View Full Version : Bugs found so far

11-05-2015, 19:44
Apart from the glaring DS4 control issues and other bugs I'm sure most people know about, I have come across a few bugs that need addressing. I also have a few suggestions for improvements:

-Race results screen appears off centre then centres every time.
-Notification title upon return to career screen (the one with the black text on pink background, telling you when you have an email) is unreadable due to font type and colour contrast. Tried different TV settings but nothing reasonable helped.
-Ford Escort lists to the right (have tried different dead zones and two different controllers on multiple tracks). Have observed the technical view for the steering input and it appears on centre but the car still moves to the right.
-Ford Escort also rolls with almost any contact with other cars even at low speed or in non serious impacts.
-Ford Escort also under-steers severely idk if it's just with with tcs on, due to my poor driving or just the way the car is

-Add Options menu to pause or pit screen so we don't have to exit practice, change settings then re-load back in to test a controller config.
-Mapping shifter to right stick is a bit frustrating as the stick re-centering after an up or down shift often results in it changing back to the previous gear again. Please add a general deadzone for the sticks.
-Add more info to the controller settings screen as well as an option to save multiple configurations/ controller maps.
-Allow sticks to be remapped to match steering lock. My left stick is on full lock with just over 50% input 8/
-Standardise the way we select vehicles in the different modes (practice, time trial etc) so the UI is not so inconsistent and confusing.
-Add the option to career to guide you through just the Historic goals so we don't have to figure it out ourselves or so we don't screw it up. I accidentally selected to re-up my Kart One contract which set me back a whole season 8P

Other than a few bugs and controller twitchiness (major issue for me).. the game is freak'n fantastic! The handling model is so pleasing, the sounds are raw and exciting and its all a visual treat