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  2. PCars 3/Revolution Content: Teases, Speculation and Discussion
  3. Project Cars 3 This Summer (Pre-release Discussion)
  4. pCARS3 will compete directly with Forza Motorsports and not other sims
  5. Project Cars 3 : buy or no buy?
  6. is spa really not going to be in pcars 3?
  7. First?
  8. Community rules and expectations update
  9. Season pass
  10. The "constructive discussion/criticism only" thread
  11. T-GT FFB Support
  12. UDP/Third Party Apps and Keyboard/Button Box Support?
  13. Supra Power DLC suggestion
  14. Project CARS 3 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  15. SMS needs to invest in better game designers
  16. Any info or reviews discussing this game in VR? Post 'em here.
  17. Honda Civic
  18. Xbox one X enhancement
  19. Track day cars
  20. VR-compatible UI
  21. The Project CARS 3 reviews thread
  22. Dodge Viper Race Car
  23. Install released on steam - 2300 GMT
  24. Bug reports
  25. Streaming VR now
  26. Feedback to the Devs, my own pov.
  27. [First Start] Useful tips
  28. Road Cars DLC Suggestions
  29. Custom Liveries
  30. Post your FFB settings/setup
  31. Where are the settings?
  32. Logitech PS4 Wheel not working
  33. VR performance - I need help
  34. Remove the Aussie supercar from GT A, the Ford stockcar from GT B, etc...
  35. Why no controller feedback when tires lose grip cornering?
  36. Anti-aliasing and lame collision effects
  37. How car customization might have been appealing to a pc2 loyalist
  38. Open Lobbies (Non League)
  39. Photo Mode in Replay and Virtual Reality
  40. Something wrong with upgrade system
  41. Daily Rivals issue [The Joys of Quattro]?
  42. Crashes when on track and I click RACE. Any ideas please?
  43. [GER] Du willst direkt zum Release mit PCars 3 durchstarten?
  44. Project Cars 3 and TrackIR 5
  45. Could someone please explain the differential settings in tuning?
  46. How to set Antialiasing, gtx 1660 super - 1080p?
  47. General fixes needed and other bugs / recommendations
  48. What is The Point of XP Points
  49. My look at Project CARS 3
  50. In-game audio/volume too low in Pcars 3 (PS4)
  51. Ghost recordings
  52. Wet weather
  53. What kind of resolution is targeted on an Xbox One X?
  54. Problem for me with PC2 that continues into PC3
  55. were are the UDP settings options?
