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10-05-2015, 16:05
I consider Project CARS a really great game, but there are some bugs, which really annoy me on the PS4
1. When Im in the box and watching other KIs drive and I jump back to my car, it suddenly makes loud noises, like it would at full speed on the track.
2. The Monaco racing track is horrible in the LMP1 series. Every race I drove ended in that all cars got stuck in one particular turn, which made it unplayable.
3. There were some weird glitches in the pit lane, where my car would get stuck in another car. Also I clicked on "change driver" while in the pit lane. Suddenly the guided driving mode switched off and I could drive in the pit lane as fast as I wanted.
4. Some weird collisions where I could drive through another car without crashing.
5. Disappearing and flickering objects in the driving mirror. Also had some terrible screen tearing...
6. Sometimes my car gets an enginge damage which results in my car stopping on the side of the racing track. When I click on "simulate race" the KI can drive the car again with 100 km/h.

Hope this bugs will be fixed with the next patch.
Furthermore it would be great if you could add a little bit more atmosphere to the races. The pit lane is completly empty. There are no track marshals who wave flags. Also a little bit more information from my crew during the race would be great (hows my car doing etc, should I drive more agressively...). And last but not least: Please add a safety car. When there is a crash it would be nice to see, how the marshals would remove the car with a crane or something like that. And (but I think thats only my opinion) commentators would be great while watching a race.

10-05-2015, 17:21

I hope they make the transition from driving into the pits to when the game takes over more smoother and there should be a point when driving through the pits were it gives you automatic control as I sometimes forget to press continue.

If you stop and hold the left stick down and hold it down the screen flickers and jumps.

The option vignette what does this do on or off?

We need an explanation to what the settings do and how it changes the game.

Some naggy bugs mentioned hope sorted in a patch soon.

But so far I’m enjoying it.

11-05-2015, 06:37
I would like more information on HUD: alert to the critical fuel level, specification that is equipped car tires.
Needed more powerful car headlights at night (Le Mans) and change damaged parts of the car when entering the pit stop in Le Mans race (hood).

11-05-2015, 18:12
Also seems, that in time trial mode the box is not working. Just getting guided through without repairing any damages. Additionally had many problems with the flags and penalty system, as it is not working properly. Had some tires on the track after a crash but there was no yellow flag. And somehow I think, that the AI isnt equally affected from damages and mechanical problems ...