View Full Version : Thrustmaster T300 RS - PS4 - Any good setup ?

08-05-2015, 15:29
Hi everyone,

First I apologize in advance for my approximative english and ask you to respond in easy words, I'm french :)

I've got a Thrustmaster T300 RS and I've a lot of difficulties to... make the car turn ! Except in karting, it looks like the car is going straight at every corner ! With a fast car, it's kind of OK, but with a slow car like a ford focus RS, it's terrible. IDK if it's normal or if there is a way to improve my steering wheel settings.

Any good setup to share ?

08-05-2015, 15:41
Sounds like it needs recalibrating or has been calibrated wrong.Does steering input match the screen wheel?if not recalibrate wheel in control settings

08-05-2015, 16:03
Indeed... It's much better now that I reset all the steering wheel settings :D

10-05-2015, 11:18
Did you get a good button layout?
Here is what im currently using after messing around with it

Flash/L2 - Look left
Radio/R2 - look right
Pit/Triangle - DRS
Scroll/Circle - Kers
Water/Square - Look behind
Wiper/X - Cycle hud display
R3 -seat position up
L3 - seat position down (Used in cockpit and helmet cam these i probably will change once i have all cars to my liking)
Up - Cycle cam
Right - wipers
Left - headlights
Down - Handbrake(i didn't want handbrake but you have to assign)