  56. AI Changes
  57. Feature Request: Custom Races without AI
  58. Can you have more than 1 driver save file [PS4]?
  59. Error - CRC error loading file
  60. Loan Cars
  61. Poor VR Performance with PC3
  62. Where do I get actual dev support? Is it possible?
  63. A quick question about Pcars 3
  64. Iíve come across a strange glitch on PS4.
  65. For VR users : VR Sharpening Settings
  66. Couple of issues with Pcars3. Wheel issue
  67. Xbox Refund System
  68. Lowering of textures when the lights of the opponents illuminate us in PS4 pro !!!
  69. How do i view which tracks i have mastered?
  70. My wishlist for PCars 3 updates
  71. Different Rims & button assignment
  72. Logitech G29 Wheel Issue
  73. Thrustmaster t-gt doesnít work on project cars 3 ps4
  74. Graphics tweaks + game questions. Fun detour from PC2
  75. What's with the graphics?
  76. And the numbers are in ...
  77. Custom FFB?
  78. Project CARS 3 (Hotlap, Breakout, Pace Setter, and Rivals all platforms)
  79. Accolades
  80. Rivals rules
  81. Seat adjustment.
  82. How to move the windshield closer to the driver
  83. Elite 2 controller support on XboX/PC
  84. Distribution of points in scheduled races
  85. Project Cars 3 Unable to select audio device
  86. The "Missing cars" list :)
  87. Removing Tunes?
  88. XB1X Thrustmaster auto counter steering help
  89. Tuning Settings + Setup Guides
  90. A list of suggests for the Replay mode.
  91. Triple Screen HUD Location
  92. Cant assign Left and Right side wheel on Project cars 3
  93. Suggestions for Devs
  94. I just HAD to do this when I saw it was possible! ;)
  95. Any solutions to the G29 wheel issue out there yet?
  96. Project Cars 3 UDP telemetry
  97. Pcars 3 sticking on splash screen (PS4)...Bug?
  98. Help! I can't play in career modeÖ
  99. There is a significant amount of lag while using Manual Clutch.
  100. PS4: Pcars 3 Tuning Presets (BALANCED, HIGH GRIP, HIGH SPEED). How get all three?
  101. Is it only me who finds Pcars 3 Career too difficult?
  102. Race Videos Thread
  103. custom resolution pc
  104. The Problem with Scheduled Races
  105. Any stable settings for the TM500rs or TM300 for PC3?
  106. question, does adjusting and changing the seat position effect game proformance?
  107. [BUG/ISSUE] Steam Achievements
  108. [SUGGESTION] Pinned posts on stores
  109. PS4 G29
  110. career erased ?
  111. to much immersion killing with this game.
  112. Dev blog: Handling Upgrades
  113. PROBLEM - PC3 with Logitech G29 (PS4)
  114. For those who say that irl drivers don't know/care/worry about car set ups
  115. Time of the day selection
  116. Option to disable vignette effect
  117. Best method to farm XP And Money (FAQ)
  118. Multiplayer (E-Sports)
  119. PCARS 3 In-Game Credits Per Tier/Player Level Checklist
  120. How to properly start a Hot Lap Daily - question
  121. Need some clearing up on Toe Angle
  122. Custom Setups ON / OFF not working correctly?
  123. Gamepad vs steering wheel
  124. Comparision to other games
  125. Tuning Settings + Setup Guides?
  126. Steering sensitivity on the keyboard
  127. 2+ weeks and STILL can't play :(
  128. [PS4] Update #1 Notes
  129. [PC] Update #1 Notes
  130. Rivals Mode
  132. [XBOX] Update #1 Notes
  133. VR issue
  134. Impressed on the livery editor but less on sponsor attachments
  135. VR performance on 1080ti
  136. Fanatec Podium Issues [solution inside]
  137. Proper anti-aliasing filter needed
  138. Time Trial Mode? Tracking best times for Hot Laps
  139. 'XBOX Update' Thread closed
  140. AI on ovals
  141. Graphics performance drops when weather is set from clear to rain
  142. What happen when enable Supersampling in GTX cards?
  143. nVidia 30x0 and pCars - anyone?
  144. Frame rate drop to 1 fps at Nordschleife
  145. All display information disappeared without trace
  146. Challenge Accepted achievement bug
  147. [XBOX] Update #1 Notes
  148. Overcome your rivals Achievement
  149. New achievements (6) for the next DLC (Steam)
  150. The AI needs alot of work.
  151. Sunlight sunrise flashing shadows
  152. To cut or not to cut, where is the penalty
  153. PS4 Update 1.06
  154. Correct G29 settings?
  155. Can't race with upgrades
  156. Bugatti Chiron handling
  157. VR HUD disappeared
  158. Rainy track surface reflections bug
  159. Ghosts of the other rivals
  160. 2020 Sim Racingís Big Boom
  161. Making adversaries Trophy glitched
  162. AI needs work on PC3
  163. Moronic, pathetic and pc anxious censorship
  164. Car blocked
  165. Custom Grid Tool & Custom FFB Files ?
  166. GeForce GTX 1660 Super - Nvidia panel settings help!!!
  167. Penalties!
  168. Zolder - cutting festival
  169. PC - GTX 1660 Super - How fix shadow flickering?
  170. Custom Events - Xbox
  171. [report here] Project CARS 3 (possible) USB issues.
