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  1. [PC/XB1/PS4] vrHive - Dashes/Telemetry/Live Data/Arduino/Client-Server/+more
  2. POCK Race Trainer for pCARS (PC, PS4, XBOX1)
  3. DashPanel - Simracing dashboards for Android/iOS/PC/VR.
  4. pCARS2 API for website/apps
  5. Shared Memory for third party apps?
  6. [ANSWERED] Is PCARS 2 going to have dashboard apps again?
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  8. Project CARS UDP Packet Capture
  9. Request - personal offline leaderboards via UDP
  10. API documentation and compatibility mode
  11. Help Wanted: Static Data Entry
  12. Crewchief
  13. Request: Weather API
  14. Sim Tools and Wind mod
  15. License data
  16. does fanaleds work on pc2?
  17. Simvibe
  18. TrackIR
  19. Custom grid tool by Crowtrobot
  20. Help Wanted: PCARS2 Dedicated Server JSON Output
  21. How to Compare Setups in PC2 ?
  22. Custom Grid
  23. Time and Weather Progression Planning Tool
  24. Format new shared memory for pCar 2
  25. Project CARS & Project CARS 2 Static Data API
  26. Confused With SetNextSessionAttributes
  27. A random car, track and season picker web tool I made
  28. RS Dash (pCars Dash successor) - companion telemetry app
  29. [API Bug?]: Can't Enable ManualPitStops via API...?
  30. App Request: Tuning Setups Manager for PC
  31. Voice control mod [UPDATED v2.1]
  32. The Chaos Wizards - Project CARS 2 Modding Group
  33. ABS and Traction warning light output. Is it combined?
  34. HTTP API - Session->Attributes->Privacy bugged?
  35. Unhinged PCARS 2 UDP Packet Speculation
  36. [Request] Coloured Chat Messages + Big Text Message(?)
  37. SIM Dashboard - Highly customizable Companion App for Android (supports PC/PS4/XBOX)
  38. Telemetry software for Project CARS 2
  39. Extraction of Event Data
  40. Race Dash for pCARS - iOS companion app
  41. App Request: Rearview- and Side mirrors
  42. Max Players Can't be Set?!
  43. Player Ratings anywhere queryable??
  44. Dash meter pro?
  45. Anyone using PcarsTT ?
  46. PCars 2 API Questions
  47. pCars 2 Event Results on Steam
  48. PC2 Server Tools - Android APP [UPDATE 1.05]
  49. Is there any Race recap/analysys for Race reports?
  50. DS, HTTP API and Lua API Updates?
  51. No Race Results in sms_stats_data.json?
  52. Custom Grid Tool 2 - Custom Grids for Solo Quick Race
  53. String encoding in shared memory and UDP data
  54. Can Tire Temps and Car Telemetry Data Be Captured in PC2?
  55. APP showing online lobbies, possibly with push notification...
  56. UDP data packets - matching driver names to timing data
  57. Moddability
  58. Another shared memory question - participant array ordering
  59. "Custom Random Weather Automator"
  60. PCARS2 UDP API Bug reports
  61. Alternative Leaderboard
  62. PS4 UDP Not Broadcasting Names
  63. PCARS UDP Java Structure
  64. Crew chief warn on low fuel?
  65. Best option for telemetry export (CSV/Excel)
  66. Dashmeter pro / direct UDP mode?
  67. Pace notes in Crew Chief
  68. PCars2 Telemetry Browsing with Button BOX
  69. Project CARS 2 randomiser tool
  70. PCARS2 Shared Memory changes with patch v1.3
  71. Is UDP working for spectators?
  72. Need excel UPD help
  73. New additions to shared memory and UDP data
  74. API documentation and breaking changes
  75. Sim Strategy (work in progress)
  76. Shared Memory API wish list :)
  77. PS4 Telemetry Participant Names STILL BLANK
  78. Telemetry logger on Raspberry Pi?
  79. Wind Simulator
  80. Z1 Dashboard
  81. Z1 Analyzer
  82. App Request: Extract Personal Best Lap Times?
  83. Is MoteC support a future possibility?
  84. UDP data via Win 10mobile hotspot possible?
  85. Decoding track and car strings in NodeJS
  86. Time trials data source API? (JSON prefered)
  87. Button Box Android App for PS4?
  88. Dedicated Server HTTP API
  89. Weird behaviour from UDP
  90. vrHive - installation blocked under Windows 10
  91. Project Cars 2 VoiceAttack (Voice Control) Profile
  92. leaderboard data
  93. Suspension Output
  94. Recommended Apps to get for an Xbox User?
  95. RIGDash - Companion Dashboard
  96. Help with iPad n iPhone connections xbox1
  97. UDP or Shared Memory
  98. PC2Info, a PC program that shows most stats the game provides over UDP
  99. shared memory - float mPersonalFastestLapTime - not showing personal best
  100. recommended third-party apps to improve pc vr experience
  101. CrewChief or Project Cars?
  102. Made a 'Voice control mod quick reference sheet' you might find useful
  103. Overwolf
  104. Re: Any Recommended Apps for PS4 Pro???
  105. How to get game data on laptop using UDP api?
  106. CrewChief thinking tyre wear is a penalty.
  107. Car and Track names in API
  108. App for tracking lap times
  109. Data during replay
  110. Possible UDP Version 2 issue
  111. RsDash - Tyre Wear Vanished???
  112. ServerManager-CMDtool // Server starter / Weather randomizer / .ini file configs
  113. Making a buttonbox - input wanted
  114. sGearNumGears - how to interpret?
