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  1. Project cars 2 for xbox 1 Pre order NOW
  2. PC2 : Version for Xbox Scorpio
  3. Xbox Play Anywhere...
  4. PC2 > Optimization for Xbox One X in Full HD
  5. Any Xbox love In here
  6. [UK] [XBO] Anyone else have renewed faith?
  7. Wheel support on Xbox One, Project Cars 2
  8. Xbox servers?
  9. Time Trial groups for Xbox One
  10. Project Cars 2 New GT3 Series (Xbox)
  11. Keyboard mapping?
  12. How will the gen 1 Xbox one handle Pcars 2
  13. Thrustmaster TMX vs. Logitech G920
  14. Haptic Feedback on XB1
  15. Xbox one version very disappointing? [No]
  16. Wheel setting problems again???
  17. Recommended Settings for Fanatec CSW V2?
  18. Problems with the game
  19. Two Problems on Xbox One
  20. FFB problems
  21. Pole to 12th?
  22. Invite to the private session
  23. Helmet Visual Problem
  24. Logitech G920 - Angles not right
  25. Logitech G920 xbox one settings
  26. Is it just me that is getting very VERY poor performance? Help!!
  27. Any controller settings floating about yet +tunes
  28. AI skill over 80?
  29. I'm Confused...(Logitech Wheel Content)
  30. Timing bug
  31. To buy or not to buy
  32. Can't get the car to stay straight (controller)
  33. How much fuel?
  34. Project cars 2 camera problems
  35. Unlock manual pitstops?
  36. FFB Problems
  37. Don't seem.to have enough buttons on the pad ??
  38. Accelerater problem
  39. Thrustmaster TX FFB settings?
  40. is this outrun for MegaDrive?? all over again?? no...
  41. ***** LOGITECH G920 FFB SETTINGS *****
  42. upshift downshift changes on xbox one controller
  43. Turn Steering Wheel Off
  44. Has Xbox one reached its chequered flag?
  45. A few issues ...
  46. Wet Weather
  47. G920 Wheel jerking issue.
  48. Unplayable with controller -.-
  49. Logitech G920 FFB setup thread and my settings to remove shaking/wobble
  50. Games slowes down if to many AI picked (no bug I think)
  51. Manual on Project Cars
  52. Achievement What's Yours Is Mine
  53. Fanatec clubsport elite ffb settings and game settings
  54. Impression and Issues so far
  55. Is there an update for the Xbox also?
  56. [Known Problem] Low sound
  57. Racing line colors (Blue line) ?
  58. Race Results Not Being Saved
  59. [KNOWN Workaround post #56/149] Career progress gone
  60. Blurry shadows
  61. bugs....find em, fix em.
  62. Differential Settings default setup and issues with setting driving assists
  63. Cannot apply custom HUD and saving tunes
  64. Car Setups
  65. Magically disappearing setups?
  66. [KNOWN ISSUE] No Pit Crew
  67. Not impressed...
  68. The more AI I add, the slower the times are
  69. Controller settings for XBox One
  70. Ian Bell - statement re. G920 FFB issue
  71. Rain is undrivable
  72. Settings for tmx wheel?
  73. Numb controller feeling - like steering an Audi
  74. Damper Saturation has no effect
  75. Xbox One Server disconnect.
  76. Settings not saving properly
  77. Feedback: Time Trial not only with Xbox Live Gold
  78. What's going on? Random Disconnects, freezes etc
  79. Cockpit cam graphic glitch at night
  80. PCars 2 Keyboard Support Xbox One?
  81. [RESOLVEd] Game is skipping qualifying sessions
  82. [KNOWN ISSUE] Painful Drive with the G920
  83. How do I recharge the battery in the Laferrari, P1, 918 and NSX?
  84. Race results screwed up?
  85. Playback controls on replay
  86. Fanatec wheel users and FFB settings
  87. Qualifying -do you have to do all 15mins?
  88. My Troubles - Lots discussed here, some not!
  89. Xbox Online Lobbies
  90. Career Standings Bug?
  91. Line bugs and snow
  92. No Controller Rumble Over Bumps?
  93. Can someone help me get started? The game is totally unplayable...
  94. In time trial, is there a way to view or use opponents' ghost tuning setting?
  95. Save Name and Description Not Defaulting Correctly
  96. Is there a Braking only line option
  97. XBox Tournament Feature
  98. Xbox One & Xbox One S performance on PC2
  99. Multiplayer issues
  100. Laptimes depending on AI drivers (Game slow down over 15 AI)
  101. Custom HUD Won't Save
  102. Improving License Rating
  103. The 1968 Lotus Type 56 Ford is buggy
  104. Multiplayer issues
  105. Meaning of Menu spring strength?
  106. Online Performance Issues
  107. brakepedal G920 too sensitive when rubber removed
  108. Why have the FOV so low SMS?
  109. 'Save' doesn't work on UI editor window
  110. [Req] Full driving line ?
  111. Can we get a dedicated controller settings thread?
  112. Fanatec Brake Pedal Reading Correct?
  113. Can an Occulus Rift be used for Pcars2 on XB1?
  114. Corvette C7.R really a 2016 spec GTE?
  115. Car repair after crash
  116. (Bug) Texas Motor Speed Way
  117. Camera change flickering when downshifting?
  118. HUD bug etc.
  119. XB1 online leagues/clubs
  120. AI slow at the start
  121. camera movement tool
  122. Detects Fanatec CSL Elite?
  124. Leaderboards
  125. Spectator/Track Side Cameras
  126. (BUGS) I have found so far...
