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05-07-2015, 10:42
Hi there!

As I think the official leaderboard website lacks some features, above all being able to see all of your personal leaderboard entries at one glance and being able to sort and filter them, I made a little tool where you can have just that. I want to share it with you in case someone else is interested in this.

About the tool (and alternative)
If you like the idea of the tool, please note that there is also cry_inc's enhanced leaderboard website (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?32319-Alternative-Leaderboard-for-PC-Players) that follows the same idea, and that my tool is actually kind of based on. @cry_inc thanks for giving me a nice template for the UI, I especially love your relative positioning stat (top x%), that is why I copied it, no bad feelings I hope :D So yeah, cry_inc's website may actually be the better choice for you. I just wanted to make a tool of my own anyways, for a few reasons:
- I didn't want to be dependant on cry_inc's web site in case he shuts it down (I know it's probably not happening, but you never know)
- I wanted a desktop app
- I wanted a real-time synch of the leaderboards (cry_inc's website is only updating the data once every night or something like that)
- I have some plans for more features with my tool for the future
- I just like coding

If you prefer such a desktop tool too, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (http://www.file-upload.net/download-11942179/pCARSTT.jar.html).

- the data is downloaded into the tool from the WMD servers, using your steam profile information. This tool is not for console users, sorry
- there's no installation, it's just an executable java file. You need the Java Runtime Environment 7 or higher installed to run it (downloadable here (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7-downloads-1880261.html))
- the tool itself should be pretty self-explanatory. But If you have questions just ask them here

I plan to improve the tool and add new features over time. If you have ideas or suggestions too then please let me know.


05-07-2015, 20:24
Updated link with new version of the tool. Changes:
- bug that sometimes imported incorrect record dates for the entries should be fixed
- Implemented "Manual Download" option that allows you to import data from specific leaderboards (recommended option to import new leaderboard entries as it is way faster than a full synch of all leaderboards)
- tuned download parameters so that average download speeds should be a tad faster

06-07-2015, 20:32
Updated link with new version of the tool. Changes:
- Implemented selective update option where you can quick refresh only specific entries that you have selected in the entries table
- The info text below the table that shows the number of entries now also has a link to a popup window that shows you more detailed stats about your entries, like this:


08-07-2015, 21:40
Updated link with new version of the tool. Changes:
- Added menu bar to the UI for future features
- Added download settings dialog where you can tweak the parameters of download according to your system (number of download threads etc). Accessible via the menu
- The download result dialog now gives you a note when you have lost world records (no detailed information about it yet, i plan to do a new download result dialog with much more info)
- some minor changes to the UI

08-07-2015, 23:30
good tool!

11-07-2015, 21:23
Updated link with new version of the tool. Changes:
- Major refactoring of the entire download process. It is now more stable and faster (and this will especially scale well for the future when leaderboards grow bigger and bigger)
- Download status bar now shows average current response time of WMD server
- The download result dialog now shows more useful info. For instance it will tell you when you need to increase the page scan limit in the download options or when some of your entries have been wiped from the leaderboards!
- Download settings dialog has been reworked: The "leaderboard partitioning size" has been removed as it was not really useful. But there is a new option too for:
- Implemented detailed logging of download tasks
- Added a "about" option in the menu that links to this thread here so that you can keep up to date (it also links to cry_inc's online leaderboards)

12-07-2015, 00:25
Updated link with new version of the tool. Changes:
- Added new "Integrity Check" feature, which checks whether the tables of cars and tracks are in sync between the tool and the WMD servers. This way you will be notified by the tool when you need to get a new version that supports new cars or tracks that SMS has released for pCars. The check can be run via the menu -> Integrity Check option, but it also runs automatically each time you start the program

12-07-2015, 11:23
I still cannnot work out how to open it? Mine opens in WINRAR and there are a bunch of difference License folders and some folders?

12-07-2015, 11:31
download java here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7-downloads-1880261.html

15-07-2015, 19:25
Updated link with new version of the tool. Changes:
- Made "Integrity Check" more stable (now checks if also names of tracks and cars are in synch between tool and WMD in addition to their ID's), and extended the dialog that shows up during the check so that it contains some info about the process
- The tool now remembers your setup of the window (size and location) and the entries table (column arrangement, sorting mode), so that it shows the same way on a new start as it was the last time you had it running
- Added new field "Position History" to the records. Currently it is just a placeholder in the UI and not yet implemented in the backend, but in the next update it will show you a history of how your position has changed on each leaderboard throughout time.
- some minor UI & code polishments

15-07-2015, 20:29
Nice & handy tool! Thanks!

15-07-2015, 20:55
Sorry for spamming tonight, but I forgot to enable a thing in the last build that I also did. So there's again a new version in the download link now. Change:
- Increased speed of data download yet again for certain situations where the overall download progress was slowed down by individual tasks that were processing leaderboards with many pages. In these cases the task that is processing the big leaderboard does now fork additional threads to process different sections of that leaderboard in parallel.

19-07-2015, 09:41
Updated link with new version of the tool. Changes:
- Added new column "Last Sync Result", which will show you what changed in an entry each time you do a synch of it - see updated screenshot of the app in the first post for an example.
- Removed column "Position History", the last sync result feature will replace this for now. Maybe I will get back to a history/change log feature for entries in a later version
- Some minor changes to UI and default download/table settings

22-07-2015, 19:03
Updated link with new version of the tool. Changes:
- Now supports leaderboards with the new Audi cars (DLC + free car), and the new Ruapuna track(s)

14-08-2015, 16:14
Updated link with new version of the tool. Changes:
- Added new definitions for upcoming cars in August (free car & DLC)
- NOTE ABOUT LEADERBOARD WIPE: As the leaderboards have been wiped with 3.0, you should delete your old data. For that, make sure the tool is NOT running and delete the "entries" file in your tool's data directory (it is within a directory called "pCARS TT" within your user home directory)

13-12-2015, 16:24
hi I love your tool, but unfortunately its outdated.

is it easy to update for the new cars and tracks?

17-09-2016, 09:03
Hey guys,

I don't know if this is still relevant for anyone, but I just popped in pCARS again after a while, and updated my little Time Trial Tool to have the latest definitions for all tracks and cars. The download link in the first post has been updated, you can get the new version there.

Best, Thomas