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26-07-2015, 11:44
Hi all,

I'm very interested in the API available for PC version however I don't have a PC capable of playing the game and I'm unlikely to get one anytime soon.

Anyway I have recently created a strategy spreadsheet for calculating fuel and stops (see link) but this could be so much better with "live" info coming from API. For example calculating your fuel range (particularly useful if it rains or stops raining) average lap times for you and your competitors, also it could consider tyre wear and adjust your strategy as you go.


With so much going on in a race trying to figure out when to pit should I put soft of hard tyres on and so on... this could save you a lot of headaches, also because the data I'm updating live no inputs would be required, consider it your very own pit wall team.

However my problem is I can come up with the calculations for excel but I wouldn't have a clue how to create an app and make it pretty and get it working, so I suppose I'm looking for someone to add this feature to there current telemetry app or create one with my calculations?

Your thoughts and advice would be welcomed

27-07-2015, 12:02

If you are looking at your own app, then have a look at the demo C# app I put together to help peeps in exactly your situation. The source is available on BitBucket: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?30769-WPF-C-API-Demo-App-Source-Included

I have been looking at some kind of strategy angle in my vrHive app, but so far not looked in any depth. The way I had envisaged it working is you would need to provide some key info before the event:

Fuel usage on full tank
Fuel usage on almost empty tank
Tyre wear per lap for different tyre compounds
Laps in event
Consideration for changeable weather, but not really sure how this could be accommodated

With all that calculated you should be able to come up with a "perfect conditions" race strategy. I was also thinking that it would auto update as things change. So for instance if you come in early for a stop, then it would calculate the rest of the race strategy for you.

If you can put together a method that takes various key info as inputs, and live data, such as fuel average, current fuel levels, tyre wear, etc. and then spits out a class that contains info like:

Stops required
List of laps that the stops will occur on
What the stop will entail; Fuel/Tyres, just Fuel, etc.
What fuel amount should be added, or to what fill level
What tyres are you sticking on

You could then just call this once a lap and have it update the live strategy for you.

I'm a C# man personally, so if you coded something up in isolation, I'd be more than happy to wrap some UI elements around that and put it into vrHive.

Ideally you could do some additional calculations with the track temperatures and track the relative performance between compounds. For instance you might find that the Soft compound is great to run in a night race as it's wear is acceptable and still performs, yet in the day, switching to Hard would be the strategy.

27-07-2015, 13:59
Hi Thanks for the reply, I have looked at your tutorial/help and it's just a little beyond me, HTML and CSS are my limit.

I have actually been working on something just now, I have managed to calculate which tyre compound (GT3 only) would be better for a raced based on total laps, it takes into account pit stop times for example if you use hard tyres you will need less tyre changes than soft tyres, so my spreadsheet calculates the difference based on average lap times one on each compound.

The only issue is that with no live data you would need to test on each compound and enter completed lap times, once that is entered it then calculates the average and so on.. only other thing to do is enter how many of each stop needed. See images below, it's properly easier to understand. The below is based on a 60 lap GT3 race at Silverstone. I have kind of guessed the lap times but you get the idea...




It doesn't look pretty, it's really not my thing. Also need to find a way of the sheet calculating length of stops automatically.... that's a work in progress.