View Full Version : Game crashes & freezes, Fanatec wheel loses connection

10-05-2015, 21:17
Hi all,

I have a couple of questions: I bought a PS4 and Project Cars a couple of days ago and my god, I have a lot of problems so here's a small list. Since I just bought my ps4 system I'm even wondering if there's nothing wrong with my console...

- I play, or try to play, with Fanatec Turbo S Wheel with firmware 756
- I can navigate menu's, but L2 (brake) doesn't seem to work
- Setup has to be changed every time I run the game
- On track, the game sometimes freezes completely. Even the controller won't work
- If the game doesn't freezes, it crashes. Shutting down and giving me the possibility to send a report
- The wheel just loses connection without a reason. I very rarely have this problem with my ps3. But not with Xbox 360 or pc... Pausing the game of just sending me straight on into the barriers
- When playing with controller, everything seems to be working fine.

I have to say, after buying a ps4 especially for this game, I am MASSIVELY disappointed... I have the impression the game itself is brilliant, but when you announce a certain wheel is supported, then make sure it is supported!!!

Anyways, any help, hints or report of similar problems would be much appreciated :-)

10-05-2015, 22:26
It is a Fanatec 911 series bug

11-05-2015, 00:06
Hmm okay, thanks for the answer.

Got rid of the disconnections by lowering the ffb. 5 in game and 10 on wheel.

was able to drive about half an hour earlier today.

Now a new problem has occured. In the beginning of a session I seem to have no brakes at all, after 2 laps the brakes work fine but after 3 laps the cars is breaking everywhere without me touching the pedal...