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08-05-2015, 10:05

i am member of a pretty big forum in germany. We are racing many Multiplayer-Sessions. Most of the time we have 10+ Players in a lobby and we want to talk to each other.
Problem is, that the PSN Party Chat only allows a max of 8 Members. We tried the Ingame-Chat, but we couldn't understand each other...

Could you please increase the ingame-chat-quality. If there is no way because of networking things, at least try to kick Sonys ass , so they will increase the max of Party-Chat Users.;)

Thank you!

Bavarian Turbo
24-05-2015, 06:59
in the Xbox version, it is the same problem, unfortunately, the in-game chat is not working.

I hope that will be pached soon

24-05-2015, 07:41
One thing you can do which will instantly make voice in game a lot clearer is to turn down the Mic gain in the PS4s systems settings.

Go to settings on the PS4s menu screen, go down to devices, then select adjust Microphone level and turn it down. For some reason the game amplifies the Mic level past what its set in the system setting and cause the voice to be very distorted to the pont of not being able to understand what people are saying (so far this is the only game ive see do this).

You're also going to have to turn down the in game audio settings so that you can hear people (so that the music and sound effects dont drown out peoples voices).