  127. Can anyone else edit the Hud? (Broken for me)
  128. External camera and radiator
  129. How to change nationality of driver's license
  130. Saving A Setup To All Tracks?
  131. Is anyone else having issues with rain driving...?
  132. How do I use a shared setup?
  133. [Investigating] 180 degree gamepad steering
  134. Feature i wish we had
  135. Day one experience
  136. Wheel degree of rotation
  137. Where to tune in online match?
  138. How to change options during a pit stop?
  139. Multiplayer Multiclass Vehicle Selection
  140. Brakes still keep locking up!
  141. Leaderboards and realistic settings
  142. [KNOWN ISSUE] Save setups bug
  143. Pit Garage bug
  144. Can't change amount of laps or time limit!
  145. I’m Amazed!!
  146. Finally bought it- is it worth it?
  147. Rain inside the garage
  148. FFB with AI
  149. Teammate stops me to return to track
  150. Two things happened in one race which had renewed my faith somewhat...
  151. Speeding up time in qualifying...?
  152. The Old 63' Watson Roadsters
  153. Very low volume of player car with certain cars ex Porche 935
  154. I keep joining lobbies as an observer
  155. Online Issues
  156. RWD and Marek LMP1 HY are not competitive
  157. issue. cadwell manual control crash
  158. Hi Everybody. My Thoughts, (for what they're worth)
  160. In-car Traction Control settings ?
  161. Low frame rate effecting lap times
  162. What's up with multiplayer?
  163. Custom HUD settings [Workaround]
  164. Oulton park concrete barrier?
  165. Game shifting Automatically even when set to manual. New bug?
  166. Button box for Xbox?
  167. Screen going into screen saver mode during play
  168. Possible bugs I've encountered whilst playing PC2 on Xbox One
  169. when the first update is coming for xone?
  170. Xbox One X - graphics improvements?
  171. Car list that seemed to be bugged
  172. At full throttle on straight car loses acceleration cuts out for very short period
  173. GT3 madness! (Glitch report)
  174. Dirección de los autos
  175. XBOX Graphics Quality of Dash
  176. HUD mirror won't stay displayed in cockpit view.
  177. Any hand brake issues ?
  178. Audio keeps disappearing
  179. Warning before memory is full?
  180. steering wheel paddles issue
  181. No damage model?
  182. UDP app? prediction?
  183. Question about TT leaderboards
  184. Replays
  185. Showroom
  186. Thrustmaster 458 Spider Wheel
  187. Replays in TT - possible to add speed etc?
  188. Cars looses power
  189. Clio’s at Knockhill: wow!
  190. Career mode - Position and Laptime issues
  191. Viva Ferrari achievement not unlocking
  192. Career Mode Force Feedback
  193. IA ........ in race
  194. Oval Rolling starts different on console?
  195. How do shared setups / tunes work?
  196. Xbox one pit crew
  197. can you set race and qualifying fuel in project cars 2
  198. Tire Pressures in Qualifying don't match Race
  199. Known Issues Thread - ready yet?
  200. NO!..I am NOT in a Indy car!
  201. Career Mode: It says *Unsuccessful* after winning the race series
  202. Unable to continue career.
  203. Knockhill Rallycross joker broken
  204. Xbox multi-player joining lag
  205. track sugestion
  206. For those having issues with Thrustmaster Tx....
  207. Xbox issue with saving
  208. thrustmaster tx extremely vibration on straight
  209. Can't fix cracked windshield
  210. G920 Buttons (LSB) & (RSB) BUG !!
  211. [BUG REPORT] Game crash during menu loading
  212. Try out my gamepad settings
  213. Why the love affair with GT3?
  214. Noob needs help
  215. Precision Racing League Recruiting on XB1
  216. Acura nsx gt3 dashboard/ motec offset
  217. I really like this game but...
  218. Ai patch?
  219. Thrustmaster TMX won't hit 100% throttle
  220. My BUG List: Oct. 1st, 2017
  221. Project Cars 2 charts at #2 - But UK sales down 72%
  222. Frame rate culprit?
  223. How to share tune?
  224. My Project Cars Xbox One driving rig setup
  225. AFRS league racing. Drivers if interested
  226. Password protected rooms dont work
  227. G920 firmware update
  228. Thrustmaster TMX Pro FFB GT3 Custom Race
  229. UK and other users of countries that drive on the left (Wheel users)
  230. A diamond in the rough (a break from complaining)
  231. A bit about me + looking for serious racing drivers
  232. Try These Steps To Hopefully Reduce Stutters and Frame Drops.
  233. Last Name
  234. Brake sensitivity with controller
  235. Cars aren't being repaired after restart
  236. Is there a work around for Rallycross racing starting you a lap down?
  237. Just some examples of poor graphics that maybe can be looked into and improved.
  238. Karts FFB on Career Mode
  239. Project Cars 2 on Xbox one X
  240. Repetition with errors
  241. Fuel mixture
  242. Career lap times vs private testing mode lap times
  243. FFB question
  244. Racing in slow motion is back...
  245. This game is unsuitable for Xbox One current gen
  246. no speed
  247. Logitech G920 configuration and FFB settings discussion
  248. Praise where praise is due
  249. Unable to use Pcars 2 online...please help
  250. Replays and photo's glitching and not very good