  172. Multiplayer bugs/issues/options
  173. Podium DD1 + Clubsport Pedals V3 - Combined - Pedals not working
  174. Online Driver swap with other real drivers in PC3
  175. Monthly Rivals Rank - how does it work?
  176. Another legend gone.
  177. I LOVE this game but.....
  178. [XBOX] Update #2 Notes
  179. [PC] Update #2 Notes
  180. [PS4] Update #2 Notes
  181. does the game look any better and has UDP been enabled with the latest update?
  182. Where is...?
  183. Easiest Groove Tracks
  184. Silverstone Stowe New Legends DLC Hotlap Event in Career, which car is the best?
  185. List of Track Details Available?
  186. [XBOX] Challenge Accepted achievement
  187. No online lobbies
  188. Getting PS5 how active is PC3 on PlayStation??
  189. Controller input lag
  190. Any discordís for competitive racing on PS4/5?
  191. Disconnecting from multi-player
  192. Want a laugh?? Read what we HAVE to do to organise a competitive league in PC3....
  193. PC3 Team based GT3 League racing Lap times inside for entry
  195. The scheduled races always the same ?
  196. Screen Display of Speed, Position, Lap Number, Start Countdown
  197. Do I get all my XP if I Restart *after* a race?
  198. View replay query
  199. License plate/ Driver name query
  200. Customising Graphical Options for Better Performance in VR
  201. Xbox Project cars 3 GT3 league Interlagos highlights + register interest
  202. Is there any way to modify or disable advanced gfx options like in pcars2?
  203. Fanatec Wheel Opinion please
  204. Questions RE DLC
  205. Pcars 3 no time trial mode ?
  206. [XBOX] Game crashes when in menu's
  207. PCars 3 Questions
  208. [PS4 and PC] update#3 notes
  209. [XBOX update #" notes]
  210. The car level does not go up.
  211. XSX Optimization?
  212. *HELP* "Car Collector" Trophy on PlayStation 4
  213. EA to buy Codemasters?
  214. Are there any updates from Playstation 4 to Playstation 5 planned?
  215. XBOX - SIMCADE LEAGUE RACING want to race with the fastest ?
  216. Project Cars 4 Teases, Speculation and Discussion
  217. Fanatec DD1 wheel setup ???
  218. Style Pack tunes/upgrade help
  219. Let's design the ultimate racing simulation game
  220. Limit on the number of cars in the garage?
  221. Fanatec wheels still recognize as a Thrustmaster (Xbox)
  222. No brake modulation
  223. How to add AI cars to Multiplayer private event in Project Cars 3
  224. Logitech G920 steering wheel and pedals
  225. Force Feedback
  226. Thrustmaster BT LED PC Support
  227. How to set the wheel and gas with g29
  228. FANATEC Force Feedback v1.0
  229. Can you race this fast? - PC3 on Xbox
  230. Having problems with the camera view being off-center, not focused on wheel
  231. Driver Seat Adjustments: demo and how to video
  232. Are there going to be more content for this game?
  233. No memory aviable for setups and ghost
  234. Dodge Viper ACR missing rev limiter redline Viper display
  235. General forum behavior
  236. SLR SERIES 4 GT3 LEAGUE with livestream + Commentary starts 7th Feb - sign up!!
  237. 5 Recommended Best Lightweight PC Car Racing Games
  238. Fun Fun Fun
  239. Logitech G29 not working
  240. Rift vs Rift-S
  241. Snow
  242. Race Circuits Past, Present & Fictional
  243. Minimum Requirements
  244. PS4 Update 1.10/1.11 notes
  245. PC Update 1.11 notes
  246. XBOX update 1.11 notes
  247. Any chance we may see more Koenigseggs? Regera anyone
  248. Will there ever be a Project Cars 3?
  249. i cant control my car
  250. Awful performance at night/rain on 30 series card