View Full Version : Strange random handling? Random input to steering?

12-05-2015, 20:02
First off, game is great, I love it! It needs a bit of polishing around the edges but all in all amazing and a solid base to work from.

Quick question to see if anybody else has this issue. I am on a race in carear at Oulton Park with the 250cc superkarts and from the off the handling is strange. As in the kart it totaly uncontrollable from the start line to the first corner. The steering goes all numb and wanders all over the track as if in moving the stick. I can't even keep it on a straight line!

It's not due to cold tyres etc, it is just really eratic strange input! Never had it before on this track or with this kart. It's like im randomly flicking the stick!

Any ideas guys? And help much appreciated.

Also, not hating on my pad use. Wheel is on it's way!!

Edit: also using controller input mode 2. 3 was default but 2 feels alot more better and more feel to the handling.

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