on PS4
  165. [ANSWERED] Fanatec CSR Working on PCars 2 ps4 ?
  166. PC2 on PS4 and external Keyboard
  167. Car setup
  168. honest critical thread deleted
  169. FFB Profile and mapping button issue!!!
  170. Joker Lap Bug
  171. Help a confused old fogie out !
  172. Map with HDR
  173. Pit Crew and Marker invisible
  174. Fuel amount not working
  175. favorite climates for random slots.
  176. FFB Flavors - A strange mixture of feelings
  177. Time trial car filter
  178. How I make multiple setups for the same car for 1 track
  179. PS4 Project Cars Online Problems I have been experiencing
  180. Strength of the soft-lock
  181. PS4: changing final drive
  182. Lotus 49 default setup with ABS and Tractioncontrol???
  183. Online Multiplayer Blues
  184. How to turn off Intercom (openents Mic)
  185. Lost position by viewing replay during manufacturer race
  186. tuning
  187. Missing Pit Crews - Algarve
  188. Needs "Are you sure you want to exit?" at race ready screen!
  189. Licence Trophies
  190. Graphics & Frame Rate Issues
  191. Windshield wipers not moving waterdrops
  192. Stuck in Multiplayer and can't exit
  193. g29 does it work on pc2
  194. Multiplayer - Disconnect from session in between quality and race
  195. Too many buttons to map, what is your solution?
  196. Let's talk Rally
  197. Intermediate vs rain vs heavy rain tyres
  198. Ghost cars in time trial
  199. Who to email
  200. What wheel to get for Ps4 pro
  201. Spinning out on purpose?
  202. Loosing FFB from time to time!!!
  203. Is it worth getting right now?
  204. Texas Oval: Need Help
  205. Language options dont exist ...
  206. Ending a practice or qualifying session early.
  207. Why is the AI not turning their lights on under dense fog?
  208. Offline AI explanation please!!!!!!
  209. PATCH PS4???? WMD
  210. After 8 hours of gameplay...
  211. So what do we like about Pcars 2 then?
  212. Program Load time
  213. Touge anyone?
  214. Drive line
  215. ds4 rumble when steering
  216. Are some cars locked?
  217. Thrustmaster T150 vibrating bad when going straight
  218. Precision Racing League Recruiting on PS4
  219. [ANSWERED] FFB bug on straights.
  220. Time Trials seem broken. Server issues?
  221. Vanishing HUD PS4
  222. Bug Initials
  223. ASSIST ABS AND TC DISABLED - However still possible to tune ABS AND TC from ECU
  224. [Known Issue] Problem view
  225. Default setup do not allow you to change fuel.
  226. Tuning help with GR.A cars
  227. My Take (and a couple of requests)
  228. Resetting "My Profile"
  229. Udp frequency/SimDashboard
  230. Penalty and give back position!!
  231. Chronometry
  232. PS4 Screenshot thread
  233. Wait for Ready bug or Feature?
  234. PSF1 League Recruiting On PS4
  235. Project CARS 2 - Low Level Drivers League! (1500 and below)
  236. Stable/Loose/OEM setups?
  237. Custom Race Multi Class
  238. Does the standard PS4 even have livetrack?
  239. T80 settings?
  240. [INVESTIGATING] Bug? - Ford Fusion Stock Car weaving
  241. Export Photo taken in photo mode
  242. Bug report on Rally X and HUD
  243. Maybe important for everyone who have problem with the car handling
  244. clio cup tyre selection
  245. racing line colours
  246. Damage
  247. Issue with Fuel in Qualifying and Race
  248. Fanatec CSP V3 vibration
  250. Force Feedback on G29 when braking and locking anterior