View Full Version : Fanatec 911 Turbo S Wheel Issues Thread

08-05-2015, 16:03
I thought it was worth opening a thread dedicated to problems with the 911 Turbo S wheel, as the other Fanatec thread is covering a range of wheels / pedals.

I've managed to get my Turbo S wheel to work, but there are issues. If others would like to post their issues / fixes, hopefully the developers can see our issues and give us direct feedback.

Wheel will only connect in "PC" mode, not correct PlayStation mode (therefore, buttons do not light up)
In the config menu, there is no picture of the wheel, meaning you can't see the button maps
With the wheel connected, the only button on the DS4 that will work is the "PS" button. The "Options" button will not work meaning to get to the config menu, you have to disconnect the wheel
When driving, there is some noticeable lag, which I can't configure out in any settings
When driving, there is a horrible deadzone at straight ahead that I can't configure out in settings (i.e. game & wheel all set to 0 deadzone, but it still exists)

This is all I've found for now, but it's already making playing the game a nightmare :( After such a long wait for the game, this is hugely disappointing.

Titzon Toast
08-05-2015, 16:33
Yep, same wheel here and the exact same issues too, to say I'm bitterly disappointed is an understatement.
The game is pretty much unplayable with my Turbo-S.
The FFB is very snatchy too.
I'm not playing it again until it gets patched.

11-05-2015, 10:07
The internals on this wheel are the same as 911 gt3 rs v2,911 gt2 and shares a lot of similarities to the csw,so please can any further posts be taken here :)