View Full Version : Project Cars Official Soundtrack is released

Stephen Baysted
03-07-2015, 19:15
The soundtrack album, which includes bonus material, is released today on iTunes, Amazon and Google PLAY:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/project-cars-original-soundtrack/id1008677481

Amazon: http://t.co/lwDoD5hnLY

Google PLAY: http://t.co/301greBa9b


1. Pressure
2. Lux Aeterna
3. Green, Green, Green
4. Spa 24
5. Qui audet adipiscutur
6. Quies ante tempestatem
7. Huayra
8. Le Mans
9. Spa 24 part 2
10. Pressure (instrumental)
11. Ferrari (Bonus track)
12. Liszt/Beethoven (Gamescom trailer edit)


03-07-2015, 19:40
Tried to open the Ferrari bonus "track" but itune not responding. Might be my tablet, so will try later.

03-07-2015, 19:52
only 12 songs? :( Starbound has more than 55 Songs :-P :cool:

now i don't have to let the game menu open to hear the songs :)

PS: i know it's a complete different game genre, you have music in the gameplay in starbound and in pCars only in the menue so don't take my post too serious ;)

Lukas Macedo
03-07-2015, 19:58
Wake up in the morning. Get to the car, turn on the ignition... "Go, go, go, go!!!" :barbershop_quartet_

03-07-2015, 22:03
I subscribe to Deezer and just noticed its on there so I'll definitely give it a go. Thanks

Mad LL
03-07-2015, 23:47
Awesome. Who must we harrass for a physical CD release ? :)

03-07-2015, 23:55
Ferrari aeehhh
Hint hint

Aldo Zampatti
04-07-2015, 02:36
Oh Doctor!!! Thanks for this! This will be amazing for my car playlist! :) (I'll feel to step harder on the gas on my Clio RS with this soundtrack recalling my PCARS time) :)

04-07-2015, 10:31
Loving spa 24, if ever the beeb wanted to freshen up F1 and find a replacement for Fleetwood Mac's the chain, they have one right here!

05-07-2015, 09:02
Thanks for sharing! Added to the collection of tons of J-Pop songs! :D

06-07-2015, 18:09
It's on Spotify as well. ;)


Eric Rowland
06-07-2015, 18:41
Congratulations! :barbershop_quartet_

06-07-2015, 23:33
I like "Green Green Green" :barbershop_quartet_

Azure Flare
12-07-2015, 14:01
It's on Spotify as well. ;)

Oh hell yes. :D

Although, I think the song from the intro should be there as well.