  115. Why still UDP Pcars 1 for Pcars 2?
  116. Rust programming language shared memory api sample.
  117. Interacting with a game through any kind of api?
  118. Power/Torque graph builder, may be useful for somebody.
  119. PC2Tuner - Engineering Tune Visualization
  120. GAVRA Racing (OBS studio)
  121. ServerManager-GUI // Server starter / Weather randomizer / Multiple Servers/Configs
  122. Project CARS Time Attack
  123. CREST2 - a.k.a. CARS2 REST API
  124. State of UDP on Consoles
  125. RaceApp League Management System
  126. Sim Racing Telemetry is available for download
  127. Future of PC2 API
  128. Problem with kicking members using lua
  129. [SOLVED] shared memory: string encoding changed after patch 5?
  130. List of LoadStates?
  131. Telemetry app question
  132. RS Dash on PS4
  133. Developer question on how to implement track maps.
  134. Strobify - flashing lights | Wheel | Controller| Macro
  135. How to show practice times on website..
  136. Memory Mapped File gives incorrect Lap Number for Online events?
  137. Tuning Setups .vts Format
  138. C# Udp V2 library
  139. Random Race Generator and API
  140. List of 3rd party apps?
  141. session.members table bugged? Private?
  142. Sim Racing Telemetry - Project Cars 2 released 7/6/2018
  143. Modded cars support after patch 6
  144. RS Dash on PC for PS4 users
  145. Memory Mapped API and UDP have different sets of values, is it going away anytime?
  146. Tyre data question
  147. Does anyone have experience with noise reduction for Sinuslive Bass Pumps?
  148. Macbook And Third Party Apps
  149. Problem in current UDP definition file
  150. Getting start lane position and orientation
  151. Project CARS 2 weather generator
  152. PC2 Weather Generator - You can choose chance of rain!
  153. sTrackVariation always "Stage 3" in udp?
  154. Stats app?
  155. Shared memories for Arduino
  156. Help wanted with building an RPi lap times logger
  157. Any UDP or shared memory changes in patch 7?
  158. Not seeing any UDP traffic on port 5606
  159. Gloves motion tracking for VR
  160. pCars2 UDP question
  161. Project Cars 2 on a PS4 RS Dash issues
  162. OpenWeather [Testing]: A proposal to fix weather issues
  163. UDP Characters
  164. UDP director/spectator mode is it working?
  165. Scanline Sync ??
  166. Online rep / license
  167. i chinese .i need a api .thank you!
  168. [Request] Timing Monitor for Windows
  169. Shared Memory Data inconsistancy
  170. UDP questions
  171. Project CALC - car/track leaderboards for consoles
  172. need UDP app issues help
  173. Separating values in sSector and sGearNumGears
  174. UDP IP address change
  175. CPP Classes for capturing UDP packets.
  176. HEX value for gear status
  177. Dedicated server api - is SessionStage Race1 removed?
  178. Receiving UDP packages / info using Python (Spyder IDE)
  179. Installing PCARS modules to Python
  180. startup parameters documentation / API ?
  181. RST Software the Official RST data analyser
  182. I can't seem to get Fanaleds working on PC2 and I just don't get it...
  183. Custom Grid Addon for Dedicated Server
  184. sms_stats addon configuration
  185. Running RSDash and Crewchief together
  186. How to parse session end_time from sms_stats
  187. what programming language does pcars2 use?
  188. Success - using several UDP clients on the same computer, same socket/port
  189. APP to track user lap times (Local leaderboard)
  190. Time diff to other cars correct in the game?
  191. Laptime / Telemetry Logger Tool - UFLT
  192. Strange Simvibe issue.
  193. Ghost mentor app for time trial
  194. Is it possible to use date and time in sms rotate?
  196. Doubt with log (sms_stats_addon)
  197. Race Dash on iOS. Please help.
  198. SIM Dashboard recommendation
  199. API for automated payments in simrace center
  200. Osx app for pcars2 udp
  201. How to decode Wind data from UDP stream.
  202. Real-time telemetry/race strategy tool released for PC2
  203. Project CARS 3 telemetry api
  204. Telemetry Data from Apps
  205. Issues qhen reading sms_stats_data.son with pcars2-stats-master by m1ndgames
  206. SharedMemory mLapInvalidated just not working
  207. Social Telemetry, World-Records, Ranking
  208. How to get the Race Position form Player
  209. Z1 Designer
  210. Parsing Float from API
  211. AI-based Race Crew, Strategy Tool and Pitwall application (complete suite)
  212. Data acquisition and analysis PC2 - Computer