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17-05-2015, 02:03
so i take it this game only allows for one(1) custom paint per car? looking in the 'CustomLiveries' folder there is only one set of files for each car and those are the ones you overwrite. being an old programmer... i suspect the code only calls for those files by name... hence there can be no duplicates and it will not look for additional names. i kinda like the game and don't want to knock it... but if this is the case... then THAT is pretty darn lame especially for as long as this game was in development.

please tell me i am wrong...

p.s. in multiplayer... do the skins even show? i have yet to race online but i think i read where you only see your paint and no one else's. is this true? if this is true then someone sure dropped the ball on this one. :(

Alan Dallas
17-05-2015, 03:37
There was no ball dropping. Both these topics were discussed at length starting years ago on the WMD forums by community members(myself included) and continues to be discussed to this day on the WMD forums. Mostly ways to implement these days. It all comes down to scheduling and importance of a wanted feature vs a needed feature. Both multiple custom liveries and custom MP liveries fall squarely in the want category.

All we can ask of the community is what was asked of us by the devs; patience please.

17-05-2015, 05:27
dude i heard about this game years ago but i did not follow it because i did NOT think it would pan out. i am glad that it did and like i said i like it for the most part but skinning is a vital part of sim racing just as in flight sims... especially combat re-enactment scenarios. it adds realism and definitely adds to the longevity of the sim. yes it was my fault for not following this pipe dream to fruition but THAT is beside the point. apparently according to your statement... people did in fact vote on it and yes in my opinion the ball WAS dropped. it would have been a LOT simpler to code it in from the start with variables even if it weren't implemented to start with. now... if they have to go back in... it is a LOT harder to change code and debug things. (i am an old programmer) i also understand that multiplayer viewing compromises latency based on connection speeds so i completely understand why it may have been passed on.

it would be great if they can add it and it is okay if they don't... so my patience is irrelevant in the matter and does not change my opinion that if only allowed one skin per car... it was an oversight on the part of the developers. sorry if i am not a fanboy as some seem to be. i am new to this party and was completely surprised as i have dug deeper into this title. it was only a question and an opinion stated. sorry if it ruffled your feathers. lol now go back to what you were doing and i will pretend you did not try to stuff something down my throat. (or at least it sure sounded that way to me) cheers

17-05-2015, 12:00
You have saved me from starting a thread about this exact topic, thanks.

17-05-2015, 14:52
I'm not having whinge, but seriously for a game that's been in development for 4 years, surely the problem of having more than one livery for each model vehicle should've been addressed by now! If every other software company who develops racing simulation games can achieve to put together such a basic bit of coding, surely you guys can do the same!

17-05-2015, 15:19
I've had this question since I started looking into pCARS also, and I would definitely agree a ball has been dropped somewhere.

after reading the response in the first reply (nothing personal)...
"Both multiple custom liveries and custom MP liveries fall squarely in the want category."

For a "Community Assisted" Racer I would put these fairly highly in the 'Need' category, I am loving the game and what it has to offer, but the only in-game Community interaction available seems to be racing each other, I can do this in any racer.

Taking Forza for example the skinning aspect of it is Huge! How has the skinning here been completely ignored, and implemented to the point of a single skin per car, that isn't even really useable, apart from single player, single race game modes.

I brought this game almost souly based on the skinning potential, but Quickly realised how redundant skinning currently is in this game.
So much effort goes in to skinning a car but there is really no where to use it proportional to that effort. I'd like to be able to use it even as the livery for my pCARS career mode, but even that isn't possible.

I can't help but feel let down a little on this.

I enjoy the game and what is does have over other racing games but I feel this will quickly wear off. Something like useable, online-viewable skins would keep me invested in the game and make me want to come back more and more.

So yes, a ball has absolutely been dropped and is rolling away pretty fast.

Umer Ahmad
17-05-2015, 15:20
It's not a "can do" question, they can do anything. It's a priority question, multiple custom skins wasnt high enough on the list prior to launch. Same with proper iRacing style 3x screen support.

17-05-2015, 17:02
thnx ahmad... i understand priorities... we all have those :)

20-05-2015, 01:31
just save the paint as something different in its own folder.

Franco Ferrari
20-05-2015, 10:49
surely the problem of having more than one livery for each model vehicle

The point here is that this is not, at all, seen as a problem.

But don't think this was not discussed in depth.

A single custom livery is composed of several high resolution files amounting to several Mb of data for each livery. Custom liveries have higher resolution than the basic in-game liveries.
So, even the possible solution of "synchronizing" all the livery across all the players in a lobby is not really practical... because the possible scenario of 64 players, each one with his custom livery... will result in hundreds of Mb of data to be sent across ALL the players BEFORE the race starts, in order to let everyone see correct liveries for everyone.
And all this data must be uploaded FROM each player's computer, down to EACH OTHER player's computer... and given that most if not all players have ADSL with scarce upload bandwidth, this would easily lead to a synchronizing time of tens of minutes.

20-05-2015, 13:31
Could this not be done during the practice/qualifying sessions on an opt in basis? or semi opt-in dependant on a players connection speed? or a system based on zip files that pCARS could handle this could reduce some of the load.
I'm sure this has been discussed already, but I do feel (and I'm sure many others do too) that custom liveries are a pretty important feature for a "community" racer

Franco Ferrari
20-05-2015, 13:42
As Umer said, is not a matter of "if" but rather of "how long does it take".
With infinite development resources, both human and economical, I think we'd have custom livery support all the way into the game by now.
But unfortunately this is/was not our case.

IMO, due to its nature, the "connection speed" is not a reliable enough parameter to base anything upon... and it's also difficult to test it "on the fly".
Also, even a very basic livery (only the "LIVERY_PLAYER.AI" file) zipped with RAR takes 1.3-1.5 Mb (it's almost 12mb unzipped).

Anyway... future support is not excluded. But, again, it's very low on the priority list right now.